Hello Fellow Cat Lover!

I have some news for you this issue. For one thing, my old
web site, cats.allinfoabout.com, is gone. Running a rescue
shelter is extremely time-consuming and I found I had to
cut out a few of the "extra" web sites I was trying to keep up with.

But I am committed to my readers and their cats, so if you ever
have any questions about your cats, or pets in general,
please feel free to send them in. I will answer all questions,
even if I can't guarantee an answer the same day.

Here is a question and answer page you can use:


Or, you can just email me. Either way is fine with me.

Now here's a web site someone just told me about that you might
find interesting. However, I must warn you before you click
on this movie, it's about the problem of pet overpopulation and
includes scenes of animals being euthanized.


If this subject is too disturbing for you, I don't recommend
watching the movie. It could be called a tearjerker and if
you do view it, keep a tissue handy.

Feel free to share it around, though, especially if you know someone
who needs to hear the message... if you know what I mean...

Last issue I mentioned a couple of tips about hot weather.
One was to be sure your pet has plenty of water, and second, to be
sure there is shade so they are not "trapped" in the hot sun.

Another tip about well-being in warmer weather is to be sure
all animals in your care are spayed and neutered so they don't
reproduce if they spend any time outdoors. With warmer weather,
the mating urge is stronger and that's why we have what rescuers
often call "kitten season." Animals strive to multiply during the
warmer months so as to produce offspring that will be grown up
enough to survive by the time the weather turns cold again. We need to
be there for them, to interrupt that cycle. (See movie, above, again.)

I'm out of good jokes right now, so if you want to smile, just
look at your cat! Just looking at my kitty buddies always makes me
smile! They are always a great antidote to the doldrums.


OK, here are my current web sites: