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April 2014
Wildlife Rehabilitation Course
21 CVE Credits!!
Course Date Announcement
Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland is delighted to announce that the next ‘Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation Course’ will be held on the  31st of May and 1st of June 2014, in the Pillo Hotel, Ashbourne, Co Meath
Lecture topics include: introduction to wildlife rehabilitation; anatomy and physiology; calculating fluid requirements; handling and restraint; thermoregulation; stress; shock; initial care and physical examination; nutrition and associated diseases; standards for housing; zoonoses; euthanasia and release criteria.
Practical topics include: gavage; physical restraint; injections; physical examinations; weighing and limb immobilisation.
TO REGISTER for the Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation Course; first email office@wri.ie to find out if there are places remaining, then you'll be emailed the Registration Form.
Click here to go to the Course website
Webinar: Badger culling - a veterinary perspective
Free badger webinar
The culling of badgers as part of a bovine TB control strategy has proved highly controversial. While the Independent Scientific Group which oversaw the Randomised Badger Culling Trial concluded that culling could make ‘no meaningful contribution’, proponents argue that controlling the wildlife reservoir is essential to the control of the disease in cattle.
This talk aims to examine the major factors that veterinarians and veterinary bodies should take into consideration when  examining the arguments around badger culling – namely that it should be necessary and have a significant impact that it should be humane, and that it should not threaten the long term viability of badger populations.
Click here to watch the webinar
Badger Course in 'Secret World Wildlife Rescue' UK
Badger Rehabilitation Course
An in depth course for experienced rehabilitators, vets and veterinary nurses
Course content: Ecology, biology, legislation, capture, handling, triage, examination, first aid, clinical conditions, tuberculosis, management in captivity, cub rearing, release and post release monitoring.
Lectures, discussion, practical sessions and tours.

Suitable for those who have completed the IWRC Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation course, BSAVA Wildlife Vet Nurse Merit Award, or have a good basic knowledge of general wildlife rehabilitation.
For more information contact: info@secretworld.org Tel:00 44 (0)1278 783250 or Click here
Legal Eagle reports on 2013 Irish Crime Conference
Irish Wildlife Crime Conference report
Once again the RSPB’s Legal Eagle newsletter reveals sobering details of crimes directed against wildlife and habitats.
In this issue read about:
“Own goal” scored as hare courser posts images on Facebook.
Hunters caught red-handed: freshly-killed deer carcass found in vehicle spot check.
The first All-Ireland Wildlife Crime Conference.
Waterholes deliberately poisoned with cyanide – more than 300 elephants die.
Otter Telemetry Survey
Otter Survey
Are you doing any post-release monitoring of otters in Ireland?  
Lorenzo Quaglietta in Portugal is looking into post-release monitoring to see how people do it. 
He has a questionnaire and would very much appreciate any input.
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