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A warm welcome to new group member:

  Tim Stevenson (M)

Well done to the following members who have passed their advanced test / re-test:

Advanced Tutor 
  Adam Slaughter (C)
  Derek Spooner (C)
  Duncan Keen (M)
  Tim Murfitt (C) 
Diary Dates:
Sat 26 Nov
  Group Ride: H Cafe
Sat 21 Jan 
  Tutors' (all) 1st Aid course
Sat 13 May
  Tutor training
Articles needed

If you have interesting snippets or would like to write a short article for this newsletter then please let us know. 

All contributions welcome.

Wanted: Group Ride Leaders 

We need more volunteer Ride Leaders - No experience required, full training given.


Call Stephen Wilkinson-Carr on 07976 644485 for more details.



November 2022
Chair's Introduction
We’ve had a very busy year resurrecting the group after a Covid-enforced lull. Your hard work and contributions have helped us achieve significant success in both recruiting and improving our road safety messaging and activities.
Thank you all.
Have you found yourself counting the shopping days until Christmas?
I hadn't until I met a lady who proudly told me she'd already done all her Christmas shopping.
I'll save my shopping until Christmas Eve, as usual...

My hope is to spend more time wrapping presents than I do untangling lights…
May your home be filled with joy this Christmas season and bring to you and your family the promise of a better and happier tomorrow; full of love and hope.
Merry Christmas everyone.

Christmas Markets
Spending Novermber and December in the UK and want to visit some tempting Christmas Markets?
Some of UK’s best are listed here: Best UK Christmas Markets 
(click on red words for more detail) 
Here are some that may be worth a day trip (see the links below for more detail).
Bath (24 Nov – 11 Dec)
Birmingham (3 Nov – 23 Dec)
Blenheim Palace (18 Nov – 18 Dec)
Bournemouth (18 Nov – 2 Jan 23)
Bristol (4 Nov – 23 Dec)
Cardiff (10 Nov – 23 Dec)
Cheltenham (8 Nov – 24 Dec)
Exeter (18 Nov – 18 Dec)
Gloucester (26-27 Nov, 3-4, 10-11 &
17-18 Dec)
Manchester (8 Nov – 22 Dec)
Oxford (1-18 Dec)
Swansea (25 Nov – 21 Dec)
Winchester (18 Nov – 22 Dec)
Worcester (6-23 Dec)
Full list of UK 2022 Christmas Markets is here 

Next Newsletter
We've had a very busy year and now is the time to reflect, plan and prepare for 2023.

It means there's not a lot to report on so the next newsletter will be published in January 2023.
We hope to have interesting content, news and articles to share and look forward to seeing what the New Year will bring.

Please tell us if you have any news you'd like to share with our members.

Group Ride: H Cafe via Witney Xmas Market
On Saturday 26th November we shall be holding a group ride to Witney Xmas Market and H Cafe led by Stephen Wilkinson-Carr. The route will be 134 miles with 4 hours in the saddle across four stages. It is open to all riders, including those in training, whether you have passed the advanced test or not.