Don't miss out. We are looking forward to train with you all - and the brave Karateka going for black belt grading need all your support! 
Watch the trailer for the weekend - and don't forget,
if you want to get discount, book straight from here: 
December Beginners Induction: 

If you know people who always wanted to start Karate - or martial arts in general - send them here: Beginner's Induction. Let's find amazing new people for our school! 
& Online Talkshow
This is a pre-announcement: Soon Manchester Karate will be a leading partner in some pioneering ideas. Together with partners in Denmark and Finland we will start Webinars, with training in two or more countries at the same time, connected via web video. Stay tuned. You can be part of it. 
At the same time, to cover martial arts philosophy and thoughts, an all new project starts: #KaT, the Karate Talk. Soon more here! 
Film team
Thanks to all of you who supported our PR work last week by looking good during the visit of the Tide Bank PR Team. The Winter Seminar will be covered by a team of documentary filmers. It will be legendary!