Volunteer and Vendor Applications Are Open NOW!
Stage Design Applications Close Soon!
Hello PEXie!
Application deadlines are coming up fast so check out all of the ways you can participate and submit your applications. We can't wait to see you all in July!
Stage Design Deco Applications
This time around we are switching things up and want to get the community involved in the design process. We are opening up stage designs for the Pavilion and Pool stages. We would love for you to submit your ideas to transform these spaces into something amazing.  Design proposal submissions close April 15th. This proposal will go through the same process as the Art Grants - Apply HERE!
You know what makes PEXSF great? Theme Camps. Also, the amazing community, art, talent, freedom, acceptance, love, music, ArtCabins, experiments, support..... But mostly, Theme Camps! If you and your friends are:
1) Awesome
2) Like to create awesome things
3) Want to challenge your awesomeness to reach new unfathomable levels
Then consider creating a Theme Camp at PEXSF!

Apply HERE << before May 1st!!!
ArtCabin™ Row
Did you know that YOU (Yes. YOU!!) could create something magically experiential and reside on the luxurious Art Cabin Row at PEX Summer Festival this year??? Jump on this, Fam! Be a part of the experience!! Very few left. Apply HERE before May 1st!!!
Volunteer Applications Are Open!
Participation is a core value of our community.  PEX Summer Festival is able to be the magical experience it is only when each person contributes and is a participant! 
How are YOU going to PEXticipate?
Vendor Applications are OPEN!
PEX Summer Festival Vendor applications are open! Once again PEX Summer Festival we will be hosting a quality Merchant Village! If you are interested in vending fill out the vendor application form below.
Merchandise Vendor Application - HERE
Food Vendor Application - HERE
Applications open NOW until - May 15, 2017
Questions or comments please contact  pm@pexsummerfestival.com
We value participation in the creation of this summer festival and encourage you to let us know how you would like to be a part of this event. To celebrate and recognize the participants and lifeblood of the entire PEX community, we will be gathering for an intimate collective experience. For this reason, PEX Summer Festival is by invitation only. 
PEX Summer Festival invitations are being emailed the 1st and the 15th every month. If you did not receive yours, check your promotions tab in Gmail Inbox or Request an invitation - HEREEach invitation is a one time use and good for the purchase of two event tickets.
If you attended last year but bought your ticket from someone else we may not have your email address so you should Request an Invitation!  If you want to join us for the first time or are returning from hiatus you should Request an Invitation! 
Let the Magic begin!
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