Hello fellow cat lover,

Well, after last month's April showers, I'm looking
for May flowers, though all I've seen so far are the
usual dandelions. We don't use any chemicals in our yard,
though, because neighborhood cats like to come over to
visit our indoor kitties at the windows. They also go
nose to nose at the front screen door. Makes ya wonder
what they're talking about. At least they don't have to
talk about getting sick because of lawn chemicals, though.

If anyone has any great ideas on how to get rid of
weeds without endangering the animals, let me know. There
has got to be a better way to get rid of dandelions than
digging them up one by one.



This issue, I'm going to give you the first of
the tips I'm gathering about hot weather. It's
not hot yet... at least not here... but it will
be soon enough. Although, if you're down south, it's
probably hot already, so these tips may be helpful now.

Water - probably the most important factor to help any
animal get through the hot season. With higher temperatures,
dehydration is a much greater concern. Cats, like other animals
(as well as humans), can succumb to heat stroke. Luckily,
and unlike some dogs who have no choice, cats are not tied
up in the back yard with no attention, so are much less likely
to be affected by heat.

If you see an animal that has collapsed from the heat,
dog OR cat, spray cool water on their head. Or, apply a
wet rag. Try dribbling some cool water into their mouth, too.
If they don't respond within a minute or two, rush the
animal to the veterinarian's office.

Shade - make sure shady areas are available for the animal
to get into, out of direct sunlight.

Of course, if your kitty is indoor-only, you don't have to
worry about these things. If you're comfortable, so is your

I try to watch out for the strays and outdoor cats in my
neighborhood, though.



What do cats like to eat on a hot day?

Mice cream cones.

(Sorry.... that was a bad one.)

If you know of any better jokes to send, please do!
My supply is running low.

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much fun putting them together, I like to think someone
is looking at them! LOL