November 2007

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HELLO and Welcome!- Well, I've been back from the International Quilt Market for 5 days, and I tell you, I am STILL pumped! I learned a lot, and had a fabulous time. I went to the Market to help Penel Jensen of Pattern Peddlers in her booth. Due to some medical issues, Penel needed some help in her booth, and I jumped at the opportunity. As you can see, Penel looks great now, and I really appreciated the chance to learn from a pro! I brought samples of my SideKick, PortaPockets, and Kizmet Klutch to display in the Pattern Peddlers booth, and you can click here to see how they looked on the floor at Market. I met a lot of very talented people, most notably, Jaime Kalvestran of Scrap Bags. Jaime has a terrific line of handbag patterns which you can see by clicking here, and best of all, she gave me some wonderful advice for future reference. It was fabulous to stroll through the colorful booths seeing all the wonderful new fabrics and products. My favorite booth was the Miller Quilts booth. The patterned fabric gave it the feel of a garden, and I loved it. Of course I couldn't close this segment without a big shout out to my Aunt Carol & Uncle Rob of Houston, who tirelessly put up with my comings & goings. It was super to catch up with them and a host of cousins, all of whom I hadn't seen in YEARS, and to make friends with their adorable dog, Buddy! Now that I'm home, I'm making plans to have a booth of my own in Portland next Spring!
Also, especially for the convenience of our friends at Pattern Review & AOL, all of the hotlinks are listed in order at the bottom of this letter, and as always, if you prefer, you can go to to see the online version of the newsletter.

Feline Quote for November -
"Our perfect companions never have fewer than 4 feet." Colette

New on my Website!-
Catherine de la Cruz, of Santa Rosa, CA, submitted a picture of her glitzy new Vervalise she made as a wedding accessory.

Linda Bailey, sent me a hysterical cartoon cat video. I could swear this video was taken in MY bedroom!

Lorna Comeau has been real busy! Here's a picture of her summer Gadabout with a matching Kash Keeper, and how about this IMPRESSIVE autumn Vervalise? What a terrific interior shot! Great job Lorna!

Quiltshop Spotlight- Carols Quilts.Com
If you're looking for a fun and inexpensive gift for a sewing gal on your list, then you need to check out Carols Quilts.Com. Carol is featuring a "Thread Catcher" that would be a unique addition to almost any sewing room! Click here for details and ordering information.

New at StudioKat Designs- StudioKat Squares
Since I'm in between designs, I figured it was as good a time as any for a new GAME! StudioKat Squares is a computer version of the same game we used to play as a kid, only instead of using a pen and paper, and collecting boxes, the object of this game is to accumulate the most handbags! (I should be unbeatable!) It's a TWO-player game, so grab a buddy and get clickin'.

A Cool Place to Shop!- Susa Glenn Designs.Com
I am a really big fan of Susa Glenn's designs. She features some really cool bag designs, some inspired machine embroidery patterns, and some really hip, yet functional "creatures", otherwise known as Sewing Whimsies , for your sewing room! My personal favorites are the Cat Pin Cushion, and the Fish Tool Kit. Maybe someone will make one for ME for Christmas!

Surf HERE for Neat INFO!- RateMySpace.Com
Fall is a popular time for home decorating projects. (I know I've been working on my bathroom for the last 2 months.... ok it's only been 2 weeks, but it sure SEEMS like 2 months!) Are you particularly proud of your painting performance? Or do you feel you have a flair for furniture? You can share photos and videos of your home's highlights at this HGTV site. Just sign in, name your spaces, and you're ready to upload. Users can rate entries, post comments, and search for design inspiration by type of room. My favorite so far is this slate-walled bathroom.

Laws Overlooked by Murphy-
Thanks to G. Simmons of Kernersville, N.C. for sending in this months lesser known laws.

  • When you go into court, you are putting yourself into the hands of 12 people who weren't smart enought to get out of jury duty.
  • A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well.
  • New Word of the Month-Stupiphany
    The realization that you have been a complete idiot for way too long.
    ex.- Carrie had a stupiphany once she heard that her husband was unfaithful.

    Cats in the News-A Furry Grim Reaper
    Here's an AP story out of Providence, R.I., about a cat named Oscar, who lives in a nursing home, & may be able to predict which of the residents there, are about to die. Evidently, the cat cuddles up to them in their final hours. Although it's rather freaky if true, I hope that I have a feline companion curled up next to me in my final hours. But hold on a sec... What if its just that these residents are actually deathly allergic to cats?

    Love Handbags?- Sara Leigh Handbags.Com
    I recently stumbled across Sara Leigh's website, and she's got some really cool little bags that you might want to check out. Sara's a true do-it-yourselfer, running the business out of her house and managing her own website. I particularly like her Stripey mini clutch, and her Cherry Plum mini clutch. They're cute, priced right, and might make someone on your gift list very happy this year! Check 'em out!

    Did You Know?- that in EVERY episode of Seinfeld, there is a Superman somewhere? ( I don't know about this... I'm gonna check on it the next time I watch!)

    Surf HERE for FUN!- NetLingo.Com
    In the interest of speed while texting, sending email or instant messages, more and more people are talking in code. These acronyms and shorthand terms can be confusing, especially since their numbers keep growing and it's a challenge to keep up with them. Fortunately, it's easy to get the definitions you need by clicking here. NetLingo is an online dictionary that explains this jargon, and offers pages targeted to the needs of parents, new texters, and businesspeople. You can even sign up to get the NetLingo Word of the Day sent to your Google page everyday.

    Question of the Month- If carrots are so good for your eyesight, how come I see so many dead rabbits on the highway?

    Monthly Trivia- November 3rd is a notable day in recent history. It was on this day in 1979, that 63 Americans were taken hostage in Teheran, Iran at the US Embassy. On a lighter note, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" was released on this day in 1956, but remarkably, did not hit the charts until 10 days AFTER Christmas.
    Today is comedienne Roseanne Barr's birthday. (She's 54 today.) Michael Dukakis is also eating birthday cake today. Remember him? He ran for President against the 1st George Bush, but no one has seen hide nor tail of him since he lost. And if today is YOUR birthday, here's a great big StudioKat Designs Happy Birthday to YOU! And if today isn't your birthday, you can celebrate anyway, by getting our your fake red clown nose, and watching a few Christmas videos, because you know what? Christmas will be here before you know it! YIKES! I better get busy!

    Well, that's it for now, so until next month, remember!
    Sewing Forever, Housework Whenever!

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