Volume 18 edition 

The Educated Indian  
 It is said that two things that universally defines an Indian are color of skin (brown skinned people) and our attitude towards education. Out of the two as well, color of skin varies, but not the importance of education in our lives. It’s been part of our roots and cultural upbringing for so long that may be, it’s also become part of our evolution allowing our genes to mutate to strengthen our cerebral nerves, perhaps at the expense of other parts of our body !  Hence while Kenyans & Jamaicans keep producing great athletes and keep winning Olympic medals, and Russians do the same with gymnast, we Indian spend our time taking over software business ! It’s this  same proclivity that, about 150 years back made illiterate, indentured Indian laborers in South Africa to spend their hard earned money to import teachers, instead of frittering away in good life for themselves.  Understanding why we are what we are requires us to take a journey 1.500 years back  and relive the fascinating history of Indian education. A journey that, ironically started with a near-perfect-system of education, before losing its way into mediocrity, followed by it’s recent revival. It’s a story of hope...Read More 


HCL - Fastest growning technology company now in Africa
Listen to Mr Srinath Nagarajan outlay HCL's vision...Listen

A leading education solution company
 Mr Aravind explains the role of Edukite in Africa ...Read More

Taking the fear out of maths
Interview with Ms. Nirmala Sankaran about her special initiative AHeymath

NIIT - A  global talent development company
  Mr Anil Nair talks about NIIT being a global company and it's contribution in Africa...Listen 
Largest online learning academy in the world
Khan Academy is an organization on a mission. We're non profit organization with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere...Read More  
Education in Kenya
  Payal Kakkar talks about the education system in Kenya, kind of challenges parents faced when coming to Kenya...Listen

Top 5 trends in Education in 2013 
     Read about the latest trends in education in 2013 from E-learning to the use of Social Networks...Read More

Great teachers don't teach
  What are the characteristics of an effective teacher? I read quite a few excellent remarks that describe what such a teacher does to be effective...Read More

Top 10 Universities in Africa
Africa has excellent institutions for higher learning.  Look at our Top 10 on the continent...View Now
A Good Menu
Pihuʼs birthday has brought a lot of colour to Nandiniʼs house. We are all gathered and sharing warm laughter at her abode. Nandini has done a stunning job in decorating the house with flower theme. The house has been oozing of flower power...Read More
Food For Hormones     
I must be joking! Foods that can make one happy?!? Well, the logic is that we are but slaves of our hormones. Whatever transpires in our minds is nothing but a game played bythe endocrine system of the bod...Read More ...Read More

What is education, I wonder!  Is it learning, or information gathering – about the world, about one’s surroundings, about the ‘self’?  Who educates us?  Why do we educate others?  What does education bring into my life? ...Read More


Me, My friend
Me, My friend is a book of simple yet beautiful poems written by Deeya Naimbar and is here reviewed by Sarita Mathur...Read More

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