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A MANUSCRIPT OF ASHES by Antonia Munoz Molina


TAKEOVER by Lisa Black

plus a review of THE LAST LANELLI TRAIN


TIGERHEART by Peter David

HIT AND RUN by Lawrence Block

GOD IS DEAD by Ron Currie, Jr.

THE BOOK OF CHAMELEONS by Jose Eduardo Agualusa

A CURIOUS EARTH by Gerard Woodward

PETROPOLIS by Anya Ulrich


MONEY SHOT by Christa Faust


Congratulations to these winners of THE LEGAL LIMIT by Martin Clark:
Micalie in Hutchinson, MN
Ann-Marie in Richmond, CA
Anne in Jefferson, MA 

Next raffle:  Watch for next one to start in September.

Moving and other Distractions:  I just had my last day at Wishpets yesterday -- after five plus years. I will miss the job, my peers and my bosses.  And my trips to China. I expect it will really hit on Monday.

Carl and I have decided to relocate to the Northwest -- most likely Oregon.  Those of you have been visiting and following MostlyFiction.com for the last five to ten years know that we have tried to relocate to Florida several times before I started at Wishpets.  We are doing things differently this time -- rather than heading out for an exploratory trip and then deciding it is just easier to stay put in Nashua, we are taking no chances  this time -- we are packing up the house and putting stuff in storage. Fortunately, we don't have a lot of possessions since we have always known that we did not want to stay here long.  We downsized to bare essentials once already back in 1994 when we moved on our sailboat. So all we have now has accumulated over the past 11 years.  And, yes, leaving my quadriplegic sister after last year's accident does seem a little heartless but I really, really need a change of scenery. O.K. leaving my sisters, their kids and my mom is harder than hard.  But that is what telephones and email are for, right?

Of course Carl and I each have our areas of excess. Mine is BOOKS (heavy) and Carl's hobby is building electric model airplanes (bulky).  Last week I had the Friends of Nashua Library come over and pick up what had to be 1000 books. This was an easy decision after lugging about twenty boxes of books downstairs from my second floor apartment to distribute to various places.  I've been holding back but at this point, I'm fairly ready to be rid of the rest. I see more e-books and much more participation in my local library in the future. I think joining a "Friends" group would be a good thing...

Anyway, we are driving our Toyota Prius cross country, leaving no later than Sept 14th.  I will have my new MacBook Pro with me so I can both update the website and hopefully keep a diary/journal/blog of our expedition.  However, expect updates to be erratic. All will depend on wi-fi and time available.  

And one more thing.  I am going to move MostlyFiction.com to a new server Sunday night/Monday morning.  Hopefully all will be transparent and you won't even notice, except I expect better performance.

Go ahead, call me crazy but I'm far too excited to care!


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