The Weekly Hash Headlines from Newcastle Hash House Harriers
Hash 1364
Hares : Pimp and Touch and Go
A large gathering of hashers met in the sun soaked quayside on Wednesday evening. 
The evenings frivolities were kicked off by Pimp, who having chosen to abandon his original route for a more scenic caper around the river set the hash in motion.
Counterfeit set the tone by bagging the first frb, subsequent frb's were abandoned soon after with Misled the chief suspect. The pack then headed up river before double backing along the cycleway and back towards Byker.
Beer stops having been promised, the hash were looking forward to slaking their thirst in The Cumberland Arms, disappointment followed as the hare ushered the pack past the pub and down to The Cluny and The Ship. Spirits were raised, followed by disbelief as we passed the 2 pubs and headed down the quayside proper before finally arriving at The Head of Steam for a delicious cold beverage. 
Hashers returned to the pub for a large circle, further beer, pub quiz and no pizza. 
Fantastic run (if you remember back to a fortnight ago,  thanks to the hares.
Stats and special notices
Sunshine - Awesome
Hashers- dozens
Virgins -2
Visitors - 3 France and Australia represented
Best FRB catch - Counterfeit
Pizzas - unavailable
Tripwire - Tripping
Most welcome beer stop
Longest wait for a beverage ever.... 
The Free Trade, Newcastle


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