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Sept. 13, 2006

Hello Friend of Cats,

I had a lot of input from readers who wanted to
evaluate my ebook, Moving With Pets. All very helpful
info, and much appreciated, too! So, I'll be putting
together a new web page... or possibly a blog... to
present my new informational items. I think I can
distribute the Moving With Pets ebook for a measly 5
bucks, if someone only wants that. However, I will give
the book away free as a bonus for those who want the
Cat Care Class I did with Nancy Dutton this past spring,
on Massage for Pets. We still plan to expand on this and
will do more classes soon. But for now, the existing package
(20 megabytes worth of information) will be available for
download at the new web site. (I'll let you know where
that is when I get it done.)

Thanks to my "evaluation team" for their hard work. They
got a free copy of the ebook (of course), and will get
the new "improved" version I came up with after the
great comments and suggestions came in.

id 10 T DEPT.
The world is full of idiots... we all know that. But this
is one I have to share with you.

I signed up for a veterinarian's newsletter, called
Veterinary Secrets Revealed. Dr. Jones also has published
an ebook by the same name. Here is a complaint letter he
just got the other day:

"Dear Dr. Jones,

My name is Dr. Jack Stockley and I am currently
practicing in Texas. I read with great skepticism, your
webpage and a few newsletters. What a bunch of hooey.

From what I can see, the only thing you are interested
in is money. You are not offering anything new - you are not
revealing "Veterinary Secrets," and all your claims lack any
scientific proof.

As veterinarians we have gone to great lengths to
present ourselves as professional - hokey pokey garbage
like your book is completely unprofessional.

Clients need to be seeing their veterinarian more
often - NOT trying to fix the misdiagnosed problem at home
with a solution that WON'T work.

I know that "alternate medicine" is all the rage, and
I see that you are trying to cash in on it. Well I hope that your
local veterinary association puts a stop to you soon."

And here is Dr. Jones' reply:

Ah, Jack. Thanks for writing.

There are many others like yourself who have similar
thoughts, but fail to write. I would like to address your
concerns. First, I make very little money from this ebook,
and I donate 10% of all proceeds to an animal charity.

I have many new treatments in my book, and most of
those have been tried and tested before - THERE IS PROOF.

Clients deserve to have ALL the treatment options
available to their pet for whatever condition they have.
They DON'T just want the "take these pills with all the
side-effects and hope it goes away approach."

I am of the opinion that it is "unprofessional" to
write a letter in the manner you have chosen.

I will keep publishing my newsletter and book and
retain legal counsel if required.


Dr. Andrew Jones

And here are Dr. Jones' comments on the incident:

Dr. Stockley isn't the first and won't be the last to
reply in such a way.

But for the thousands who have purchased my book, and
benefit from my newsletters, I am NOT going to STOP.

If you have yet to get it you can go here now:

Order a copy, and sign up for the newsletter also.

I have seen so many success stories.
It's Your Pet - Heal Them At Home!

Dr. Jones


1. To keep your cat mentally stimulated, provide a variety
of interactive toys, such as a treat tucked inside a paper
bag, or set up a special spot by a window to keep an
eye on the outside world.

2. Spaying or neutering your cat not only cuts down on unwanted
litters, but also reduces the risk of uterine infections or
prostate problems.


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