MARCH 2017
  International Women's Day 2017

Each year on March 8, International Women’s Day is celebrated to commemorate the struggle for women’s rights, and honour the many achievements of women around the world. Be it in schools, the home, or the workplace, women continue to encounter numerous obstacles to leading successful and happy lives.
To honour their fight, WFTO Asia celebrates this year’s International Women’s Day from the platform "Fair Trade fosters decent work and gender equality at workplaces".Through this platform, we are highlighting the role of Fair Trade in providing women with safe and equal working conditions.
Women deserve a fair chance at employment and a sustainable livelihood. WFTO Asia—a network of 144 Fair Trade Organizations in Asia proudly stands as a strong ally to all women.


Join the WFTO network and Oxfam Magasins du Monde and the question: “What are your fair chances at work?” to raise awareness on gender inequality at workplaces.
Download campaign materials here.
Check out the Oxfam campaign: to read more about success stories of women empowered by the Fair trade movement. 


Dear Allies of Women and Champions of Gender Equality;

Fair Trade matters to women everywhere. Fair Trade provides the platform for organizations and individuals for intentional development of women and focused efforts to change perceptions of gender amongst women and men. While we strive to highlight success stories of women enjoying the benefits of non-discrimination and fair treatment, especially in workplaces; we are asking the question "What are your fair chances at work?" READ FULL STATEMENT HERE


Gender inequality in the home, the workplace, and the wider society is an undeniable issue not just in Asia but around the world. HERE are some commonly overlooked facts about gender in the workplace and beyond.


This four-module online course addresses the impact of today’s dynamic economic landscape on gender politics and offer solutions for deepening our commitment to gender equality. Module 1: Terms and Concept and Module 2: Expressions of Gender are now available. The course is free and opened to all interested participants. For details on how to register, CLICK HERE

Apikri – the Yogyakarta, Indonesia based organisation has now become the another WFTO Guaranteed Member in Asia! Apikri’s products with WFTO labels can now be recognized by buyers and consumers as Fair Trade. Congratulations!

Selyn Handlooms, a WFTO Guaranteed member  in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka was recently profiled in an interview with their founder, Mrs. Wanduragala. The article includes a short video that explains the business and features some of the weavers employed at Selyn Handlooms. For more details, click HERE.

Freeset Bags & Apparel, a WFTO  Guaranteed member in Kolkata, India is a company utilizing Fair Trade principles to empower women to leave the sex trade by providing alternative employment. They were recently featured in an article showcasing their collaboration with a graduate student from Massey University to help women forced into the sex trade in Kolkata, India. For more details, click HERE.

The GreenStitched Film Festival, which took place in Bengaluru, India on February 18th, 2017, promoted awareness of the environmental and social impacts created by the fashion industry. From Seed to Switch and Fairtrade: The First Step, are two of the featured films at the event that highlighted that the importance of buying Fair Trade certified clothing products. For more details, click HERE. To access the GreenStitched website and event description click HERE.
Pradeep Krishnappa, the managing director of The Ants Craft —WFTO member organisation was featured in an article on Slow Fashion movement in India. To read the article, click HERE