Leith Hill Action Group Newsletter 38

Stop the Leith Hill oil drilling!

Dear Supporters

We have been silent these last few months simply because there has been no news from Europa regarding any actions they are taking to comply with the planning conditions.  Until we see some activity, there is nothing for us to report. 

Maybe Europa are actually working behind the scenes and we will see the results soon?  Or maybe with the oil price now less than half of that assumed by Europa for their original planning work, the large costs of going ahead with this drilling suddenly seem rather less palatable?  After all, with the odds of finding nothing twice as large as the odds of finding something, they will at least want the small chance of finding something to pay off if it comes up!

Either way, please know that when we hear something, you will hear it too.  We are, as always, keen for as much transparency in this process as possible.  This is an issue dear to the hearts of many thousands of people, and it is important that everybody who cares should have a chance to see all the conditions complied with in full.
 In the spirit of how much we all care, we are delighted to be able to share with you news of an art exhibition being put on as an awareness raising exercise for the drilling between now and March 26th.  This is being held in the always pleasant surroundings of the Star pub in Dorking.  A flyer for the event is attached to this email.  It's always lovely to see how our beautiful environment inspires people, and I hope to see you there.
Patrick Nolan

The Leith Hill Action Group