Welcome to a milestone in RopeMarks continuity, you are now reading the second newsletter. We will briefly describe what we have been up to since our last newsletter and about interesting upcoming events where you can meet, greet and talk to us.

We’ve done a number of photoshoots the past months with some very, very, very sexy new talent

m: A_n's / p: http://www.CarmineWorx.nl / r: http://www.RopeMarks.com

m: Little Flower / p: http://www.KinkyStyle.net / r: http://www.RopeMarks.com 

m: Spring / p: http://www.KinkyStyle.net / r: http://www.RopeMarks.com
You probably know, but besides our Japanese rope bondage according to RopeMarks Ryu, we do some very serious rubber bondage and restraining as well. Here’s a sample from last month’s shoot that will soon be on http://www.ClubRubberRestrained.com.

m: Little Flower / p: http://www.KinkyStyle.net / r: http://www.RubberRestrained.com

m: Spring / p: http://www.KinkyStyle.net / r: http://www.RubberRestrained.com

We also had some very, very, very sexy established talent in our ropes:

m: http://www.rionaneve.com / p: http://www.KinkyStyle.net / r: http://www.RopeMarks.com 

For an upcoming idea we have been scouting locations, obviously we took a talent with us to “test” the potential location

p: http://www.carmineworx.nl / http://www.facebook.com/casvandervlugtfotografie  / r: http://www.RopeMarks.com 


The past period we had to honor to be invited and perform at some of the best high-level events and parties. We strive to impress
We had an amazing time and performance in Hamburg’s (Germany), possibly, best fetish event, the Extravaganxa, held in the Catonium.

 m: little flower / p: http://www.heinrichvonschimmer.de / http://www.extravaganxa.de  / http://www.RopeMarks.com 

At Halloween we scared the audience during Obscene’s Halloween edition (Netherlands)

### No Pictures yet ###
m: spring / http://www.obscene-halloween.com / http://www.RopeMarks.com 

The past period we’ve done a fair amount of teaching, most of it was private tuition and we keep it that way. But, if you are interested to learn and understand the noble art of kinbaku, we are your man! Visit this link for all the information about our teaching


We are suckers for a good party, and the previous period had two very outstanding one's

Europerve's 5 year anniversary http://www.Europerve.org / http://www.DeMasK.nl

Extravaganxa / http://www.extravaganxa.de / p: http://www.heinrichvonschimmer.de 
Tired by one awesome show or not, it's always time for cuddles and kisses 
Meet, Greet and talk to us

The best place to know where we are and what we are up to is our online schedule. We try to keep it as up to date as possible


Our previous newsletters

2016, September - Our first newsletter http://www.blogropemarks.com/pivotx/?e=494
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