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Legislation that Should Concern Everyone
Lots of bad legislation was filed this year but here are some of the worst examples of nanny state legislation, wasteful spending, rent seeking, or special interests trying to carve off a chunk of taxpayer money. These are the Senate bills that we are watching. Next week we will cover the House bills and the week after that we will update with what bills are left alive and need attention from grassroots activists.

SB 3, a plan by Senator Patrick Anderson to drain 15 million dollars away from education to fund the Indian Cultural Center. Of course the gaming compact was passed by telling everyone that the proceeds would benefit education and I suppose what is more educational that watching legislators go back on their word and drain the profits off into a gold plated boondoggle?

SB 5 by Senator Ron Sharp, bless his little weaseled eyes, would allow school employees and volunteers to use physical force to control or discipline children at school, in transit to or from school, or at an officially sanctioned school function. Gee, what could go wrong here? The legislation removes all liability for harming children, basically writing a blank check to the teachers, coaches, janitors, school cafeteria workers, administrators, bus drivers, or literally anyone that comes in contact with children at school or at a school function. Of course Sharp is an educator and no doubt he has a few kids in mind that need knots on their heads. School officials already have the right to control kids if needed but giving them carte blanche to beat a child with no repercussions if they get carried away is simply insane.

SB 12 by Senator Anderson would make it illegal to sell compressed air dusting canisters, commonly used for cleaning keyboards and other delicate electronic equipment. Great, another way to fine a business owner or store employee or arrest them I suppose for selling a legal product. Makes me wonder if Senator Anderson is huffing the stuff.

SB 33 by Anderson would allow non certified (non CLEET trained) civilian employees who work as crime scene or crime investigators to carry personal weapons if they have a concealed carry permit. Hmmm, sounds like some wannabe cops feeling left out because they can’t pack a pistol. Wouldn’t it be better to make them take the proper training by attending CLEET before they start waving guns around? Remember CLEET director Larry Birney’s alleged road rage arrest that led to his dismissal as CLEET director?
SB 43 once again by Senator Anderson would fine you for using a cell phone to send a message, send a picture, or any other form of “electronic communication”. Sounds like making a phone call or leaving a voice mail is enough to get you pulled over under Anderson’s legislation. Once again we already have a distracted driving law that is general in nature and can be used to punish careless drivers. I wouldn’t advocate texting and driving but there are some circumstances where it would be safe to look at a message or send a short message like when stalled in traffic, waiting at a stop sign or traffic light, or driving down a deserted highway. What this sort of nanny state legislation does is open up the right for a cop to confiscate your phone and search it to see if you were talking on the phone before you were pulled over.

SB 53 by Senator Standridge would set standards for delegates to a Con Con or U.S. Constitutional Convention which is one of the most dangerous things that we can think of given the political and social climate in the U.S.. You could kiss your 2nd Amendment rights away if a Con Con was called as there are no restrictions on what happens at a Con Con. Remember the last one, the only one, resulted in the Articles of Confederation being dissolved and a strong federal government was born.

SB67 is by Senator Ron Sharp and it flat out outlaws using a cell phone or any other electronic device while driving. Not just texting or emailing, but “verbal communication”. This is what happens when you put an idiot into a Senate seat that has never held a real job in his life nor met a payroll nor done anything but grunt at the public trough.
SB93 by Senator Mazzei would slash teacher’s taxable income by 25% as long as they were working as a teacher and held a teacher’s certificate. Exempting 25% of their income from all taxation is a hell of a pay boost as it lowers their tax bracket on the rest of their salary as well as escaping the taxes on the 25% of their salary. Mazzei of course isn’t planning on replacing the lost tax income to the state and our budget shortfall is up to what, 600 million? What an idiot idea….exempting teachers from taxation when they are the ones that push so hard to tax the rest of us. Take all the skin out of the game for them must be the plan.

SB 105 by Senator Weasel Sharp eliminates a previous three year waiting period before a retired teacher can start working in education again without losing retirement benefits. The waiting period is now only 30 days…. A good vacation then back to the public trough. Now excuse me, isn’t retirement supposed to be paid after one leaves their job and…. well…..retires? This simply allows the teachers to retire, start drawing a tax payer funded retirement check, then thirty days later they are drawing a fat salary again. Talk about a raid on the treasury!

SB 111 by Senator Clark Jolley strips the right of a jury trial appeal for municipal convictions that result in fines less than $500.00. There was already a threshold of $250.00 in place which for a rich momma’s boy like Clark is lunch money. For the average person though $500.00 is a week’s pay and there is no reason to deny an appeal or a new trial if a citizen thinks they got screwed over in municipal court where there is no right to jury trial or even to produce evidence or witnesses if a judge refuses to hear it. Our U.S Constitution gives us the right to a jury trial for anything over $20.00 and admittedly the government has deflated our dollar by 95% since those days but in matters of principle it matters not if it is $1.00 or $1,000.00 dollars.

SB117 by Senator Simpson goes after citizens or used tire shops selling un-mounted tires with less than 1/16” tread remaining. New tires have 10/16” of treads and while it is reasonable to discard a product with 20% of the life used up the state shouldn’t be micromanaging anyone’s life. Plus the tire companies are now advocating replacing tires when the depth is less than 4/10’s, using a quarter instead of the Lincoln penny to check. Imagine that….someone selling a product advocating you throw it away when 40% of the life is still left. Good for them. Good for the state that gets to tax another new tire. There are lots of citizens that simply are on a tight budget and if they choose to drive on worn out tires then perhaps that is all they can afford. There is probably a law allowing the ticketing of a driver if they have an accident that is caused by mechanical defects so if someone chooses to drive on marginal tires and causes others harm them they should pay. Just don’t force the working poor to keep new tires on a car, they probably have enough sense to drive a bit slower on wet roads if their tires are not the best.

SB121 by Senator Smalley wants to start taxing you on every address where you have an electric meter to pay for emergency medical services. News flash dip sh**, they already tax us on the water bills for that. Not just one meter, every address where you have a meter installed, home, business, rental property, farm or vacation property. Commercial properties pay a tax on all the meters installed on a single property. Smalley is double taxing the two largest cities in the state along with many other cities for a service that ought to be provided by individuals if they want ambulance insurance or paid for by the insurance companies.
SB123 by Senator Smalley is another tax money stealing scheme to benefit teachers. It removes a 60 day moratorium on recently retired teachers from taking another job in the educational system (what happened to that three year moratorium?) and ups the pay from $15,000 to $30,000 per year. God, what a racket! Get paid to retire then the next day go back to work at full salary. Wanna bet there will be lots of early retirements? How about this, follow the private industry retirement policies of working till you are 65 and then actually retiring and open up the job for someone that needs the job?
SB 132 by Senator David is a nice pay increase for OSBI. Now they got one in 2013 and this time the legislation is removing statutory limits on what they can pay their employees. Nice….how many raises have you gotten since 2013?
SB 157 by Kyle Loveless gradually removes the franchise tax on big businesses in Oklahoma. Right now they pay $1.25 per $1,000 invested. But the first $200,000 in capital invested doesn’t require the tax to be paid so small businesses are already exempt. Currently the amount paid is capped at $20,000 and this bill will lower that amount by $2500 till the amount is zero. So a big business can have a million dollars invested and pay $1,250.00 in tax or billions invested and pay only $20,000.00 in tax but that isn’t small enough for the State Chamber crowd.
SB160 by Senator “Hoodie” Barrington will allow the county sheriff to charge car owners when their cars are impounded by the sheriff department. Now the wrecker service that actually impounds the car charges plenty, I’ve seen employees get cars impounded and it costing hundreds of dollars for the impound on the first week and $18.00 to $30.00 per day storage. I suppose Barrington thinks this will be paid by the black community or white trash so it is okay to pile the costs on an impounded vehicle.

SB 191 by Senator Brecheen is another ConCon preparation bill. This is legislation also being pushed by the National Popular Vote crowd who are determined to eliminate the Electoral College. The Electoral College is a failsafe system set up by our founding fathers that ensures that if there is a very close election that the candidate with the most widely distributed support wins over the candidate whose supporters are concentrated in the urban areas. If the vote is extremely close and no one candidate receives the 270 electoral votes required then the election is decided by the House of Representatives. Next week we will have an article laying out both sides of the debate and why this misguided ConCon movement has always been championed by liberals. Fact is that a ConCon is dangerous given our current political climate and would lead to the destruction of the 2nd amendment and other Constitutional rights.

SB 199 by Senator Kyle Loveless creates licensing for builders and contractors, which many might think is a good idea to protect the public from shady builders. But this is pushed by the large contractors with the State Chamber of Commerce and is a rent seeking bill. Their idea is to drive out the small contractors and force everyone to use their companies and by eliminating the smaller companies and making it more difficult for new builders to start up they decrease the number of choices for the consumers which drives up prices on all construction. This is building a monopoly, plain and simple. This is the internet age, the folks that get screwed by contractors didn’t check them out before hiring them. Court records are so easy to find, there are tons of websites with recommendations and reviews of contractors, and tons of websites to file complaints against contractors so that other folks doing their due diligence will be certain to find the negative reviews or complaints.
SB226 by Senator Fry is legislation to allow local government entities to force properties with common areas like condos to install storm water controls or drainage. In short, if a government agency decides that rainwater running off a property is causing a problem then they can force the property owner to build storm water retention areas. Fact is that it rains and water runs off into the streams, as it has always done on any planet with liquid water and rain. We aren’t talking about a new property that floods a neighbor’s property, they can sue in court for that, we are talking about the government agencies and entities being able to show up at your property and demand that you build moats and ponds to capture the rainwater. These idiots are trying to legislate what happens to rainwater when it hits the ground!

SB261 by Senator Ron Sharp seeks to make it easier for parents to have their parental rights terminated. Previous language in this statute says a court may terminate rights if a parent doesn’t show up or if their attorney fails to provide notice that the parents want a jury trial to defend their parental rights. Sharp wants to remove the judge’s discretion and immediately terminate parental rights without a jury trial.

SJR4 by Standridge is a call for a ConCon. Dangerous above all else in our opinion and pushed by liberals hoping to confuse moderates and conservatives into supporting a Constitutional Convention to modify our U.S. Constitution.

The following SJR bills are bills referring to a popular vote in the next general election.

SJR5 by Senator Holt, same thing as SJR4

SJR6 by Senator Dahm calling for a STATE Constitutional Convention, something that is decades past due. This is a good idea that will force the state legislature to follow the Oklahoma Constitution.

SJR8 by Brecheen is another ConCon bill.

SJR12 by Senator Holt is a public vote on restricting the legislature to working only on budget issues on certain years. Not a good idea to eliminate the ability for the legislature to attend to a problem except on every other year.


Photo from when Lee Denney welcomed Obama to Oklahoma
If Oklahomans Wanted To Hear From An A$$**** They Could Hide Under The Covers

By Ms PM


We all want to spare ourselves when it comes to obnoxious odors and Representative Lee Denny (R-33) didn’t find it necessary to hand out clothes pins when she filed HB 1686. Her bill is another attempt to circumvent the Electoral College. Try for a moment to imagine the odorous cloud that follows as she tippy-toes-and-toots her way into a room full of people. The stinky fat lady has a way of truly leveling the playing field because the only ones left standing are just as rotten.


There is never pause when it comes to corruption. Legislatures will fulfill their greed with the power they possess never to be concerned with their part of unraveling a nation. In the 2014 session some of our Senators accepted trips to Vegas and Miami paid for by the non-profit group Fair Vote. This little junket happened before casting their vote on this same very important issue. Because of the outrage the House knew better than to consider a vote. Some House members were to participate in a “buy your vote” to St. Croix. They had been caught trying to sell out and canceled the trip.


If the people of Oklahoma were to call Denny’s hot line and demand to know why she considered a new bill that if it were in effect in the 2012 election would have given O-shithead Oklahoma’s 7 electoral votes. Romney won all 77 counties. This “I’m almost out of here, who will give me the best gift, is what happens when a corrupt and disgusting elected official is term limited. There is always a curtain for the likes of her to hide behind. What was she offered?


The ethics commission isn’t set up to protect the people from bribery. And exactly who are the ones that set up the rules for the ethics commission? When are the people going to put the energy they expel when pissed off into a force that changes the business as usual political corruption within our state?


The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when setting up the Electoral College. Here is what would happen with a National Popular Vote that hands all the needed 270 Electoral Votes to the national popular vote winner: Those states with larger populations – especially those with heavily populated big cities will pick the President. …..period. When the day comes that the President is elected by popular vote it will become clear why the far left occupies areas that get the most electoral votes. You will finally be able to kiss any conservative President good-by and wasn’t that the plan all along?


O-shithead isn’t the only one wanting to “transform America.” Right here in Oklahoma we have the Lee Denny Fart Brigade that will not hesitate to sell us out. Please let her know what you think…405 557-7304405 557-7304 .



Do we Need a Liberal GOP Chairman?




(Editor’s note: Pam Pollard is probably the most corrupt GOP insider in the establishment and what is amazing is that her faction is taking on Dave Weston who is the Congressman Tom Cole hatchet man. This means thee GOP RINO factions are split and the conservative, Tea Party, and Ron Paul factions need to unite to re establish conservative control over the Republican Party. Yes, not all of the Ron Paul grassroots people are honorable, their organization was taken over by some pretty smarmy characters but the last couple of years has seen many of those miscreants lose influence and the Ron Paul grassroots is learning to question even their own.)


This is part one of three part article on the candidates for Oklahoma State GOP Chair.

We begin our study with perhaps one of the least qualified individuals we have ever seen involved in politics. This individual has demonstrated a drive to get ahead by bowing to establishment politics and breaking the rules. She is responsible for allowing the Oklahoma State GOP Convention of 2012 to turn from a nomination convention into a coronation convention ran by establishment politicians from the liberal wing of the party in Washington, D.C. Yes we are talking about GOP Chairman Candidate Pam Pollard.


We will present evidence to you of a certified statement made by this candidate as to the truthfulness and accuracy of the 2012 GOP Convention along with a later public statement that will show that the delegates were not properly seated until one full hour after the convention was over. It was her responsibility to do so. This is a representation of fraud on the entire Republican Party of the State of Oklahoma.


The first article of interest is this. This forum wasn’t really a debate. Each candidate was given a few minutes to lay out their plan for the party and then a question/answer period following. She plainly laid out her lack of ability to raise funds when she claimed “ We raised $25,000 at the state level” as the President of the Oklahoma Federation of Women. Local clubs raised twice that, $53,000.


The next item of interest we found was this. Now when this first comes up it shows a bunch of videos, but give it a second and it will show an orchestrated attack on Dr. Ron Paul supporters during the 2012 Presidential campaign orchestrated from her office as vice-Chair of the Oklahoma GOP. Clearly this is manipulation on the part of the state party. Had her boss, Matt Pinnell, already been offered a job at RNC if Mitt Romney got the nomination? What had she been promised?


The next item we found was this. This tells us that she returned to Oklahoma politics on November 1, 2013 after the disastrous events of the 2012 GOP Convention. She hasn’t stuck around long before deciding to run for GOP Chair. We guess she was hoping we would all forget about that, but, no, we remember those who are out to destroy our country.


We found this on her campaign web site. Here we find a few conflicts of interest. In 2009 she was Vice-Chair of the Oklahoma State GOP, yet she served as part of Governor Fallin’s Campaign as Director of Coalitions. We could find no mention of her resignation as Vice-Chair in order to serve in this capacity. She claims that grassroots volunteers have stated her leadership in Get out the Vote efforts played a major role in the Thursday Nov.4, 2010 Tulsa World Headline, and “Triumph of Turnout.” yet supplies no group or individual names to support that statement. We question why she was working for a candidate at all if she was serving as a GOP official.


We also found this on her campaign web site . Here we found misstatements also. In earlier reports already posted she had claimed to be the Vice chair in 2009. In this report she doesn’t claim to be the vice-Chair until 2011. Which one is it Mrs. Pollard? She also claims to have ended her Credentials Chairman in 2011. Once again in an earlier report we see that she was responsible for credentials at the 2012 State GOP Convention. Once again we must ask which date is it Mrs. Pollard? What is next, claiming she landed in a helicopter under fire from snipers?


The next item we’ll bring up is this . The only reason we bring this up is to show you that Pam Pollard, through the McCarville Report, has the support of the corrupting influence of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce.


Her work history indicates that she worked for the RINO group Americans for Prosperity. As hard as we tried we could only find one Pam Pollard that has ever worked for Americans for Prosperity. This is what we found:


We don’t see how she could work for them in Topeka, Ks and live in Oklahoma. An explanation would be nice. In this case, as she has not returned our calls.


The next item of interest we found was this . What these blog posts don’t tell you is that during this time frame Dr. Ron Paul won 3 of the 5 districts in Oklahoma and she was out there actually undermining Dr. Paul’s delegates.


So how bad was the 2012 Oklahoma GOP Convention? It made National News as in this report . That only begins to tell the story. It clearly indicates the alleged “Reddest State in the Union” is almost as corrupt politically as Chicago, Illinois. Folks that’s not a good way to be and Pam Pollard has a heavy hand in that corruption.


The next report we found was this. This tells you about the outright physical assault on Dr. Ron Paul supporters outside the convention. Tulsa and Oklahoma County delegates had to be re-credentialed, delegates turned away because they arrived a few minutes after 9 A.M. A convention chairman who repeatedly violated convention rules, a vote where all of Tulsa Counties delegates were walled off and not counted. Folks this wasn’t a convention, this was chaos orchestrated by the party elite to ensure their candidate got the nomination from Oklahoma, not the candidate that won the nomination.



The next items we have are this. R. Marc Nuttle which we’ve shortened to show a notarized statement by Pam Pollard basically stating everything that occurred at the convention was legitimate and held to party rules. Then there is this



5:31 PM 05/17/2012 ... The real story that should come out of the convention is the state party's abdication of its most basic rules ... After the reading of the credentials report, State Vice-Chair Pam Pollard admitted that the count was ... Ultimately, the permanent roll of the convention was not certified until roughly 6:00 p.m..


That last statement by Pam Pollard stating the permanent roll of the convention was not certified until 6:00 p.m. is criminal. Not one single vote of one single delegate prior to six p.m. is valid. That is in accordance with party rules. That invalidates every single vote at the convention and represents a conspiracy to defraud the people of the state of Oklahoma and the United State of America of being able to choose the candidate of their liking for nomination to the office of President of the United States.


Last but not least we bring you this. This is an almost hour long, edited version of the shenanigans and shame our state Chair, Matt Pinnell at the time, and Vice-Chair, Pam Pollard, brought upon this state. Never ever let this happen again.


Pam Pollard, we recommend you withdraw from this race and politics altogether, unless you want to become a Democrat.

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