Refirement Network :: April 2016


Dear Refirement Members

It has been a busy interesting month. I am loving my new life with many cycles of work and play. I am busy writing this newsletter from the beautiful Cape. My sister arrived unexpectedly from the USA and she asked me to accompany her to the Cape for the second WOOL Cup for 67 Blankets who are trying to break a world record for the biggest blanket. Many of the correctional service locations were involved this year and the prisoners were given wool and the skill of how to knit/crochet. The blankets will all be donated to different charities around the country to keep thousands warm this winter. A great Refirement champion project. Many thousands have been involved around South Africa.

Our newsletter has a new format this month and includes an article about why you will not be living your next season like your parents and grandparents, two Pretoria events happening in May and a new survey I would love for you to complete.

Enjoy the change of seasons, winter is on its way.

Lynda Smith
Founder of Refirement Network. Wisdom Preserver and Connection Specialist.



Upcoming Events

On the 11 th May we will be having a dinner event in Pretoria at the Centurion Country Club. Come and enjoy a dinner with friends and learn more about your next season. Read more...

On the 26 th May I will be speaking to coaches and trainers on the future of life planning for people 50+. If you know of a coach, HR Manager or trainer who may benefit and want to attend please pass on this newsletter. The Hatfield station is one block away so this makes it an easy commute even for a Johannesburg audience. Read more...


Monkey Survey

I am trying to understand how many Companies offer life planning for their staff 50+. Please complete this survey...


You will not retire like your parents and grandparents. Are you ready for change?

The world is a challenging and exciting place. Those of us now 50+ are in the last part of our formal work life if we look at our lives through the history lens and compare it to our parents and grandparents. For many in this age group, you may already have a very different journey on this path. We are living longer, technology is changing our world every day and most of us have not saved enough to contemplate this next season without some sense of fear in our hearts.

Read more about why you will not be retiring like your parents and grandparents...



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