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Senator Holt and Rep. Bobby Cleveland
Want to Steal your Home or Business
People writ in on occasion and ask why the State Chamber of Commerce and municipalities are trying so hard to ram Agenda 21 into law and we always explain that it is about money.    Property developers “need” to collude with the local governments to steal property; otherwise they would have to pay the going rate for land or have their plans held up by property owners that just want to stay in their home or business.   It is a lot cheaper to pay a bribe, give a campaign donation, or cut the politician or their family members in on the profits instead of dealing with dozens of property owners.
And that explains the current fear mongering over HB 2807 by Lewis Moore in the House and Nathan Dahm in the Senate which would strengthen private property rights in Oklahoma.   Senator David Holt, the Senate Majority Whip, has lined up city managers and city councils to lobby against HB 2807 and they admit that they want the bill struck down because it strengthens property rights.
HB 2807 is a good bill as it references international law, codes, or regulations and it allows damages in the amount of ten times actual damages in cases where the property own prevails in court.    Legitimate need for eminent domain seizers for actual public projects are  allowed but any project that seizes property and turns it over to a private individual or company  for the purpose of increasing tax revenue is not allowed.  The bill has passed the Senate Judiciary committee and is now eligible for a Senate floor vote.  The bill passed the House on a two to one margin with mostly Democrats and the occasional hold out State Chamber whore like Glen Mulready or Randy Grau against the legislation.
The Oklahoman is joining in the fear mongering, claiming that a strip club or metal shredder could be built next to your home if the legislation passes.  Hogwash… current zone regulations won’t be stricken but due process will have to be followed.
Another bill, HB 2620, is going through the Senate and facing the same opposition.   The bill passed the House almost two to one with additional State Chamber whores like Gary Banz and the infamous Bobby Cleveland voting against the legislation.   Cleveland of course is the notorious Cleveland County GOP Chairman that spend years rigging votes and limiting participation in GOP events, getting arrested for voter fraud, and spending a lot of his time promoting ACOG policies while sitting on their board.   ACOG is an association of cities that are promoting things like seizing private property with no due process and implementing Agenda 21.
What is interesting about HB 2620 is that Rep. Steve Martin, a long reviled foe of conservatives, has authored the bill along with Rep. Kirby, a state representative that had fallen off the conservative wagon, earning a mere 17 in the 2013 RINO Index, meaning he voted conservatively only twice.  Rep. Martin scored a measly 12 on the Index, so to see both men feeling the heat and actually becoming more conservative is an indication that pointing out their bad votes forces them to do the right thing.
HB 2620 prevents the cities from requiring “registration”, as in forcing vacant properties or rental properties to be listed as such with the city and the legislation prohibits cities from charging fees to property owners for registering, renting, occupying, transferring, or  bequeathing  properties and it prohibits fines and penalties from being assessed against properties for not being “registered”.   We aren’t talking about registering a sale or deed, this legislation prevents cities from piling charges onto private property because the property is vacant, has been vandalized, or because the property owner isn’t willing to give up the property to the city for “redevelopment”.
HB 3363 is also in the process and that bill does exactly the opposite of what HB 2620 and HB 2807 does and the legislation is being pushed by the Municipal League and promoted in their Legislative Bulletin.  The idea is for a city to pile up charges and costs against a vacant property or a property that is causing the city problems such as police calls, ambulance calls, trips by the fire department, or by code enforcement officers.   The cities then foreclose upon the properties, snatching up the properties for the cost of the fines and costs, and then the properties are sold or given away to political cronies.
Sadly, HB 3363 is authored by Rep. Echols, who took over Rep. Charles Key’s House seat without an election.  Echols was supported by the activist community and personally known to the Sooner Tea Party so it is an embarrassment to the entire conservative community that he filed and promoted such legislation.  The legislation requires that a letter be sent to the owner and to any mortgage holder but allows the notice to be published in the legal section of an obscure paper like the Journal Record which has a tiny number of subscribers, less than a few thousand.  Not one Oklahoman in a thousand ever read these legal notifications but if the property owner or the mortgage holder doesn’t respond in ten days a hearing can be held at city offices by non elected officials and the property can be confiscated after being placed on a list and costs assessed against the property.
So if the cops show up to check the property after a neighbor calls in vandalism or breaking and entering, or if the fire department responds to a wild fire or a medical emergency due to a vagrant illegally trespassing on the property,  or perhaps a code official doesn’t like the way the building is painted or the grass is unkempt, each quarter of the year the city can assess the cost of these police visits, fire truck runs, or administrative costs incurred for the city to track or inspect the property.  It is easy to see how the costs could escalate rapidly and our property taxes and sales taxes already pay for these services.  So the property owner has to pay again, and again.
The government assessed costs become fixed after six months and a lien is attached against the property and continuing costs for tracking and assessing additional penalties continue to accrue.  The property owner has never been before a judge, indeed they might not have been notified of a problem if the owner’s address is wrong in the land records, but the fines and costs are automatically given the same weight of law as property taxes.   And there is something for everyone in this crooked legislation, the county treasurer gets to tack on an additional 10% to collect the fines and fees, despite the county treasurer already being 100% funded by tax dollars and fees on land transactions.
To meet the criteria almost anything can be used to justify calling the property abandoned.   A lack of water or electrical service, something that is commonly turned off on unoccupied rent houses or even homes that are in good repair and waiting to be readied for sale,  or the building might be in the process of being foreclosed upon by a bank, or even the odd crank (by city standards) the decides to live off the grid or who has a long established water well like some of the homes in my subdivision in the heart of Oklahoma City.  Lose your job, get your water or electric turned off?   Your home can be assessed penalties and be seized without a court order.
This legislation passed the House with only three votes against it:  Brumbaugh, Murphey, and Ritze, with another 9 reps missing the vote.   The vote will be on the 2014 RINO Index because the majority of the legislators screwed up in voting for this bill.
The legislation is awaiting a Senate floor vote.  If you want to give Senator Holt a call and light his sorry ass up his phone number is 405-521-5636
If you want to call the Municipal League and remind them that they are making enemies of the common people their phone number is 405-528-7515
And call Senator Treat who has control of several of these bills and ask him to kill HB 3363 and to support HB 2620.  Treat has a fairly good record of doing his job and following the Republican Party Platform so be polite but firm with his office.
Remind Senator Treat that the three bills will be on the 2014 RINO Index.  The lists of Senate and House members is listed as always at the bottom of this email.  Note that the House mass Democrat and Republican email has been changed after we publicized it so use the long lists in Bcc form.
And we will remind the Governor that she is up for re election this year along with half of the Senate and all the House members so she will want to think long and hard about allowing these bill to pass her desk without a veto of the bad and a signature on the good legislation.  
The Republican Party Platform stands squarely on property rights of citizens and against local governments using eminent domain or not allowing due process for private property owners.  Despite the fear mongering this bill simply ensures that a property owner is allowed to go before a judge and that the law is followed.  Or she can give her opponent a handy club.
A Letter to the Editor asks why
the Sooner Tea Party isn’t Doing More
Occasionally we get a letter to the editor that we simply have to publish because it asks a pertinent question or is a throbbing example of what people are doing wrong.  The writer in this case is aware and trying; we don’t fault him for that, but he is completely wrong in his approach because the political elites and the mainstream media have brainwashed him into following poor strategies to accomplish his goal.
Here is the letter with our replies inline in bold text:

We have some 75K illegal aliens unlawfully residing in Oklahoma with most concentrated in OKC and Tulsa areas.  As you well know both OKC and Tulsa are sanctuary cities.

We don't know how many are here strictly for the drug trade but you can bet that a who bunch of them are here for that purpose thus committing more crimes.  Speaking of crime North Carolina just arrested 250 illegal alien child molesters last month.  How many are here and we just don't see the headlines.  You can bet that our local papers will not be printing such stories as it would raise the ire of the people of this State against those supposed honest hard working family oriented people coming into our country.

I for one am tired of going to certain parts of town to shop and feeling like I've been transported south of the border. I've been fighting illegal immigration since my wife and became victims of it when we lived in Denver.  We thought OK would be better and in some ways it has but I've been the victim of hispanic crime not one but twice since living here.

I've written to the Gov. Fallen on this issue and was told to call DHS/ICE. Yea right that'll work. I did that several time and nothing ever happened. Nobody called, the very same workers stayed in my neighborhood building homes for almost 2 years.  It's a federal issue her office says.  Well we all know the feds are ignoring our laws and sovereignty from the oval office on down. They recently let 68K criminal aliens back onto our streets rather than deport them. 

  Governor Fallin knows better, HB 1804 was passed before she came into office and enough of it survived legal challenges that she could easily enforce the law and drive the illegals from our state.  She doesn’t do that because of the State Chamber of Commerce wanting the illegal labor that keeps down everyone’s labor rates and fills low level jobs in restaurants, hotels, and construction, jobs that would have to pay a decent wage before Oklahoma citizens would accept the jobs.

The children of these illegal aliens are in our schools taking up valuable resources and seats. Call me what you will be as a taxpayer it's not up to me to support foreigners.  That is their home country's responsibility.  It's not up to me to feed or help cloth them either.

 True, but the hospital lobby doesn’t want those customers to be deported as the feds pick up what the state doesn’t pay for and the schools can expand their empires and load up on state, federal, and local money because of increased enrollment be they legal or not.

So what is and what can the Tea Party do?  I personally send out tweets/faxes and call my CONgress critters offices at least 1-2 times a week on this issue and others.  I'm of the opinion we need to start getting in their faces at every town hall and in their local and D.C. offices.  You can bet that the pro-open borders lobby is. 

 The Tea Party has been holding the politician’s feet to the fire and punishing as many as possible.   And it matters not what the politicians are punished for as long as someone whacks them across the jaw with a 2 x 4 because all the other politicians see the retribution and wonder if they are next.  

But sending out tweets, faxes, emails, and phone calls to congress doesn’t really change behavior because you are acting alone and they deal with you alone.  Putting this in military terms, an army can ignore a lone soldier or two because little harm can be done by individuals but a platoon is going to get their attention and another army really makes them nervous.  Instead of acting alone you should join in with an effective group like the Sooner Tea Party and start beating on the miscreants.  But getting in their faces at a town hall isn’t effective either because just look around you next time one occurs; the questions are usually screened, the public isn’t allowed to ask questions, half the people there are wanting something themselves and aren’t interested in illegal immigration enough to voice their negative opinion, and once you vent the politician knows very well that you will go home satisfied and do little else to harm him for not voting with the Republican Party Platform.

I'm a disabled vet and it disgusts me that I served this country, raised 4 kids and never took a dime in welfare money while it seems the first stop for illegal aliens is the local welfare office.  I don't want them here and if they do come they should be totally on their own with one bit of help be it language, drivers licenses, or public services.  


Steven Wemyss


Steven, if you want to effect change in the politicians you have to hit them where it hurts.  Instead of going to town halls or sending out emails and phone calls to federal legislators you should act close to home.  Go after the state and local officials that enable this behavior and you will find out that all of the federal legislators watch the punishment like a hawk because you are messing with their power base.

Instead of contacting corrupt politicians whose votes were long ago purchased with campaign donations, start contacting the politician’s voters.    Tell them about the voting record of the politician and keep reminding them.  Take charge of your own precinct through the Republican Party and start educating your precinct with a small flyer every few months.   Give election advice on the candidates or state questions and as a neighbor you will have a lot of credibility, more so than a newspaper with an agenda.

And we don’t see you on our donor roles nor have you ever attended one of our newspaper wrapping events or volunteered to deliver papers.  Primary season is upon us and now is the time to get the word out.
And Steven, what it takes to stop these corrupt bastards is not pleasant, it is harsh, it is exposing their personal failings along with their political failings so that people understand that the politicians aren’t somehow superior to the rest of us but are as human as we are.  Get the citizens to do their job and supervise the politicians on a constant basis and you will see real change.

And if all of that sounds daunting and a lot of work, the alternative is to live with the foot on your neck and explain to those four kids and their kids why you didn’t do something when you had the opportunity.    All you have to do is help us punish bad behavior, a few hours a week, and keep at it until the lesson is learned.  Success isn’t measured by defeating the politicians we punish but in the change of behavior of the other 148 legislators, the governor, and the state elected officers.  We only need a handful of good men and women in office to file the legislation, it is up to us to plow a path for them and it is a lot more efficient to reform a politician than it is to remove one and hope the one coming in will be any better.

Our Great Governor Does What She Does Best
By Ms PM
Governor Mary Fallin is once again running to the federal government for money. You may be asking yourself, what’s the excuse this time? Or, what makes her justify begging at the trough instead of addressing problems before they reach crisis mode within the state she’s supposed to be running? One thing for sure, you wouldn’t know there were any issues with the way she operates if you read her list of accomplishments touted in her reelection newsletter.
This article brings to light what she’s up to. We’re visiting the Lexington Bridge to nowhere again and she’s taken up the grand idea of asking the U.S. Small Business Administration for an “economic injury declaration.”
One more time we ask why this bridge was left to deteriorate over the years.  The small detail that it is the lifeline between Lexington and Purcell must have fallen into those severe cracks that need repair. Several businesses report a 50 percent decline in sales and now she wants those owners to request loans from the feds so they can stay in business. These small business owners have plenty of time to file their applications because they aren’t busy with sales. The governor points her little finger anywhere other than herself to fix a problem that she has been in the middle of and refused to address for far too long. Fallin says that the “decline in sales is the result of the bridge shutdown.” Their decline is a direct result of the governor’s failure to act.
The obvious question…is she looking out for you? You can bet the store that she would have this problem resolved if it involved a large corporation wanting to set up shop dumping tax dollars into her money bag to spend at her whim.
She is a large piece of the corruption pie prevalent within our state. Let’s all be the good bobble-heads waving the rah-rah banners and reelect her, after all, she’s doing a wonderful job!
Period for Filing for Public Office Closed on Friday?
Maybe… Maybe Not….
Lots of phone calls and emails came in this week about the deadline for filing for office on Friday.   State law allows a three day period in April where candidates declare their candidacy after filing the required forms and paying the required fees.  The statute is simply worded and pretty much cut and dried in meaning.
Or it was until former state representative Randy Terrill was convicted for an alleged bribe to a state senator to withdraw from an election.   Terrill of course had no power to actually obtaining a job for the state senator other than a power to try to persuade enough other legislators and then Governor Henry to pass the legislation that he proposed.    No felony involved there, just political maneuvering and trying to implement his agenda.   Had Terrill been prosecuted by the feds the case would have been dropped because federal law restricts bribery to tangible items.  An example is Mike Morgan’s conviction for bribery after the accepted inflated legal fees.
The real reason for Terrill being charged was the cozy relationship between Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater and then Speaker Kris Steel.    Steel was trying to break the conservative legislator’s hold on power and Terrill was one of the ways he was going about it.  But Steel over reached, his team lost the election as a result, and ultimately Steel’s golden parachute with TEAM was shot down in flames, leading him and David Prater to leave the meeting in tears according to the news reports that covered the meeting where their group was disbanded.  Terrill had been effective so he paid a price and got hauled into court where the truth is rarely told under the rules dominated by the prosecutor and the former prosecutors turned judges.
But the interesting thing about the Terrill case was the district court’s refusal to follow state law that defined the definition of a candidate for public office, bringing up the question if they opened the door to candidates to claim that the filing period is merely a suggestion or unlawful.
Once a person begins to explore the idea of running for office they might begin to raise money for expenses such as traveling the state talking to groups or for the filing fees for the office.  Once $500.00 has been raised or spent they are legally required to set up an Ethics Commission account and account for where the money comes from and where it is spent.    But they aren’t a candidate until they file for office with the State Election Board as required by state law.
It would be interesting if an Oklahoma County candidate filed suit here in Oklahoma District Court and see how the court system could maintain credibility after convicting Terrill for enticing a state senator to not run for office before she was even a candidate.
The Terrill case is most likely going to be overturned in the higher courts, maybe not the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals but certainly higher courts will follow the law.     Had the case been prosecuted in any other Oklahoma County the law would have been upheld and the Terrill charges dismissed before trial.  But nothing will happen till after the general election in November as the judges run on retention ballets and don’t want any blowback on their plates.
Showdown in the Desert
What we are Desperately Trying to Prevent
Last week provided plenty of distraction and entertainment for the world as the federal government tried to trample on American citizens protesting the BLM’s attempt to round up what they called trespassing cattle on land administered by the BLM.    Armed government thugs were met by armed U.S. citizens and the feds backed down.
The Associate Press reported that the Bureau of Land Management or BLM released the 400 head of cattle that they had impounded, gathered their equipment, and left the county, claiming they were concerned about the safety of their employees and the public.   Over 200 armed BLM officers including snipers and paramilitary equipped teams were present during the standoff in an event that was billed as protecting an endangered turtle and the rancher allegedly owning one million dollars in back rent for grazing his cattle.
Citizen militias from all over flocked to the publicity, some individuals actually showed up armed to protect the protesters who had been herded into “Free Speech Zones” that were located far away from the Bundy ranch.   The state’s governor and some state legislators supported the rancher not based upon the right to graze cattle but weighed in against the excessive force used by the BLM officers. 
The standoff was resolved once Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie did his job and negotiated a resolution that allowed the BLM to gather their equipment and leave the county.     Previously the good sheriff had refused to get involved despite his right and responsibility to oversee any federal law officers present in his county.
The government contends that Bundy owed a million dollars in back lease payments for grazing on “federally controlled land” but Bundy had stopped signing lease agreements in 1983 when the BLM radically changed the grazing rules.  No contract, no money owed.
One local politician earned quite a reputation after allegedly calling supporters from Utah “inbred bastards” and advised that they have “funeral plans” before coming to Clark County to support the Bundy ranch.   Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins generated the controversy and outrage over his comments after fellow commissioners in Piute County Utah contacted him.
The Bundy family had been grazing cattle for generations, since the 1890’s and was the last of dozens of ranchers that had once grazed cattle in the barren desert.   
Protestors documented case after case of abuse by the BLM officers including using stun guns on unarmed citizens, knocking elderly women to the ground including one cancer patient, and using police dogs to intimidate protesters.  The Bundy ranch contends that many of the cattle were killed or injured by the round up using helicopters in the excessive desert heat, adding that it was calving season and the calves couldn’t keep up with their mothers while running, orphaning some of the calves as the adult cows dropped dead from exhaustion.
Many were concerned that the conflict would escalate to another Ruby Ridge event where federal agents in Idaho shot and killed an unarmed woman and a child during a standoff over an alleged sawed off shotgun.   The target of the federal raid was acquitted at trial much later. 
The entire fiasco started in 1998 when the BLM decided that an endangered tortoise required that grazing rights be eliminated in a 600,000 acre area.  The feds had set up a tortoise refuge 23 years ago called the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center but the center claimed that “only” $290,000 from its funding source of local developer fees in the last 11 months and the BLM, the federal wildlife service, and the Nevada wildlife service have refused to help out because of budget restraints.   The center plans on closing the refuge and euthanizing around half of the supposedly endangered turtles because they are too feeble to be released.
Other stories point to U.S. Senator Harry Reid’s connection to a planned solar project as the real reason the Bundy family is being driven off the land.
While not a fan of the Alex Jones show their youtube channel has a live report via cell phone of a confrontation between 1000 protesters and the BLM including threats from the BLM to shoot the civilians if they don’t retreat or if they trespassed on public land.

The audio report from the on scene protester is pretty scary but this might be a defining moment in our nation’s history.
I have always told people that the Tea Party is based on fear of what an overreaching government might do or is doing.   People are funny, the ones that make the most noise are usually the first to fold but a lot of folks just sit quietly until they snap over something small.  From day one the militia has tried to recruit from the Tea Party movement like uncounted other groups but they have not gained a foothold because the Tea Party knows that violence will not solve our problems and a political solution is required.   Tea Party leader’s greatest fear has always been that we will do too little too late and the country will explode as citizens go after the tyrannical governments that are causing the problems.
That said, once it is too late what will come will come.  Oklahoma is much better prepared at the state level because of the Tea  Party joining with other conservatives at the Capitol.   If things blow over something like this we hope our politicians will respond like the Nevada politicians and do their job and protect the citizens from federal thugs.
Update on the Bob Craig Ghost Employee Story
Last week we ran the story on the sheriffs being harassed at the State Senate Gallery and touched on the controversy surrounding the Senate Master at Arms Bob Craig.   A 2006 allegation by a nonprofit that had been forced to hire Craig as a ghost employee by a former state senator had gotten media attention and the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office had asked the nonprofit to back off on their investigation until Drew Edmondson had submitted the case to a Grand Jury.
Research turned up absolutely nothing on the case so we turned in an open records request to the Attorney General’s office which was acknowledged on Monday.  Diane Clay, wife of Oklahoma writer Nolan Clay, returned the email acknowledging the open records request.
So now the ball is in the hands of Scott Pruitt, the current Attorney General for the state.  We will continue to follow the story and will update when we have the open record request fulfilled.






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