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November 2016
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  • Message From the Director
    by Frank O'Leary
  • WR Annual Raffle
  • Randall Cherry - NADKC Secretary Nominee
  • Steve Kosmicki - NADKC Vice-President Nominee
  • Member Profile    by Clint Miller
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 Message from the Director
by Frank O’Leary
Western Regional Members,
I am honored to be nominated to serve another term as Director of the NADKC Western Region.  I interpret the fact that I am running unopposed, as an acknowledgement of my past efforts and that of the Western Regional Board of Directors. For your review I enclose a brief summary of my qualifications and past relevant experience:
Professional Experience
I have been a Professional Administrator for forty-three years.  During that period I have held the following positions:
  • General Manager Walla Walla Frontier Days (22 years)
  • The Executive Director of the Central Washington  
    Chapter of the PGA (10 years)
  • Executive Director of the Oregon Rangeland Trust/Northwest Rangeland Trust (2006 to present).
I have been responsible for administrative duties, public relations, fiscal responsibility of budgets in excess of one million dollars, and where applicable membership services.
Hunting and Hunting Dogs
My love of hunting and hunting dogs began in 1963 when I was introduced to pheasant hunting and German Shorthaired Pointers by my uncle. From then, until today, my love of hunting and hunting dogs, GSP’ and Deutsch Kurzhaar, has not waned.  ......
Deutsch Kurzhaar Club Experience
I have lead dogs at the Derby and Solms level and have been a Test Coordinator for Derby, Solms, VGP, and Zuchtschau.  In Europe we have attended a Solms, a VGP, two International Kurzhaar Prüfungs (IKP), and six Dr. Kleemann Prüfungs (KS) to watch our dogs participate.
Accomplishments over last 3 years
As your Western Regional Director for the last three years I am very proud of what we have been able to accomplish.  Working with our very capable and dedicated WR Board of Directors we have: 
  • Increased WR membership by over 55%.
  • We have developed a monthly Newsletter.
  • We have made testing more accessible.
  • Decisions are now by Board, not individuals.
  • We have held training days and will continue to expand those opportunities.  
Club Philosophy and Policy
A club by definition is “an association of persons for some common object use jointly supported and meeting periodically”.  I feel strongly that we should operate the Western Region of the NADKC as a “Club”...........  
If you agree with my position and views of how the Western Region of the NADKC should operate as a “Club” I would encourage you to vote for me for the Western Regional Director.  If you have suggestion how we can make the Western Region of the NADKC better I would like to hear your suggestions by email or telephone 509-520-7483. Continue Reading . . .     
Western Region Annual Raffle
The 2016 Western Region Annual Raffle has not but TWO GREAT  PRIZES and TWO LUCKY WINNERS.  The first ticket holder drawn will have their choice of an Upland Bird Hunt for 4 persons or a Beretta Over/Under Shotgun.  The second person drawn will receive the other prize.
The 2016 Western Region Annual Raffle will be drawn November 19th.  The WR Board of Directors encourages all members to sell their tickets and return the stubs as soon as possible.  
Randall Cherry
NADKC Secretary Nominee
Randall Cherry has requested that his provided election statement be published in the Western Region Newsletter.
I am native of Southern California, and after spending 10 years in Washington DC, now live in Denver, Colorado. I have worked as a federal patent attorney since 2005, and earned my B. S. at the University of California, my M. S. at the University of Colorado, and my J. D. at the University of Denver.
In 2010 I bought my first Deutsch Kurzhaar and joined the NADKC. In 2015 I became a NADKC Western Region Board Member and an Incident Review Committee member.  With my significant other, Patrice, we worked tirelessly behind the scenes at the 2016 Annual Meeting to ensure its success..........   
At the August 15th NADKC Board meeting, I was appointed as the NADKC Interim Secretary to complete the term of the previous Secretary who had tirelessly served for many years.  Through the last few months of temporarily filling in as club Secretary, I have gained hands-on experience carrying out that role.  As such, I understand the details of the duties and responsibilities working as Secretary.
From my professional life, I bring experience working with complex rules and procedures.  I also routinely work with people of divergent opinions and understand what it means to seek consensus to achieve forward progress.  
If elected, in addition to fulfilling the day-to-day duties of Secretary, I would seek to continue to grow the NADKC membership, and would bring a fresh perspective to the Secretary position.  I am thoroughly committed to Deutsch Kurzhaars and the concept of breeding through objective performance-based testing.  Additionally, I understand the importance of recognizing and continuing the traditions and hard work of past and present DK owners........
I respectively request your support and to vote for me to serve as the NADKC Secretary.
Thank you.
Steve Kosmicki
NADKC Vice-President Nominee
Steve Kosmicki has requested that his provided election statement be published in the Western Region Newsletter.
I am Steve Kosmicki and running for Vice President. The NADKC has given a lot to me over the years and I would like to see it prosper and continue to grow.
I have been a Member since 1997, and a JGHV judge since 2005.  I have served as Upper Midwest Regional Director three separate times.
Over the years I have extensive history of testing dogs.  I have lead dogs at the Kleemann Sieger (passing 2 dogs), the VGP, the IKP, the NAKP, Solms, and Derbies. 
I possess the proven ability to manage multiple projects while meeting challenging deadlines.  I have been the Coordinator of three National Meetings, Coordinator of NAKP, and Test Coordinator of multiple tests.
In my Professional Career I am the Director of Building and Grounds for Chicago School District for the last 20 years.
As Vice President, I will work with the President and NADKC Board of Directors to clear our name in Germany. I will not hide from problems, and will address issues as they we become aware of them.
I hope I can count on your vote.
Thank You
Member Profile
by Clint Miller
NADKC Member: 2007-present 
Place of Residence: Washoe Valley, Nevada - a small town located midway between Reno and Carson City. We moved to Nevada in 2010 after my wife completed veterinary school, she is a native Nevadan.
I am a Maintenance Supervisor for the Starbucks Roasting Plant located in Carson Valley. My wife is a large animal veterinarian with a mobile service covering most of North Western Nevada. We met while attending California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo on the Rodeo Team and we still participate in team roping and rodeo events.
I grew up hunting deer and upland game in Northern California with my dad. He had AKC German Shorthairs which I helped him train. My wife and I have three DK’s, all of which came from Scott Sorenson’s Adlerberg Kennels.   I met Scott while my wife was attending vet school in Pullman Washington.  I’m new to the German testing system having only tested two dogs, one through the Derby and Solms and my youngest through the Derby this summer. 
I currently hunt chukar and Hungarian partridge but prefer to hunt wild pheasants. I also do a fair bit of predator hunting and also like to hunt mule deer when I’m not working the dogs on upland game. One upland species on my bucket list is the Himalayan Snowcock which are located in the Ruby Mountains out of Elko Nevada.  Continue Reading....
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