Congratulations to the Boys Cross Country team for placing 6th in the State meet. Ben Schmidt and Nathan Walker finished as All-State Runners.

We are gearing up for the 2017 Talent Show. Tickets are $5.00 and all proceeds will go towards student rewards, events, and necessities for disadvantaged students. We will kick off the action at 5:00 pm.

Max the Therapy Dog was in today. It is amazing to see anxiety and stress dissipate off the students when the dogs are here.

On Friday, I attended a FEMA Crisis Management class with Mr. Cassiday, Chief Wright and Seargent Geetings. The focus was on how schools handled disasters much like the church shooting on Sunday. It is sad that we as a nation have to prepare for these events. My heart goes out to those in Texas who are dealing with so much pain.

On a brighter note, our Hi-Five winner from last week chose to donate her gift card to two students who she doesn't know but does know that they are going through a lot. Mr. Moon doubled the gift card so each student could have one of their own. There is good in the world.

Scott Sherman
It's A Great Day To Be A Packer!

Support Information
Arbor Circle in Newaygo County: http://www.arborcircle.org/programs-services
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 24/7 trained support
Crisis Text Line for Teens Text "Listen" to 741-741 24/7 trained support
Please remember to remind your child to report any neglect or bullying they see.