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Ayn Rand Was Right


One of my favorite authors of all time is Marcus Aurelius, a Roman Emperor in the second century A.D.    Aurelius kept a diary and centuries after his death the diaries were published and continue to be published to this very day.   The diaries were more like a selection of quotes really; the guy was trying to buck up his spirits by reminding himself how the world really was and not to take things too seriously or too personally.  One of my favorite Aurelius quotes stated that few things were new; all had gone on before.  The point being that few things are new to human nature and what we think are novel tactics or issues have all been tried and disproven or adopted back to the Stone Age tribes.


Ayn Rand came to mind with this latest manufactured “outrage” over the Face book post of GOP Chairman Randy Brogdon.   Rand wrote three monumental conservative books, Atlas Shrugged, Fountainhead, and Letters of Ayn Rand, although actually the last is simply a collection of her letters from 1926 to 1982.

Rand arrived from Russia, fresh from the civil war that ripped apart Russia and ushered in the first communist state.   Rand saw the same sort of upheaval threatening the U.S. so she wrote her two novels in part to warn Americans of the dangers of not supporting Capitalism and Industrialism.


The letters reveal that in the 1930’s and early 40’s the media and academia extolled the wonders of collectivism such as fascism, Communism, Socialism, and even the Nazi party.    The media and the universities were against conservative thinking and individualism and stamped down hard on both.


The letters also recorded the timidity of that day’s conservatives which allowed the public at large to believe that there were more commies than conservatives.  The media, publishing houses, universities, and entertainment companies were all well controlled by liberals and the net result was that the average American was convinced their views were not normal or well shared.  Those that dared stand up and protest were labeled cranks or worse, ignored.


Has anything changed?


Communism and Socialism have largely collapsed under the weight  of human nature so the liberals have had to come up with new ponies to ride, environmentalism, feminism, or political correctness all enforce draconian rules upon all of us and control our behavior and try to control our thoughts.   Dissidents to political correctness are immediately labeled haters, racists, misogynists, or right wing extremists.  Ayn Rand once commented to a business owner that was facing public commendation over a labor dispute “You were facing a firing squad.  We are being choked in a cellar.”


What also hasn’t changed is the timidity of conservatives to stand publically with our leaders when they are attacked.  Too many are afraid of being labeled themselves.   Had our Founding Fathers been this timid there would have never been a revolution.





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Don’t Feed the Animals Randy!


Another manufactured controversy was unleashed against GOP Chairman Randy Brogdon by liberal elements of the Republican Party.  Unmindful of the damage they might do to the Party the liberals tripped over themselves slamming Brogdon for a post on the GOP Face book page.




First off this is an old chestnut used by many politicians, so old there is no longer a “food stamp” program in place but there is a SNAP program where in some states you can have $50,000 in the bank, a very nice home, a nice car, and still qualify for assistance.   Second, while Brogdon didn’t call anyone an animal it remains scientifically and logically  true that humans are animals.


Where is the cause for outrage?


The Food Stamp Program started in 1933 when the government saw surplus food driving down prices of food, so far down that it was hurting the farmers.  Now think about that, the general public weren’t hurting, the special interests were hurting.  So Congress decided that a person on relief (welfare) would be allowed to PURCHSE some orange stamps that were worth one dollar each.  Give the government a dollar and it would give you an orange stamp worth a dollar and you also got a blue stamp worth fifty cents.  Now the blue stamps were only good for food items declared surplus…. Too much wheat and you could buy flour.  Too much milk or cheese and you could use the blue stamps to purchase those.    In season foods would be cheapest of course but the important part was that people had to pay cash money to participate.  By the spring of 1943 there were no more surplus foods and anyone could get a job due to the war needs of industry so the program was stopped.


In 1961 the Democrats started a pilot Food Stamps program, retaining the need for the recipients to purchase the stamps, then in 1964 the Democrats initiated as wider Food Stamp program, passed with the assistance of increasing price supports for wheat and Cotton. Republicans generally didn’t support the program until Senator Bob Dole started pushing the program.   As passed the recipients still needed to pay something for the food stamps, up to 30% of their monthly income.  In the seventies the benefit was awarded to drunks and drug addicts in treatment centers.


And the state charged sales taxes on food stamp purchases.  The indigent were at least paying something for their assistance and had some skin in the game.


By the mid seventies the program was out of control and politicians started reforming the program:

  • eliminated categorical eligibility;
  • established statutory income eligibility guidelines at the poverty line;
  • established 10 categories of excluded income;
  • reduced the number of deductions used to calculate net income and established a standard deduction to take the place of eliminated deductions;
  • raised the general resource limit to $1,750;
  • established the fair market value (FMV) test for evaluating vehicles as resources;
  • penalized households whose heads voluntarily quit jobs;
  • restricted eligibility for students and aliens;
  • eliminated the requirement that households must have cooking facilities;
  • replaced store due bills with cash change up to 99 cents;
  • established the principle that stores must sell a substantial amount of staple foods if they are to be authorized;
  • established the ground rules for Indian Tribal Organization administration of the FSP on reservations; and
  • introduced demonstration project authority.

In the early eighties the monster had continued to grow so once again some cut backs were ordered:

  • addition of a gross income eligibility test in addition to the net income test for most households;
  • temporary freeze on adjustments of the shelter deduction cap and the standard deduction and constraints on future adjustments;
  • annual adjustments in food stamp allotments rather than semi-annual;
  • consideration of non-elderly parents who live with their children and non-elderly siblings who live together as one household;
  • required periodic reporting and retrospective budgeting;
  • prohibition against using Federal funds for outreach;
  • replacing the FSP in Puerto Rico with a block grant for nutrition assistance;
  • counting retirement accounts as resources;
  • State option to require job search of applicants as well as participants; and
  • increased disqualification periods for voluntary quitters.

By the early nineties participation had skyrocketed as purchase requirements and asset tests were eliminated.  Over 28 million Americans were on Food Stamps by then.

These days people that earn up to $1,245 or about twice that for a household can get free assistance from the SNAP.   And they can have $2,000 in the bank, but if it is a household,  the person is disabled, or over 60 they can have $3200 in the bank.     Now if I have money in the bank and I’m hungry or my kids are hungry then there is a disconnect somewhere.


The food stamp program is the second largest entitlement program in the U.S. budget and could easily be trimmed down by returning to the pre 2008 funding levels.    Instead of giving the states a budget not to exceed the government simply reimburses the states and encourages more use of the program.   Eliminating the loopholes that allow illegal aliens to gain access to the program through anchor babies or if one member of the family is eligible they all get free food by bypassing the family income and asset tests.    Illegal aliens can’t participate in the Earned Income Tax Credit program without a valid Social Security number and the same ought to be required for participation in the food stamp program.  Requiring able bodied persons to work or look for work ought to be a condition and all of the recipients should have to pass a drug test just as the average worker has to pass a drug test to hold a job.

But does feeding people cause them not to work?  The Cato Institute did a state by state calculation of available benefits based upon a hypothetical family that participated in only 7 of the 126 federal anti poverty programs.  They used TANF, WIC, Medicaid, SNAP, and housing and utility welfare programs.


In Hawaii that gives that family a $49,175.00 income that is tax free.   The lowest states were in the 16 to 18 thousand dollar range, reflecting lower housing and utility costs.   Oklahoma resident leeches can earn $26,784.00 on welfare and food stamps or they could earn an average $22,480.00 working forty hours a week like the rest of society.   If you look at the average incomes in each state compared to the welfare benefits provided you can see why so many choose to not work for a living or choose a minimum wage job so that they still qualify for the benefits.

Now, the second part of the manufactured “outrage” was Brogdon allegedly calling welfare recipients “animals”.  He didn’t of course, he reminded us of the National Park Service’s “Don’t feed the animals” policy and called it ironic that it is okay to feed people that refuse to work.

The prohibition of not feeding animals at parks and zoos is a recent one.  As a child one of our favorite trips was to the zoo to throw marsh mellows to the bears.   But yes it is a harmful practice for many reasons, poor diet control for the captive animals and the possibility of those feeding the animals being harmed are just two valid reasons. 

Feeding ducks or squirrels in the park is also a bad idea because it allows the populations to increase to the point of overpopulation, spreading disease between both animals and humans more likely.  Animals are usually quite territorial; they adopt a territory of their own and defend it from encroachers so the food supply isn’t depleted.   Animals also become aggressive around people when the animals figure out that there might be snacks.  Drive through an animal park with your window down and you will get a quick lesson in that.


Feeding able bodied people causes the same problems.


But the RINO haters jumped all over Brogdon, led by Senator Stephanie Brice who called the post “crass and offensive and “vulgar”



Oklahoma DHS was quick to find fault:

 Shame on you for comparing people in poverty and with disabilities to animals! That was an appalling and uninformed comment. Obviously you did not bother to know the majority of the 604,000 people receiving food benefits in Oklahoma are people who are aging, people with disabilities (including disabled veterans) and the working poor who are raising children.”


You know, some “disabled” people can find work if they get off their butts but doing so reduces their benefits so they don’t.   There was a time when the state trained the blind to earn a living instead of feeding them and their families for life.  There are no shortages for jobs, anyone can show up and register at one of the temp agencies and work that day or the next.   There are tons of unfilled jobs or you can learn to make your own as a small business or service like mowing lawns.   If over a half million people in Oklahoma are too lazy to work then that is the problem.  Sure there are some that are mentally disabled and some that are completely disabled and non employable and those unfortunate souls are why we created a safety net.   But the disabled vets?   Aren’t they going to be getting a check from the military or Social Security?  And working poor raising their children?  How about being able to feed yourself before you bring a child into the world?

And of course they mentioned “the children”, almost half of the benefits goes to children.   How about their damned parents getting a job?   Maybe a single mom ought to consider if she can feed her kids before she files for divorce?   Or holding the father AND mother accountable if the state has to step on to feed the kids?

This little quote isn’t even original or new but has been around for about six years in one form or another and the expression is very commonly used.  Example1,  example 2,  example 3, example 4,  example 5


But most importantly, we are all animals!

Taxonomy is the science of defining groups of organisms based on shared characteristics.  There are seven  taxonomic ranks:   Kingdom, phylum or division, class, order, family, genus, species.   There are six Kingdoms:  Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Protista, Archaea/Achrchaseabacteria, and Bacteria/Eubacteria.   Basically animals, plants, fungi, and the rest are all single cell or simple cell critters.


Now I ask Senator Bice, are you a plant, a fungi, a single cell organism?  Or are you an animal?   Senator Holt and Bingham joined in the fray and one could certainly make the case that they are slime and therefore are single cell organism or a colony of such.  But humans belong to the Kingdom of Animalia, the Phylum of Chordata, the Class of Mammalia, the Order of Primates,  and I think that is enough to prove the point; humans are indeed animals.

One of the comments in the Tulsa World story was from a retired social worker and it was quite telling: 

“This is from a retired Oklahoma Food Stamp worker. N Kay what you wrote was absolutely correct, until June of 2009. The work program you are referring to was suspended by President Obama then. That program hasn't been in effect for over six years. At the same time, resources on Food Stamps was also halted June 2009. So now, it's possible to have $50,000 in the bank and still be eligible for Food Stamps. This may be part of the reason 46 million people are on Food Stamps.”

And the controversy supplied a hilarious post on Bice’s Face book post:



Lee Roberts Denney  Great post Stephanie. Thank you for reminding us what Christ calls us to do. Care for the less fortunate. I couldn't stick with just ten dollars. This bag is headed to the Cushing regional food pantry!

The very idea of Rep. Lee Denney allowing food to escape her grasp had me rolling on the floor.    I doubt that sack of groceries made it to the food bank, she will probably go to pick up more food and we will have another rash of bigfoot sightings being reported.

But once again in less than two months we see liberal RINO Republicans attacking a well respected and popular State Chairman.   One would think that they learned a lesson last time they tried to oust Brogdon and went home with their tail between their legs.  Oh dear me…did I just compare them to animals? 







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Senator Stephanie Bice

White Trash?

Radical Islamist Undercover?

Or Just Another Back Stabbing Political Idiot?


Stephanie Bice/Asady is exactly what she appears to be in my opinion, a backstabbing State Chamber of Commerce whore but looking into her family and past opens up a can of worms that someone needs to inventory and sort out.  Her public persona is a sweet, caring woman but digging deeper displays the underbelly of the beast.    Oh, the Asady part?   She is half Iranian…..

First let’s look at her family and background before trying to figure out what churns her butter so to speak.    Senator Stephanie Bice/Asady  was born on November 11th, 1973 at the Deaconess Hospital in Oklahoma City.  Her mother was Paula Sue Vanhouser and her father was an Iranian immigrant named Hosein  Asady,  AkA Joe Asady.     Senator Stephanie Bice/Asady  attended Putman City High School and graduated from OSU but there are a lot of questions circling around the rest of her past.

A search of her past revealed that Senator Stephanie Bice/Asady has lived on Long Island, NY,   New York, NY, Bray, OK, Oklahoma City, OK, and Stillwater, OK.    It is that New York City part that is troubling enough that she is a damned Yankee and revealing but she didn’t come from a very good family according to the court records:

The first lawsuit was against both of Senator Stephanie Bice/Asady’s parents and appears to be a foreclosure of their home.  Both Hosein Asady and Paula Asady were sued although the record reflects that Bice’s mother Paula was now named Paula Knox.  By this time a divorce had occurred although there is no mention of it in Oklahoma court records.   Senator Stephanie Bice/Asady  was around 12 years old at the time.  Now wait a second, Senator Stephanie Bice/Asady claims to be Catholic and don’t Catholics refuse to divorce?   I think the procedure for a Muslim is to simply say that he is divorcing the woman three times and it is done.  So what was the faith of her parents?   But I digress, here are the public court records: 

No. CJ-1989-10101
(Civil relief more than $10,000: Case Filing: PROMISSORY NOTE)


The next lawsuit was when Senator Stephanie Bice/Asady  was  sixteen years old when her father Hosein Asaday was the defendant in a lawsuit over a promissory note that apparently wasn’t repaid.  The 1989 lawsuit ((No. CJ-1989-10101 Civil relief more than $10,000: Case Filing: PROMISSORY NOTE) was a bust for the lawyer trying to collect from Asady as this notation in the court records reflects:


Hmmm, Muslims can’t pay interest…. Then again apparently Hosein Asady didn’t pay anything in this case……This isn’t helping.



But Stephanie Asady had learned well from her parents and enjoyed her first lawsuit when she was 19 years old.  The 1992 lawsuit  No. CS-1992-4775 (Civil relief less than $10,000: Case Filing: INDEBTEDNESS)  was over indebtedness to Baptist Hospital  and both Stephanie and her mother Paula Knox (AKA Paula Asady) were sued over what appears to be unpaid medical bills.

Awwww, lets giver her the benefit of the doubt, they probably tried to charge her interest.


Since then Senator Stephanie Bice/Asady  has generally behaved well, getting married  and having a couple of kids, probably paying the medical bills this time around as there are no recent lawsuits listed against her personally.


The family she married into seems to be okay.  There are two court records out there that are most likely the inlaws.  The first one was what appears to be the mother in law disregarding the safety of a police vehicle which got her promptly arrested and fined $211.50.   Helen Ann Bice was driving her 2008 purple Cadillac on May 5th, 2011 when an irate state trooper pulled her over for the violation of 47 O.S. 11-314 .   Helen Bice pleaded no contest and was convicted of the offense. 



The other case might or might not be the father in-law as we were unable to find dates of birth or verify if the guy goes by his first name or a middle name.

If this was indeed the father inlaw the judge forced him to allow the property to be collected and the victim was made whole.

Hardly the sort of folks that Senator Stephanie Bice/Asady  wants everyone to emulate, eh?  Caring and compassionate, pays their bills, obeys the laws, doesn’t take the belongings of others….


But what about that Iranian connection?   Think about it, the family was in dire straits in the mid eighties, home foreclosed upon, multiple lawsuits over debt, then suddenly there is a family business in New York, one that Senator Stephanie Bice/Asady  worked at for around eight years.   Where did the money come from to build this business and escape all the debt?   Has anyone looked into Senator Stephanie Bice/Asady ‘s past or the past of Hosein Asady?   Could Senator Stephanie Bice/Asady  be a deeply planted asset for another country and the technology company hiding lord knows what kind of activity?   Senator Stephanie Bice/Asady is privy to all sorts of useful information as a state senator.  And you know, if there was ever a woman that NEEDED to wear a burka it would be Senator Stephanie Bice/Asady.    There’s a face that would make a camel take a rocky road.   Once might begin to understand the Muslim practice of beastality if you had to wake up to that each morning.  Oh dear, there goes more references to animals. …no 72 virgins for me I guess. 


But if she is a radical Islam deep cover plant she has done an excellent job covering her tracks with her bill making chilled high point beer available.     SB 383 would allow the purchase of chilled high point beer at Oklahoma liquor stores so Senator Stephanie Bice/Asady and her friends can drive home drunk on the good stuff and do so quicker due to the 50% higher alcohol content!  Yehhh Haw!!!!!!!   Probably has a Confederate Battle Flag tattooed on her butt instead of the usual tramp stamp for a woman like her.  Or a red crescent symbol….  More likely “Property of the State Chamber of Commerce”.  But her only two press releases in her senate career were about buying cold high point beer.  Now that is a truly inoffensive political career.




 But Senator Stephanie Bice/Asady attracted all sorts of attention, perhaps because she attended that event where her twitter feed said she got advice on how to attract media attention….. and all sorts of liberals chimed in on her Face book page where she savaged Brogdon and the Republican Party.   Uber liberal Andrew Rice is one of her twitter buddies as well if you care to look as well as the other useful idiots such as Kim David, Brian Bingman, and David Holt.

Now to answer our question at the beginning of the article, we think that Senator Stephanie Bice/Asady is probably just a garden variety back stabbing political idiot that learned how to attract media attention at her event and has put it to excellent use for the liberal movement.  Unfortunately for her she has made a lot of enemies in the last three months and her political career isn’t going anywhere other than serving her pimps at the State Chamber of Commerce.




By the Watchman


Never is there such a waste of tax payer’s dollars as there is in when conducting Interim Studies. This year the ever expanding list has grown to a total of one hundred and twenty two studies. Of course now when these legislators travel to conduct these hearings, they get paid. It’s just another way to fleece the tax payers out of their money. We’re going to give you a few examples and let you tell your legislators what you think of this wasted effort.


We were first made aware of this being available when we received this Interim Studies - Oklahoma House of Representatives . This in fact list all of the Interim Studies that have been approved this year. We started looking into them and found that some of them are very questionable and some don’t really have a stated purpose or citizen representation. We find this unnerving since they like to spend the tax payer’s money so freely.


The first one we came across is IS 15-001 Courthouse Security Across the State. This is by Rep Scott Biggs. The proposal goes on to state that the last session discussed some of the shortfalls of courthouse security across the state and passed a county funding option, but it did not include specific standards or a direction that the security enhancement should take. We would ask who knows better what security is needed at the courthouse and how to enhance it the local sheriff or a legislator trying to stay in power. This is an example of wasted tax dollars.


The next two studies we found to be perplexing and should have been combined into one.  Those are IS 15-002 and IS 15003. IS 15-002 is a Discussion on Select Pension Proposals. This was submitted by Representative Randy McDaniel. What is strange here is it calls for not witnesses by organization or name to appear in front of the panel. IS-15-003 was also written by Rep. Randy McDaniel and it too deals with retirement with only the House Retirement Committee being present. Instead of two studies being conducted over numerous days and running up the bill on the tax payers, these two studies should have been combined into one saving time and money.


We would like to know what kind of insanity caused Scooter Park and David Derby to propose in IS 15-004 an interim study the Teacher Effectiveness Law while the state is currently going through a major shakeup in the education system. In addition they openly invite a representative from the Tulsa Public Schools. A district that has openly stated that they will refuse to comply with the new state laws on education. What are they smoking?


The next proposal is IS 15-005. This study does serve a good purpose but is sorely lacking in substance. It is a study on how to move water from Eastern Oklahoma to Western Oklahoma during a drought. The reason we say it is sorely lacking in substance is that most of the surface water in Eastern Oklahoma is owned by treaty by Native American Tribes, yet not one single member of a tribal government has been invited to these hearings. Are they trying to steal the water like Oklahoma City tried a couple of years back? We should hope not. We as Oklahomans should honor the Native American heritage that has brought this state so far. We should, above all others, honor the treaties signed by our forefathers.


We next come to proposal IS 15-006. This proposal we would like to see the findings posted. If not we will submit a Freedom of Information Request for the results and obtain them that way. This proposal is a request for a complete listing of the “pass through” monies done on the 72 appropriated agencies. This is to give the House a better understanding of the budget of those agencies. This is something we all need to know and should thank Representatives Osborn and Pfeiffer for their initiative.


The next request was IS 15-007. This one involves the Legislative rules. Apparently the rules between the Senate and the House are so different that some departments within the state government just can’t get it right between the two. This study does mention various agencies that should attend and it’s jointly held between the House and Senate. Who knows? Maybe this will do some good.


We next looked at IS 15-008. This is a study of Oklahoma’s Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws. Groups invited include the District Attorney’s Council, The Oklahoma Sheriff Association, The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety and the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Although it’s seldom mentioned in the news here, this can be a big problem for people particularly those that win big at one of the local casino’s that get stopped by police with a large amount of cash on them. This may turn out to be a notable cause. Once again we hope they publish the results. If not we will request them.


We next looked at IS 15-009. This was written by the ultra –liberal Republican Gary Banz. It deals with the Convention of the States. There is nothing in this world, besides Barack Obama, that could be worse for this country than a Convention of the States. Does he not know that this would give the Democrats the power to re-write the Constitution? Is he really that stupid? He sits there in office with the power to vote yea or nay to a federal rule they try to implement and he’ll vote yea every time. Does he not realize that a nay vote would nullify that federal law? Has he ever heard of the 10th Amendment? If not I would suggest he look into it. Hell he doesn’t even know the Oklahoma Constitution much less the United States Constitution. I would guess he threw away all the letters and emails he received from people opposed to this mockery of justice.


The next proposal we looked at was IS 15-010. This is a proposed study into school land taxes and to compare recent reforms to other states to see if the current system in Oklahoma could benefit. Folks that’s government b.s. for get ready for another tax increase.  The writing is on the wall. They failed to list anybody as invited to these hearings which means the decisions already been made. Do they really think we’re that foolish or stupid?


In closing all we can say is there are one hundred and twelve (112) more proposals just like this being conducted throughout the year. The cost to the tax payer is enormous. The waste of time is unmeasurable. We the Citizens of Oklahoma shouldn’t have to tolerate this nonsense from people anxious to please their corporate masters just so they can stay in power.