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Huntsville Acquires Former Valley School Property from Weber School District
A letter from Mayor Truett to the residents of Huntsville and Ogden Valley
  Old Valley School Property back in Huntsville Towns hands
On Monday October 10th, 2011 Huntsville Town closed on the Old Valley School Property located in the heart of Huntsville.

This has been a very emotional ride for all of us here in Huntsville and we have been in negotiations with the Weber School Board since they decided to move the school to Eden a few years ago.

When we first started our dialog with the School Board we asked if they would sell us the property, but they wanted to sit on the property until the economy came back around. After further negotiation we tried to facilitate a three way trade, and more recently they asked if we would try to find 10 acres of land on the South end of the valley for a future school site.  With strong growth on the West side of Weber County the District with the help of Gage Froerer decided they would sell us the property and use the funds for possible land acquisition for a new school site later.

Huntsville Town applied, and was successful on a CDBG Grant (Community Devolvement Block Grant) that covered 80% of the price for the 5.1 acre old school site. Part of the requirement of the grant was that Huntsville Town build new town shops on the property. This is the direction we are currently moving forward on.

In Huntsville we very excited and are looking at many uses for the property. Our sole purpose is that whatever we build on the property should, and will benefit the town and community. It should also help support the library.  The property will maintain its Historic feel within our community and will be a great asset to our town. Huntsville will once again have a great sense of pride knowing that the land is back in our hands.

It’s been a long road and I would like to Thank Jeff Holt, Richard Sorensen, Ron Gault, and Gail Ahlstrom along with the Huntsville Town Council for their help in making this a reality for all of us to treasure now and many generations to come.

Mayor Jim Truett
Thursday Town Council Meeting Cancelled
The regularly scheduled town council meeting for Thursday, October 20th has been cancelled.
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Richard L. Sorensen
Huntsville Town Council
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