Some easy things you can do --  to make yourself happier.  
When you are happier you will attract more money and you will also be healthier.
What does Energy Healing Do For You?
95% of all health problems come from the mind. Energy Healing rebalances all 4 levels of life:
  1. Spiritual body
  2. Emotional body
  3. Mental body
  4. Physical body
Energy Healing (Laser Reiki) Classes starting November 11
What Would 60 Minerals Do For You Every Day?
What if your life was in balance? You had planty of energy?  You never get sick? You never have to visit the doctor or take meds?  What if you never had pain or if you do have pain it could be cleared by energy healing in a few minutes? 
If you were able to control all these things?  -- What would it take for you to attract the health, wealth and well-being you desire?
(NOTE:  We know many of you don't consider ample money as part of health.)
We all need at least 90 essential nutrients every day (minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, etc., that are readily available in one package.)
It is not too late to start supplementing your body and you will feel the difference within a couple weeks. These products below were formulated by a Naturopathic doctor who spent over 20 years doing autopsies of 17,500 zoo animals and 3,300 people finding that all deaths except accidents were caused or aided by a mineral deficiency. Why aren’t we told about this?

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For energy healing we have the course starting up on November 11 and it will be running one weekend every month for six months. It is reasonably priced. While learning you will receive multiple healings every day of class.
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