Mind Sports Olympiad Newsletter
September 2016
Schrodinger's cat walks into a bar and doesn't.

Q: How many ears does Spack have?
A: Three: the right ear, the left ear, and the final front ear.
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Andres Kuusk wins the Pentamind World Championship
Pentamind from left to right: James Heppell (bronze), Andres Kuusk (gold) and Ankush Khandelwal (silver)
Congratulations to Andres Kuusk for winning the Pentamind World Championship. Andres was trailing behind Ankush Khandelwal with 24 hours left in the tournament, but was able to win the Texas Hold’em tournament to retake the lead and finish with a Pentamind score of 462.35pts followed closely by Ankush’s 456.38pts and last year’s champion James Heppell’s 452.22pts. This is the fourth time that Andres has won the Pentamind!


Lady's Pentamind from left to right: Julia Hayward (3rd), Charlotte Levy (2nd) and Emily Watson (1st)

Emily Watson won the Women’s Pentamind World Championship, Dario de Toffoli won the Senior’s Pentamind World Championship and Daniel Guerra won the Junior’s Pentamind World Championship. Meanwhile, the Eurogames World Championship was won by Mike Dixon with a score of 436.46pts. The complete medals table is online.  
Here are some additional highlights from this year's event and there are many more photos and videos on our Facebook page.
 Paco teaches kids how to play Catan in the free learn-to-play gaming room
The 19x19 Go tournament was won by China's Sai Sun (5-dan). The 19x19 field was very strong with two Chinese 5-dan players, and two national champions (UK and Switzerland).

 The Junior Team from La Palma won many medals including the Pentamind Junior World Championship, which was won by Daniel Guerra
Tony Corfe awards Bernard Morgan (92 years old) a bronze medal for Dominoes 3s and 5s
Josef Kollar (in the background) wears his Monopoly suit. This year's winner was James Couch.