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Wing´s Scholarship Update 2010 
First Wing´s Scholarship Recipient to Graduate from High School in July!
In 2007, LCEF launched the Wing´s Scholarship Program with the hopes of improving the lives of disadvantaged children in La Manzanilla by providing them with funds to attend high school. This year, LCEF is proud to announce the graduation of our first ever Wing´s Scholarship recipient, Gaby Rodriguez Mendoza.

Gaby is only the second person in her family to graduate from high school and is hoping to enter the University of Autlan in February of 2011.  All of this was made possible and thanks to Duane and Cheryl Chaves, who supported Gaby throughout her three years of high school.
Gaby recently had this to say:
"Dear Duane and Cheryl, La Catalina Educational  Foundation and Sponsors of the Wings Scholarship Program,

Three years ago I had very little chance of graduating from high school and creating a better future for myself. Today, I am three weeks away from graduating from high school and very close to entering University.  I know this is only because of Duane and Cheryl and LCEF. I want to thank you all for changing my life and giving me this special opportunity........."    
To learn more about how LCEF and very special people like you are helping students attend and graduate from high school, please click here:
Teachers Without Borders Partnering with LCEF to Provide Wing Scholarship Sponsors with Tax Receipts in the USA and Canada
Delighted with the achievements and the overall management of the Wings Scholarship Program and other LCEF programs, Teachers without Borders has pledged to provide 2010 Wings Scholarship Sponsors with a tax deductible receipt. The receipts are valid for tax deductions in the U.S.A and Canada.
This is a huge show of support from a well-recognized and established international NGO for the community of La Manzanilla, Wings Scholarship Sponsors and LCEF.

**When sponsoring a child this year please let us know if you desire a Tax Receipt. Contact us at

 7 Students in Need of Help to Continue their Education.
 This year LCEF is looking for sponsors for the following children who do not have the required financial means to continue onto high school or middle school.

Sponsors receive a unique opportunity to make a difference in a child´s life and also make a life long friend along the way. To find out more about sponsoring one of these middle school or high school student please contact us at

High School Scholarship Candidates:

Name: Monserrat

Age: 15

Grade Point Average: 8.6/10

Career Aspirations: Dentist

Details: Monserrat is currently being raised by her single mother who cleans houses for a living. Monserrat is committed to finishing high school and becoming a dentist so she can help her mother raise her young brother.

Name: Jennifer

Age: 14

Grade Point Average: 9.8/10

Career Aspirations: Doctor

Details: Jennifer is the top student in her class and has always excelled in school. Her parents run a small tourist gift shop near the beach but tourism has been slow this year. Jennifer´s father recently had a serious injury to his back and Jennifer is hoping to win a scholarship so her father can use their money to treat his injury.

Middle School Scholarship Candidates:

Name: Citlalli

Age: 13

Grade Point Average: 9.8/10

Career Aspirations: Doctor

Details: Citlali dreams of becoming the first of her siblings to graduate from middle school and high school. She is currently the top student in her class. Both of her parents work part-time jobs and Citlali is hoping to win a scholarship so she can stay in school.

 Name: Humberto

Age: 13

Grade Point Average: 9/10

Career Aspirations: Teacher

Details: Humberto is the youngest of 8 siblings. His father is 73 years old and works part time. His mother is 63 years old and stays at home with the family. Humberto is hoping to become a teacher one day so he can help his father retire.

Name: Yessica

Age: 19

Grade Point Average: 8.4/10

Career Aspirations: Dentist

Details:Yessica was left to be raised by her grandmother when she was very young. She currently works to take care of her grandmother and create a better life for herself. A few illnesses have set her back in school, but Yessica is determined to finish her schooling so she can continue taking care of her grandmother.

Name: Ana Ofelia 

Age: 12

Grade Point Average: 9.8/10

Career Aspirations: Chemist

Details: Ana is the top student in her class. She has always been very committed to her education and is hoping to be the first one in her family to graduate from high school. Her father works part time as a gardener and her mother works cleaning houses.

Name: Francisco

Age: 12

Grade Point Average: 9.8/10

Career Aspirations: Accountant

Details: Francisco is a delightful young boy who is tied for top spot in his class. Francisco is currently being raised by his single father who is a contractor in La Manzanilla. Francisco dreams of being an accountant when he grows up.

Along with the funds to attend school, the Wing’s Scholarship recipients receive academic tutoring throughout the year in math, English, computers, and writing.  All recipients also complete 40 hours of community service in La Manzanilla.
The Wings Scholarship program is only possible because of the truly special people who sponsor it.  Thank you to our Wings Scholarship sponsors - Ann & Tim Edwards and family,William Albritton, Duane and Cheryl Chaves, Larry and Judy Buttress, Sylvia Brock & Paul Voelker, and Stephanie Wunner, Charlie, Barbara Vooys, Donna & Bret, and other volunteers from the Helping Hands Bookstore.
To sponsor a student for the upcoming school year please contact us at

La Catalina Educational Foundation, the schools and the children of La Manzanilla say, “Gracias!”