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~Sick cat turned away at vet clinic in Canada...
~Pennsylvania: against the law to abandon pets...
~Florida may require early spay/neuter...
~Nebraska town mystified over fewer licenses...
~Shelter Makeover contest...
~Feed the Animals...
~Websites to explore...
~A smile for you... millionaire cares for abandoned cats


Apparently not all veterinarians actually care about animals!
Here's an article about a vet clinic in Canada, who refused
to care for a sick cat someone just adopted from a rescue
shelter. Why? Because they don't like that shelter. Why?
Because they get their animals spayed and neutered at a
vet clinic in Michigan (in the USA) where the prices are so much
lower, they can afford to get more animals fixed. So let the
cat die? The vet at this clinic said, "Oh well."


In Pennsylvania, it's against the law to abandon a pet.
Imagine that... other states could take a lesson!


I just read about a new law being considered in Florida,
HB 451. If passed, all cats and dogs will be required to be spayed
and neutered within 30 days of being 4 months old.

Many vets still feel that 6 months is a better age to do this, as some
animals may not be developed enough by 4 months to do it safely.
Or, they could be having health problems that contraindicate any
surgery until they are well.

Florida vets say they aren't opposed to mandatory spaying
and neutering, as this is a practical way to control overpopulation.

However, their concern is that this could force vets to become the
"spay/neuter police," and pet owners might be afraid to take a
pet in for any kind of health care if they didn't want to subject
their pet to surgery so soon.

If you live in Florida, please contact your lawmakers to voice
your concerns.



Another town that has its collective head in the sand is
Sidney, Nebraska. In response to a few complaints about
strays becoming a nuisance, the city council there recently
passed a new ordinance restricting pet ownership to 3 cats
and/or 3 dogs.

They disregarded all warnings that this would result in
lowered licensing compliance, but that's exactly what they
are complaining about now.

A recent news item in the local paper there noted that less than
half of all dogs licensed last year have been licensed this year.

I think they should get the DUH award.

Shelter Makeover Contest: Phase One (our votes) Ends
on March 13:

You might remember last year about this time when this
contest got started. Now they are in their second year,
and have streamlined things a bit. Winners will receive a
complete shelter makeover. This explains what you can do to help:


We are recommending this shelter for your votes:
Ten Lives Club, Concord, New York, 14055
It's free to enter and vote, but you do need to register.


Help Feed Shelter Animals:

Go to this site and click on the purple box: 'fund food
for animals' for free. This doesn't cost you a thing.
Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of
daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals.

I think this is one of the very few sites of this nature that's
not a scam or a hoax.

WEB SITES to explore

If you cry easily, you may not want to look at this.
This is the reality of euthanizing huge numbers of pets
every year. It's a well done and sensitive video, but that makes
it all the more sad, too.

Do Cats Love?

Do Animals Have Souls?

(Still updating this page, but it's coming along.)

(How to move when you have pets)

(Because every cat deserves to be comfortable!)

(Information about getting pet insurance)


No jokes this issue... just got too busy to go find some.
But thanks to Jean, who sent in this wonderful story
that is definitely worth a big smile:

A millionaire has devoted his fortune to sheltering abandoned


(I shortened the URL for you... the original is so long, it
would fall off the side of your screen!)

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