Below please find a selection of the latest news from the Philadelphia Jewish Voice. We have an exclusive report from the Jewish community in Toulouse, France in the aftermath of the fatal attack at Ozar Hatorah. We have coverage of the primaries in Missouri, Puerto Rico and Illinois. Bruce Ticker continues his American Vision, and as we approach Passover you can find Passover recipes in the Kosher Table column and Passover events on our Community Calendar.
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    Primary News
    This Saturday, Republicans voted again in Missouri's caucus. The Republicans already had a primary there on February 7 and Santorum won every county across the state. Most Caucuses feature two events. A Presidential preference vote where people select the candidate of their choice, and a second vote in which each voters select one of their neighbors to represent them at the County level. The first vote is the vote which everyone talks about on TV, but it is the second vote that actually counts. Everything boils down to delegates. The networks guess the delegate counts will be similar to the Presidential preference vote, but that is unclear. It depends on whose supporters actually stay to the end of the meeting  for that final vote, and it depends on how the county convention goes one or two months later.
    Missouri is unique in that the Presidential preference vote did not occur yesterday on caucus night but occurred rather last month. Romney belittled Santorum's victory at that time saying that no delegates were at stake, but the contest yesterday was impossible for the major networks to clearly report on, so they basically ignored it.
    Missouri allows each county to set its own rules. The resulting confusion led to turmoil at several sites. In St. Charles County, the caucus was cancelled and a Ron Paul supporter was arrested amid disputes over the rules. See video above.
    The moral is that estimating delegate counts is premature before the dust settles and the county and district conventions play out.
    Puerto Rico 
    Today, Romney scored an impressive victory in Puerto Rico hitting the 50% threshold necessary to lock up all  20 delegates at step. Santorum had announced that he favored statehood for Puerto Rico only if it made English its sole official language. However, 95% of Puerto-Ricans speak Spanish at home, so this was not a popular stand for Rick Santorum to take. See our Q&A for more information on the voting in the various US Territories.
    This Saturday is the Louisiana primary. InTrade gives Santorum an 86.4% chances of winning there.
    Color Key   
    Romney: Orange 
    Santorum: Green 
    Gingrich: Purple 
    Paul: Gold 
    Rick Perry: Blue 
    Not voted: Grey

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