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September 18th 2016 newsletter
Human Nature and the “Liberty” movement
A few months back a “liberty” movement kind of person friended me on Facebook and it wasn’t long before they added me to their group, some sort of “Oathkeepers” thing, either associated or leeching off the national group of the same name.  Generally I’m not a Facebook person, too many idiots with way too much time on their hands and an inflated opinion of themselves and their own views but what the hell, I didn’t remove myself from the unwanted group and watched and listened.
Lots of people talking smack mostly, gonna do this when the feds come for their guns, gonna do that when society collapse, typical whacked out antisocial paranoid types mostly, with a handful of promising members that might just be convinced into doing something productive with their time and efforts.  Mainly though the group appeared to be focused on … well there isn’t a better way to put it and as crude as it is… they were focused on a circle jerk.  You know, each one validating and pumping up the others till it was their turn to reap the “praise” for their precious words.  Sickening to watch actually as I would imagine the real thing might be, no offense to the good Senators out there.
Still it was interesting watching the dynamics and after a few weeks I started replying to some of the dozens of email notifications as they ranted and raved about everything under the sun.  Really weird bunch, liberal Muslim lovers mixed in with more of the hard right, one apparent deserter or some sort of military reprobate that nearly got his butt executed  for something in the Vietnam War era, greenies, plenty of anti corporation whack jobs, several women just full of piss and vinegar yammering about taking on the feds.  Out of seven or eight hundred “members” only a handful contributed and usually to argue fine points like how many angels could dance on the head of a pin.
A delicate balance to be sure  but it was sickening to read after a while mainly because the posts were so farfetched, incoherent, or contradictory and I begin wondering if anyone had ever cared enough to actually read what they wrote and had anyone ever challenged them to defend their views.  So I started challenging some of the worst offenders to see if they were truly that ignorant and unseeing and if some of the better ones could be enticed into actual action. 
Wasn’t long before the owner of the site and I crossed swords over some outright lies being told on SQ 777.  She would post that 777 removed all existing legislation and controls over farming and pollution, pretty much everything including goat rape becoming legal (again, no offense to the good Senators).    She seemed like a reasonable person and surely must have put me in the group for something so I gently corrected her using the actual language of the state question and boy, did she get angry.  
Wasn’t long before a long manifesto was posted, then as quickly removed, leaving of course the email notifications along with the manifesto covering new rules for the forum.   I shared some of the more interesting parts below mainly to give a window into how these minds work and the dichotomy involved in their thinking:
“Moderators of this forum have decided to take on the challenge of moderating this group better in the future; as our previous plans were to remain hands off unless it was blatant. We now want to make sure that the right messages are forming this liberty minded group, and that the focus doesn’t get co-opted by people who like to agitate for the sake of agitation. • Intro: The purpose of this group is promoting Liberty and Justice for ALL! "
Ah, you know when they type in capital letters that things are going downhill fast.  And the “right messages”?  Funny how those who claim tolerance, inclusion, and liberty are always the first to open the Gulags and concentration camps.  And co-opted… right out of the Party Manual on counter revolutionaries and reactionaries I guess. 

“The phrase "for all" is inclusive, not discriminatory. "For all" means we aim to provide and protect liberty and justice for all individuals regardless of gender, race, economic status, political ideology or background. To merely preserve liberty and justice for the privileged few is indicative of a shallow ideology and an uninformed patriotism. It is also dangerous and will in the end prevent all of us from being truly free.”

Isn’t that right out of the liberal playbook?  Attempting to form a coalition and proclaiming the “wrong” thoughts as dangerous and enslaving?  Somehow they fail to understand that including a Muslim enabler or even Muslims themselves into a liberty group would require the Muslims to disavow the radical Muslim beliefs including pedophilia, murder of gays, lesbians, Jews, and other non believers, and terrorism.  At the very least you couldn’t have a discussion of Muslim atrocities without starting a fight. The Muslims of course are all over this as it creates cover for their agenda, until they are strong enough to burst out upon society and proclaim their true nature.

“America has seen different political groups or tribes of the same race attack each other often. America has been described as divided and torn. The entertainment news media has made billions of dollars promoting these conflicts and holding forth the idea that anyone who disagrees with you is somehow less valuable a person than you.”
Race, never saw a black and white problem in the group but many consider Muslims as being of a different race when in fact it is ideology and to a small part religion that sets them apart.   But that last sentence is telling; the owner of the group obviously got upset when someone disagreed with her and that made her feel less valuable as a person.

“As you know a priority mission of an oath keepers and CSPOA is educating and understanding the oath so you can in turn help educate and hold our oath keepers / oath breakers accountable to their oaths to its citizens.”
Okay… if the “oath keepers” are keeping their oaths, why is it necessary to hold them accountable?   That reeks of the desire to control what others think and believe.  Concentration camp and reeducation coming up folks!
Part 1: Rules of Engagement
The rules on this group are fairly simple common sense:
……“5: Discussion of admin moderators in a negative light or blocking Admin's is prohibited.”
“6: If an admin / moderators has to get involved and asks you to calm any aggressive behavior or to stop antagonizing members with personal attacks and you continue this will lead to removal.”
Oh dear, some animals are indeed more equal than others it seems.  Beyond questioning and beyond reproach and questions are considered antagonistic and personal attacks.  Remember this is a “liberty” group…
“Is moderation in forums violating American's right to free speech?
The first amendment only protects you from government interference. You have a reasonable, non-absolute right not to have your speech suppressed by the government. That right in no way extends to your fellow citizens. “
Yow…Can you believe that a “liberty” person put that in writing?

“1: The purpose of this association is engaging the national discourse and debate with respect to the infamous cases and controversies arising from the institutionalized corruption of government, the crimes and improprieties of Civil Officers of the United States and several States, and the partisan politics enforcing state and federal policies and laws violative (sic) of the Supreme Law of Liberty, Equality, Justice, Equal Protection, and Due Process of Law ordained and ratified in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. All persons participating and engaging these forums and its membership agree to self-censor their free speech to the narrow purposes of engaging in discussion, debate, education, and outreach to our fellow citizens about infamous cases, controversies, and institutionalized corruptions of government violative (sic) of our Supreme Law of Liberty, Equality, Justice, Equal Protection, and Due Process of Law.”
As in question what others think but do not question what we think or do.

“2: This association shall be non-partisan. No member shall engage, attempt to engage, or attempt to co-opt the platform, audience, and membership of this association to engage in the promotion of partisan rhetoric, partisan ideology, or the promotion of any political candidate. Such prohibitions shall not prevent any member of this association from publicly stating or debating constitutional issues or controversies of why they believe any political candidate or officer or any partisan rhetoric or ideology is affirmative or violative (sic) of the constitutional principles of Libery, Equality, Justice, Equal Protection, and Due Process of Law ordained and ratified in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, provided that such is not merely used as a guise or pretext to engage, attempt to engage, or co-opt the platform, audience, and membership of this association to engage in the promotion of partisan rhetoric, partisan ideology, or the promotion of any political candidate. “
Typical liberal babble… they get to decide what you meant by what you wrote and you are not allowed to stray from the “purpose” or “platform” or question the views of others.  All views are equally valid is the phrase used I believe.

“3: Every person participating and posting on these forums are to conduct themselves with the respect, courtesy, and dignity customarily expected of persons presenting themselves before their churches, communities, government bodies, and courts of law. Cursing should be constrained and restrained to expressing contempt of violations of our Liberty, Equality, Justice, Equal Protection, and Due Process of Law as ordained and ratified in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.”
Good lord, Church and a court of law?  Cursing allowed only to express contempt of the enemy?
Within hours of posting the Muslim lovers were back with a vengeance, cursing, name calling, posting long rants to release their pent up rage at previous “attacks” questioning how a Muslim could ever believe and support liberty or rule of American law when their culture follows Mohammad as the perfect man to be emulated in all things.  When others called out for the rules to be enforced… crickets chirping… it seemed that indeed some animals were more equal than others and only conservatives were being censored.
Sadly this is how many of the so called liberty groups operate.  Many are openly anti Semitic and highly protective of Palestinian or Muslim members.  This sort of thinking is why the Sooner Tea Party was never supportive of the militia movement; there was zero control over what sort of nut bag running the show and they seemed to stamp out any questioning of their agenda.  That would be a nightmare, to see society to collapse to the point where a citizen militia was needed and finding your country turned into a dictatorship.
Strangely enough these sort of groups survive mainly by proclaiming liberty and free speech yet are almost always ruled by mob behavior or a strong dictator.  People like to hear themselves talk, they like to see their words published even if it is on a nut job Facebook site that is closed to public view.  Perhaps they understand down deep in the darkness in their souls that only in a closed system where their views are echoed by others and defended from criticism could their speech be allowed?
The point is that society works only when the freedom to question and hold accountable is present.  Otherwise dictators grow up and they happen only because others crave the safety and comfort of rules.   Just because they are small and irrational doesn’t make them harmless, indeed history is replete with dictatorships and theocracies being the rule instead of the exception.  What it boils down to is that few people that reach for power are capable of wielding it with humanity and decency.  The majority of the so called leaders of the liberty movement are in it for personal gain, notoriety, or simply to hold the reins of power even if over a handful of like minded zealots.
Hysterical Opposition to SQ 777 Even in the
So Called Conservative Groups?
I haven’t needed to smack OCPAC in quite a while.  The new guy acting as the public face of the group is generally as exciting as watching paint dry but harmless enough.  But last week OCPAC came out against SQ777 and must have gotten some feedback because they were back this week with a defense of their position and one that was unusually incoherrant.
I pulled the relevant parts out of their newsletter for discussion.  They listed three main points:
“But wait.  Here is problem number one.  Who is going to decide what constitutes a “compelling state interest?”  The answer is the courts.  We have added a speed bump, but it is on a road over in a different branch of state government.  That branch of government is notoriously liberal.  What happens when the Oklahoma Supreme Court interprets “compelling state interest” in a progressive way that allows the Legislature to pass all kinds of onerous regulations?  By amending the state constitution and allowing the court to define the terms, we are now stuck with a high level of codified tyranny that is hard to correct.  It is not easy to amend a state constitution.” 
 The legal term “compelling state interest” is actually well defined by numerous SCOTUS decisions    Basically it means something that is crucial to the safety of the state, not something that would be nice to have.   The state supreme court has made miss steps in the past, allowing bond issues is a good example, but they are also bound by SCOTUS rulings as well as other federal rulings so OCPAC will sometimes lash out when the Constitution of Oklahoma and the United States doesn’t support one of their agendas.   The farm groups pushed SQ 777 and one would think they wouldn’t slit their own throats.
“Problem number two is related to problem number one.  Remember, SQ 777 also says that any regulations existing prior to 2015 shall not be affected by the amendment.  This provision could be interpreted by the Oklahoma Supreme Court to mean that existing regulations are constitutionally protected.  In this case we will have lost our ability to remove unjust laws enacted before 2015.”
Actually it doesn’t… prior legislation is unaffected by the new hurdle of a compelling state interest.   Courts must consider legislative intent and it is clear that this legislation exempted earlier laws and thus under the control of the legislature.
“This brings us to problem number three:  accountability.  If the Legislature violates our property rights through law, we can unseat the responsible parties and change the law.  However, when judges violate our rights, they never get unseated.  Without competitive elections in the judiciary, the people have little to no oversight.  We will be stuck with their secular humanist interpretations for generations since the Legislature, the Governor, and the people have been conditioned to bow down in worship to judges.  Any so-called speedbump in the judiciary might become a high-speed autobahn to tyranny.”
Actually we have judicial retention elections on every major General Election.   We started that after enormous scandals erupted with justices accepting huge bribes and going to prison for it.  These same farm groups have plenty of clout to manage new appointees and form a retention ballot effort if needed.
 It is a strange world when you see the likes of OCPAC line up behind liberal former Attorney General Drew Edmondson and radical animal rights groups like the Humane Society and radical environmental groups like the Sierra Club.  Those folks don’t lose their way, they stick to their agenda, so anyone with any sense ought to see that OCPAC has lost their mind on this issue.
Into the Mind of a Liberal
Used to be that you would rarely see a liberal eat one of their own but the political correctness has gotten so bad that even they run afoul of the rules and suffer from a beat down.
 This video is amazing, group of Yale students surrounding some sort of supervisor of their area, complete with finger snapping as some sort of applause or indication of agreement with what the speaker is saying.   Another video then shows up showing the poor liberal supervisor pleading for the students to tell him the right words to use to apologize without further offense.  Sickening… Lord of the Flies sort of thing or right out of the Cultural Revolution where children and students chastised and executed the adults.
The guy being verbally abused and attacked was Nicholas Christakis, a Yale professor of Sociology, who had the gall to  defend his wife, another liberal professor who was unwise enough to send out an email to the entire student body in response to the administrator’s insistence that  Halloween costumes be “culturally aware and not insensitive”.  Here is what she wrote that caused such a stink:
“Have we lost faith in young people’s capacity—in your capacity—to exercise self-censure, through social norming, and also in your capacity to ignore or reject things that trouble you? What does this debate about Halloween costumes say about our view of young adults, of their strength and judgment? Whose business is it to control the forms of costumes of young people? It’s not mine, I know that.
The email caused an eruption in the student body where the two married professors served as supervisors for the students.  Over 100 students surround the guy taking turns berating him and demanding he shame his wife for her words.  They guy keeps his cool and attempts to profusely apologize yet each time he apologizes he manages to offend the students even more.  One student demands that the professor call her by her first name before she will speak to him and the resulting exchange occurs:
 “Sorry, what’s my name first?” she says with a smirk.
“See, that’s the thing, I have over 500 students,” Nicholas says.
“I was in your class freshman year,” she continues. “You were my sophomore year advisor. . . I live here, I eat in the dining hall for all three meals. And you should know my name. My name is Mikayla.”
The guy eventually is labeled racist by the crowd and is accused of creating a space for violence.  The students then demand that he be fired as well as his wife.  If you watch all four videos it is clear that these college students are not capable of having a rational discussion with someone that dared to oppose their claims of racism.  The threat of having someone dress up in a Halloween costume that might offend them was enough to ruin two liberal professor’s careers
 The liberal cry babies, the liberal movement, and some of the more religious conservative movements have this in common.  Despite preaching tolerance and the rule of law they are generally the first to lash out at imagined slights and demand obedience to their views.  Perhaps this is why political correctness has flourished, any pushback is stamped out ruthlessly and completely.  Doesn’t it remind you of what Hitler did in the 1930’s to gain power?
Konawa Tea Party
(4th) Tuesday September 27, 2016 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Library - The Dougan Room
Konawa School, 701 W South Street
Featured Speakers:
Fish & Game - Dale Stites
OK2A - Tim Tucker
My View of Liberty - Billy Riggle
SQ 779
By the Watchman
Senator Boren has proven to be just another tax and spend liberal Democrat sitting at the most powerful chair in the City of Norman. A city well known for its liberal attitudes and t’s liberal indoctrination at the University of Oklahoma. This year they have either failed to look at the effect of a proposal or they are following the Cloward-Piven plan to ensure the destruction of the economy of the State of Oklahoma. They are not alone in failing the citizens of this great state. We can add both chambers of the legislature and the greed for money and power they seek to the problem. A true tragedy will strike this state if State Question 779 is passed in November.
The first item of interest we found was this statement “Every dollar released from taxation that is spent or invested will help create a new job and a new salary” We were unable to identify the author of that line, but it is a proven truth. All one needs to do is look at the employment rate increase after there is a tax cut that has gone into effect.
The next item of interest we found was this Legislators to Review State Tax Breaks | Oklahoma Watch. Now this occurred last year and the legislature did in fact review some of the state tax breaks. Out of the total two billion plus a year that they grant, they cut a measly $186 million. Of the ones they cut, none of them were campaign contributors. Once again the need to remain in power outweighed the cost of cutting tax cuts. The one tax break they did cut was the income tax reduction that the citizens of Oklahoma were to receive this year. Now wasn’t that nice of them.
There is another aspect of the tax breaks that the legislature is allowed to issue. Those tax breaks have a sunset date of five years. Some of them have been going on for decades. There is no procedure for tracking of those tax breaks and insuring that the proper termination dates are complied with. To put it mildly, the bureaucrats have screwed the state out of millions of dollars if not billions. Nothing was discussed last session about fixing the problem and so far there haven’t been any reports of hearings to discuss the tax credit problems this fall.
The next item of interest we found was this The Okie » Steve Fair: Boren Education Sales Tax Is A Bad Idea!. This article was written in January of 2016. Since then Oklahoma has fallen into an unofficial depression but the people in DC list it as a repression even after six quarters of decline. We must ask did they even consider the impact on the economy when making this proposal. Did they even consider the fact that the state’s unemployment rate is higher than the national average? What company is going to want to relocate to the state with the highest tax rate in the nation? This is lunacy.
The next item of interest we found was this Oklahoma Watch: Penny increase would make Oklahoma No. 1 in sales taxes | News OK. We ask what company is going to want to relocate to Oklahoma with this hanging over them. How can this state diversify from an oil based economy to any other type of an economy when the tax structure is set so high that no company in their right mind will want to move here? We have to remember though; they claim they are doing it for the kids. How is putting all this money in the pocket of teachers doing it for the kids.
There is a dirty little secret that the school districts are keeping away from not only the public, but the very teachers that work for them. Most, if not all of the school districts in the state have savings accounts. This article here OCPA - Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs will show you what the districts started the school year 2016-2017 with. Every single district in the state has been able to afford a pay raise for their teachers from these savings accounts yet have chosen to lay off teachers claiming there was a budget crisis. There is no reason any school teacher should have been laid off because of a budget crisis this year. This is nothing more than pure unadulterated greed on the part of the school boards. If the schools don’t want to spend the money, then it should be returned to the people who paid the taxes that allowed them to accumulate these sums to begin with. It’s high time that we stop screwing over those that pay the bills.
The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma City leaders' concerns about proposed 1-cent tax increase are notable | News OK. Now this is one article from one major metropolitan area in the state. Many Cities and smaller communities have raised the same questions that the city of Oklahoma City is asking. This tax will basically cause the infrastructure of all of our communities to suffer. Is a tax and spend policy really worth it. Is the financial mismanagement of the state’s resources really worth it?
The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma Watch: Education tax increase would cost average family $262 | News OK. We understand that it doesn’t sound like a lot of money. There are several items that they failed to take into consideration. First they failed to consider those of us that live on fixed incomes. They were not given a raise last year and there is no indication yet that they will receive on this year. This increase could mean the difference of them eating and taking the medications they need, or choosing between the two. They also failed to take into consideration that the State of Oklahoma is currently in a technical depression. We are also listed as the second highest unemployment rate in the nation. How much worse is that going to get by adding another penny to the already high sales tax? Do they want the entire state to look like the City of Detroit?
The next item of interest we found was this article Education groups file brief supporting proposed sales-tax increase in Oklahoma - Tulsa World: Capitol Report. Now it was not unusual to see that the professional educators would support this matter. What is unusual is to find that these same professional educators failed to do the research that would have indicated that they were aware of the districts having enough money in their savings accounts to be able to afford a raise for their teachers without having to lay any of them off due to budget problems. This was done by only two means, negligence or incompetence. Either way they have no business holding the positions they hold.
The next article of interest we found was this Group hopes for sales tax increase to address teacher pay, shortage | Oklahoma City - OKC - This again points to the greed of the individual districts. A coalition of educators filed to circulate the petition to get the initiative on the ballot for a tax increase. It points to the six hundred vacancies because of lack of funding. Once again we refer to the substantial savings accounts held by each school that could and indeed should have been used to hire teachers to fill those vacancies as well as give pay raises to teachers. This is making the argument for the tax increase ludicrous.
The next article of interest we found was this Proposal to Increase Oklahoma Sales Tax is Constitutional - We won’t dispute the constitutionality of the tax increase. We will argue the feasibility of it. From the looks of things political ideology has taken preference over common sense here. Making Oklahoma the state with the highest sales tax will cost jobs. It will prevent new business from locating to the state. It will prevent the economy from diversifying and it will cause the young people of the state to move away. Something like this has the potential to cost us seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. All of this because our state legislators and our individual school boards have refused to accept a little pain and give the teachers a pay raise. The school boards could easily do it from their savings accounts and the legislature could do so by getting a handle on the tax credits they give out each year. In case they haven’t noticed those tax credits aren’t working.
The next article of interest we found is this document. We would urge you to open and read this entire document. It is State Question 779 from the beginning until it was signed by the Governor for inclusion on the ballot. In it you will discover that not all of the funds collected under this proposal will go to teachers pay raises. In fact only a portion will. It also fails to mention that the cost of living in this state is substantially lower than a lot of the other surrounding states.
The next article of interest we found was this . This is a page from Oklahoma State University’s College of Education that indicates what it takes to become a teacher in the state of Oklahoma. From what we can see, the bar is set pretty low. You only need a 2.5 grade point average to graduate. It makes us wonder how many teachers we have out there with that low of an average.
The next article of interest we found was this Now we do understand the need to limit the detail due to page constraints however we do feel that they could have gone into more detail on all of the state questions. Using State Question 779 as an example, they failed to mention that by making this state the highest sales taxed state in the country, we will have an extremely difficult time drawing new business into the state. It’s really going to make it hard to diversify the economy. Our graduates are going to leave the state simply because there won’t be any jobs.
In conclusion we can only say that this is a well-intentioned but poorly thought-out proposal that cleared all the hurdles and made it to the ballot.  There isn’t a school district in the state that couldn’t afford to give their teachers a pay raise yet instead of doing so the lay them off and certify emergency teachers at a lower rage. That’s scandalous. The Tulsa Public Schools lay off a bunch of teachers and administrators and then gave their remaining senior staff significant pay raises. The public school system in Oklahoma is even more corrupt than both chambers of the Legislature.
Do we feel teachers deserve a pay raise, no.  We are way above the regional averages once the wages are factored by the cost of living. Do we feel the citizens of Oklahoma should fork up more taxes to pay for it? Absolutely not. Let the school districts spend some of those savings they have to give the pay raises.