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December 2014     In this issue:
Instill Levity in your speeches to hear Laughter from your Listeners! 
  • Humour is the cheapest, most abundant gift you can give to others. Hook on to Humour by recalling your own humorous stories, and listening to those of others, then... share them with others!
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Quotations of the month:
"When you humorize, you humanize.” – D. LaCroix 2001 WCPS

"When I speak, I try to make my audiences: T.A.L.L. Think, Act, Laugh and Learn." – C. Valentine 1999 WCPS

"Use the 4 H’s in your speeches: Head, Heart, Humour, and have a Heavy-duty message." – Ed Tate 2000 WCPS
'Tis the Season to give the gift of Humour in your speeches!
Yes, it's an opportune time to listen again to families' and friends' stories ‘in stereo’ (some stories heard before yet ignored over the years) but nevertheless, stories with lessons and laughter for us to share with our audiences.
 In 2007,  I attended a weekend long presentation skills seminars in Las Vegas given by P. Fripp. An aspiring speaker asked her: "Do I really have to be funny or entertaining?"
Fripp responded; "Only if you want to get paid!" Her statement struck a chord in me in relation to my speaking.
  Please note: Highly esteemed speakers don't need to be stand up comics to hold an audience's attention but they do need to know how  to be entertaining.

As a speaking coach, I often hear my clients say: "But I’m not a comedian! Can I still be funny and make people laugh?"
Yes, even if you don't have them rolling into the aisles with laughter, you can definitely learn to be entertaining and, with extra effort, even funny!
 Please note again: Forced, contrived humour is likely worse than no humour at all!!
 Don't Add Humour, Uncover it within your speeches! 
A few tried-and-true general Tips in Uncovering Humour

Body is Language! Act and react using your emotions! Don’t talk and tell, share and show

Facts Tell, Stories Sell! Tell Personal Stories (not Hollywood Blockbusters)!
Characters Let your characters be heard (dialogue). Humour is in the dialogue 
Comedy Stems from Tragedy! Share your 4 F’s: flaws, firsts, frustrations, failures 
Reactions Create Humour  React to the situation, pause, state the punch line…then pause 
Unexpected Twists People laugh when their minds are tricked
The Audience's Minds...Read their minds and then tell them what they're actually thinking;
Power of 3's  Start the train moving, then 'derail' their thoughts

From the above very general tips, I hope you can see how humour, just like speaking, is a process that can be learned. Anyone can learn the process! It takes new tools, practice (in front of real audiences) and time!
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It is a proven fact that the more you practice with the right tools,
the more comfortable you become,
the more effective as a speaker you are! 
 Darren LaCroix says: 
"When people laugh, they relax, when they relax, they learn, when they learn, they remember."
Do YOU want people to remember what you said?
Until next month, I wish you a wonderful Christmas season of peace, family and friendship and a healthy, happy and prosperous new year!
Until then, happy speaking!   Wink

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