Hashy New Year

Following the AGPU last Friday at The Split Chimp, a new year has dawned for Newcastle Hash House Harriers. We have a new mismanagement committee in place and a general idea of whats happening in the next year and a new leader in our GM - Left Hand Job - who was one of many hashers to attend a splendid hash in Whitley Bay
A large crowd turned up at the Tanner Smiths, a new bar in South Parade, Whitley Bay. As is now becoming traditional in Whitley, our normal coeterie of hashers was augmented by visiting Monkey Runners, NS Poly Runners and very welcome returners....plus Clementine. The bar itself gets immediate brownie points for sourcing its beer from a brewery 100 yards down the road and for not barring Cockertool within five minutes. 
 Touch and Go deserves many commendations for his work on this hash but first mention goes to laminated maps for the walkers and then for the runners an early encounter with treacherous waves brought an element of danger, creating a frission thats not always generated on the mean streets of Gosforth. Heading inland we passed the building project that is Spanish City at present and then indulged in some property porn running through some beautiful streets at a fast pace with some free and easy running on a suprisingly warm autumn night.
As we all know there are no rules on the hash......but one of the many rules on the hash is the use of beer stops in the darker months. T&G has no time for the laws of mortal men though and tooks us to the excellent micropub 'The Left Luggage Room' in Monkseaton Metro Station. A fantastic building, atmosphere and choice of beer. It was such a shame to leave but luckily we will be back in a few short weeks when Follow Through sets a trail from here. Leave the car at home and get the metro is my advice.....(unless you're giving me a lift!). 
A quick hash flash (see below) again well aranged by T&G (the most organised hasher of the 2016-17 season?) and then just the right amount of running to get us back to the pub. Alas, once the night was out of Touch and Go's hands things did take a turn for the worse. Call me callous but an RA that fails to observe beer stops, wears competitive running gear whilst hosting the circle and who can't tell the difference between a virgin and a returner.....well it's going to be a long year with the Diddy Donald Trump soundalike in charge. Sensible hashers quickly headed inside where a nice atmosphere was engendered by our swollen ranks filling up a tight space.
Hash of the year...most definitely ....
Heavenly Hordes of Angelic Running Hashers in Whitley Bay
I had 12 replies about the timing of the first Sunday Hash of 2017. The options were New Years Day, Monday 2nd Jan and Sunday 8th Jan. In these replies lots of people thought Monday 2nd was a great idea but those with other commitments voting against that day swung it to Sunday 8th January. Any more votes email nhhh@googlegroups.com to share your comments with everyone (not for sending out angry emails......btw).

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The Next 3 Hashes
Date Venue Hares Map
Wednesday 13th October - 7pm The Falcons Nest, Gosforth Park Babe Magnet and Grasshopper See nhhh.co.uk
Wednesday 20th October - 7pm The Fiddlers Three, Windy Nook, Gateshead Pop See nhhh.co.uk
Wednesday 27th October - 7pm The Duke of Wellington, Kenton Counterfit and Malteaser See nhhh.co.uk
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