NADKC Western Region
June 2016
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  • Message from the WR Director
    by Frank O'Leary
  • Derby Solms Training Weekend 
    by Jeff Martin 
  • MT Derby/VJP
    by Jaime Adlins
  • Veterinary Corner
    by Phil Kress, DVM
  • Member Profile
    by Aaron Blunt 
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 Message from the 
Western Region Director
by Frank O’Leary

The Western Region has completed its spring testing season with two very succeesful Derbies/Zuchtschau.  The six dogs participating in Walla Walla coupled with the five that were tested in Southern California and four that were tested in Eastern Montana.  In all fifteen dogs were tested in the WR Derbies/Zuchtschau’s in 2015.  That is an excellent number for our Region.  To view the results visit or click here to be routed to the site.  Congratulations to all the handlers that worked so hard to prepare their dogs.

The Western Region Board of Directors has announced the 2016 Western Region Annual Raffle.  This year there is not one but TWO GREAT  PRIZES and TWO LUCKY WINNERS.  The first ticket holder drawn will have their choice of an Upland Bird Hunt for 4 persons or a Beretta Over/Under Shotgun.  The second person drawn will receive the other prize.

Hunt Oregon, LLC, has graciously donated an upland bird hunt for four people, for three days, and four nights. All meals are included and there is a hosted open bar.  Transportation to and from the Pasco, WA Airport and bird processing is included.  The total value of the package is $12,000.00.  The hunt will take place on the famous Cunningham Sheep Company ranch.  One of the largest family owned ranched in Oregon, these properties have only been open to family and friends until now.
A  Derby and Solms training
weekend in Walla Walla
by Jeff Martin
The NADKC Western Region is proposing a training weekend Saturday and Sunday either on July 2nd and 3rd or the 30th and 31st.  We will start early on Saturday and conclude by 12:00 noon on Sunday.  Please contact Frank at and let him know your preference.  All activities will be centred at Lowden Hall (directly behind L’Ecole winery) and the fields adjacent to that.

Most new owners and members find the German testing system a daunting task and are at a total loss, how best to prepare for them.  Too often it’s trying to run before ever having learnt to walk.
The purpose of this weekend is to have a low pressure, social time with fellow members and at the same time help new or prospective members prepare for and understand what to expect, when entering both the Derby and Solms tests. Everyone and there significant others are welcome.
Training the versatile hunting dog involves a step by step approach, with every step building on  understanding the previous step ,with the ultimate goal to have a dog capable of VGP, if you so choose.
The weekend will start with outlining a complete training schedule that incorporates the Derby, Solms, and VGP and at what point in the schedule your dog is adequately prepared for each of these tests.  Continue Reading.....     

May 28, 2016
by Jaime Adkins
The NADKC Western Region hosted its first Derby in Montana on May 28, 2016 approximately 22 miles east of Billings on public lands adjacent to the Yellowstone Wildlife Management Area.

Cool wet spring weather resulted in very good testing conditions this year on the rolling short grass prairie of eastern Montana.  New growth grass had attained a height of approximately one foot and was moderately dense with occasional serviceberry and sagebrush patches, yuccas and scattered cactus.
A two hour rain soaked the sandy soil the night before the test.  Although mostly dry ground was encountered during the searches and pointing evaluations there was sufficient subsurface moisture to result in good scenting conditions, 70% humidity, a 3-5 mph breeze and a temperatures in the mid 60’s.  
by Phil Kress, DVM
The other day as my faithful hunting dog Stella was staring back at me with her clear brown eyes, I thought of two ophthalmic diseases we see in practice every month.  One is cataracts, and the other glaucoma.  Almost all dogs, if they live a normal lifespan, will develop some degree of cataract formation.  The lens of the eye becomes more rigid and slowly solidifies, turning opaque or crystalline.  Images become more blurred and are finally lost into total blindness. 
It has always amazed me how well dogs navigate the world when blind, perhaps because of their superior sense of smell, hearing, having four feet on the ground for balance and often the ability to still see shadows.  In modern veterinary medicine there is an option for surgical removal of cataracts and restoration of vision.  Generally a board certified ophthalmologist (there is one in the Tri Cities and at the WSU teaching facility in Spokane) will do a thorough eye exam, and also test for normal retinal function behind the opaque curtain of a mature cataract.  Continue Reading ...
Member Profile
by Aaron Blunt
My name is Aaron Bunt. I have been hunting and shooting since I can remember.  I got into the German versatile dogs a mere 2.5 years ago.  It has been a real eye opener as to the dedication it takes to maintain a breed.

I have trained and tested my DD, Dachs vom Sternberg, thru the VGP.  We had a lot of fun and a lot of head scratching.  Dax loves to hunt.  He is an animal in the field and a sweetheart in the house.  He loves babies.  All in all I couldn’t ask for a better dog.  When the guns come out he is ready for anything. From retrieving skunks, I learned my force breaking was pretty solid, to Canadian honkers and tracking wounded bucks in the thickness if Western Oregon he is ready.
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