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Prepping for a 
Busy Season

It's time to plan for your winter sales. 
It's getting colder and we have an awesome line of alpaca products perfect for anyone working or playing outside this winter.
From head to toe we've got your customers covered!
Our Iditarod Hats and Neck Gators are 100% baby alpaca.  Designed to keep you warm even in the harshest of conditions. 
Our work/play gloves are available full fingered, fingerless, glittens, mittens and leather lined.  Your customers are sure to find the perfect glove for their needs.  
Our line of american made alpaca socks have been very popular since 2002.  With the introduction of our American Traveler sock in 2018 we know we have a sock to meet any of your customers alpaca sock needs. 
Don't forget for added comfort and warmth.  Our American Choice Alpaca Foot Warmers - Shoe Inserts - Insoles.   
The added layer of alpaca between you and the cold ground makes for the perfect addition to your cold weather gear. 
Did you know we have marketing material you can download to help you sell our products?  
Try something new for your store with our generous return policy.

Go large with free shipping at $750.00.
Financing available for established cutomers on orders of $750.00 and above. 
Socks are still the hottest selling items
All make great "ambassadors" of uses of alpaca!
We have everything from alpaca themed thin cotton socks
to our ORIGINAL product,
the SuperHeavyWeight Superwarm Alpaca Socks.

Our top selling items for over 10 years!

Eventhough we have more than ever before this year...
This Super-Popular line sells out every year, don't wait!
OutdoorAdventure socks
"Superwarm" Super-Heavy-Weight alpaca socks
(our original and top selling product!)
80% Alpaca "American Traveler" socks
(Brian's FAVORITE sock!) 
Have some of our nicely priced luxury 
throws and blankets available.
**New** Alpaca Ponchos
USA Grown, 
Alpaca Lined Cowhide Leather Gloves - 4 colors

Alpaca Toys and Souvenirs 
Let your visitors take home a memory 
from their visit!
The Hottest Farm Visit Souvnir, ALPACADORABLES!
Now available in Suri!
(Limited quantity)
More ideas:
And don't forget our custom made unique
Alpaca Jewelry and Ornaments:
Lots of new items online.
All designed for your farm store success!

Don't run out of product to sell this year! 
All of our products can easily be returned
(by April of next year
if for any reason you do not sell them. 


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