The Weekly Hash Headlines from Newcastle Hash House Harriers

The Cosy Dove, Spital Tongues
Hares: - Counterfeit and Malteaser
This week's hash was from the newly refurbed pub, The Cosy Dove.  Inncon's, nominally in charge of flouring the route, sent runners spilling out into the streets in search of the white stuff.
Despite  repeated assurances that the route was shiggy free . (Lies, all lies) Hashers headed over to the town moor to be greeted by a shed load of shiggy. The traditional route of running up and down the 2 hills, was eschewed in favour of dancing through the shiggy around the bottom. Whilst hashers were generally delighted by the lack of altitude, they were less than enthusiastic about the sodden trail underfoot and much grumbling ensued. Attempts to send Om off on the right track but to think he was going the wrong way, were scuppered by Bedtime Story and Grasshopper failing to attend to the ruse.
The hash then headed, by cunning and secret ways, back to the pub for a circle, before adjourning to to the pub for interior decorating tips and beer.
Thanks to the hares for another splendiferous run.
Quiz Question
How many points would you get on a scrabble board if you had the letters OSY DOVE and there was already a free C was on a triple word score ?
Stats and Special Notices
Refurbed pub  - On trend
Doves 1-  Hash hounds - 2
Dolphins - 0
Perfectly timed arrivals for the start - Gandalf and Misled
Beer stops - 0
Shiggy - Unexpected
Hash Guiness Book of Records - Bedtime Storey is hoping  that he and Spare Rib will beat the current hash record of youngest baby on the hash this year ! Strong words..

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