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A Heartfelt Thank You!

It's a really strong year!
A heartfelt thanks to our WONDERFUL customers for your business! October was our BEST sales month EVER, clobbering all previous records, including Decembers in our many years of doing this!
Thank you for trusting us with your business and working with us to promote Alpaca!  
-Brian and  Paula
Your $0.02 added up
Many thanks for all who voted their $0.02 on proposed items for next year:
USA made Alpaca Long Johns, Sleeping Bags and Sofa Throws
Long Johns were a clear 1st choice favorite yet there is significant interest in the other two items. All are in the works.  Stay tuned for updates. 
Out of Town Later this Week
We're going to be out of the store Thursday through Tuesday. 
Orders placed by noon (Pacific time) Wednesday will ship that day, otherwise we'll get back to it the following Wednesday.
Popular Items In
New and popular items are coming in regularly. 
Here are a few that have arrive this past week:
Lots of new items online.
All designed for your farm store success!

Don't run out of product to sell this year! 

All of our products can easily be returned
(by April of next year
if for any reason you do not sell them. 

We look forward to continuing to grow with you! 

Excited for the upcoming shopping season!

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