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Wholesale Alpaca Products
for Your Store - Since 2006

Win an 8" Alpacadorable!
$60 retail value
Drawing at end of the year (Monday).

** Contest details: **
Each $100 of order gets an entry.
Example: a $500 order get 5 entries...
Contest ends at midnight, NYE.

Winner randomly picked New Years Day.
Runner up gets the little buddy also shown.
New 9" Alpaca Fur Toys
New Alpaca Themed Greeting Cards
15 Unique Card Styles
Long Awaited Alpaca Fashion Glittens
Closeout sale continues until end of year...

Also offering new products on sale, never before listed.
New Items on Closeout
Items closing our from our other store at deep discount.
Each year 1000s of socks are made for our main
Choice Alpaca Footwear line.  Occasionally there are some "Irregular" ones. 

We're offering these Irregulars at a
deep below-wholesale discount for a limited time.

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Outdoorsman Socks
Closing out line at good discount

Classic Fisherman Hats

Closing out line for new batch in 2019

Alpaca Watching Hooded Sweatshirts

Overbought, sale prices on this comfortable fun item.

High Luxury Alpaca Lined Peccary Gloves

Very limited supply of high luxury gloves
for men and women

Liuli Crystal Alpaca Figurines
Deeply discounted closeout

ENTIRE Remaining Adventure Required Hats

Producing a full new set of these for 2019,
closing out current supply. All remaining
styles and colors.
Most stores continue to have strong sales in January and February.  Stock up on our Closeouts and pick up some things for the Spring, while this sale lasts!


Choice Alpaca Products
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