Hey everyone!
as we start the long road out of the
anti-democratic, anti-intellectual desert of

Captain Criminalpants
and his
Senate Majority of Thieving Racists,

now is a good time to look ahead.

No, not all the way to the next election -
(with its battles to keep law-abiding citizens from voting because racism),
and not to the end of the summer -
(when the only people not vaccinated will be the very deserving but least fortunate and the least deserving and most stupid),
and not even to next few months -
(where we will all watch the Republicans struggle to embrace the legacy of Trump to gain votes while distancing themselves from Trump himself to avoid prison.)

Nope, I'm talking about the future as in
tomorrow night!

~ First of all ~



The Great Khan
 By Michael Gene Sullivan 
Directed by
Delicia Turner Sonnenberg

Edred Utomi Safiya Fredericks
Brian Rivera Elizabeth Carter
Kina Karter Brady Morales Woolery

Monday, April 5, 2021
5:30 PM (Pacific)

The Great Khan
is either a comedy with dramatic overtones or a drama with lots of comedy about two working-class, Black American teenagers – Jaden and Antoinette –  who are struggling with the same issue: how to grow up Black in a country that treats them like criminals-in-training at best or a runaway slave at worst, a country that sees them as either precocious perpetrators or pieces of meat.

They wonder - wouldn’t it be easier to just fulfill the nation’s stereotypical view of them?

Then Genghis Khan shows up.
That Genghis Khan.

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Just in case you wondered if Michael does actually sound like a big-city cartoon gangster squirrel when he gets excited talking about theatre and politics and whatnot
here's the answer:
SnapSessions! presents Episode 31, featuring an interview with our artist of the show, writer/actor/director Michael Gene Sullivan of the San Francisco Mime Troupe, as well as a satirical analysis of the Texas energy crisis featuring Tex Shitter, the Texan from Exxon, and an article “Jamie Raskin and the House Impeachment Managers Present Their Case”. 

Click here to listen!

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