Immediate need for fiber!
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Calling All Alpaca Fiber Producers!
Get $paid for your leftover fiber!
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We have an immediate need for your...
left over,
not used,
set aside,
filling the barn/garage/spare room,
just sitting there...

Not sure what 3rds are?
credit: New England Fiber pool

Your fiber becomes part of our American Choice Alpaca Line of USA made alpaca products.
Why the rush!?

We're planning ahead to make more of the popular 
American Choice Alpaca Foot Warmers/Shoe Inserts
and need the fiber NOW to have these popular insoles ready for this fall.
We need a few 100 lbs. First come....
How does the FiberCall work?

We pay in wholesale store credit for your fiber.
It is shipped to any of a number of mill we use to make the
American Choice Alpaca Product line of products.
For immediate purposes we're looking for 3rds,
but will take any fiber. 
The 3rds will be shipped separately to Missouri for production of insoles.
The FiberCall Page gives ALL details of the program and should answer all questions. 
Earn profit off of your alpaca fiber!

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