Media Release
Friday 16th 2023

Just.Equal has called on New South Wales and Western Australia to pass new laws for officially recognising people who are trans and gender diverse.

The call comes after Queensland this week joined the majority of Australian states and territories in allowing trans and gender diverse people to have gender-affirming birth certificates without the need for physical medical interventions.

Spokesperson for Just Equal Australia, Sally Goldner, said:

"We congratulate Queensland advocates and the State Government for achieving this important reform. At a time when attacks on trans and gender diverse people are escalating this is a morale boost for our community."

'We call on the Western Australian Government to follow through on its December 2022 commitment to modernise their birth certificate laws in line with other jurisdictions.'

'And we urge the new NSW Government to commit to reform what are now the worst birth certificate laws in the country, and the only ones to still require genital surgery.'

'We also call for a federally funded national roundtable of trans and gender diverse people to develop “gold standard” legislative and policy standards for the entire nation.'
Ms Goldner said the Tasmanian model, that is based on self-identification without the need for external support, remains the best practice and she hopes governments that are still to act adopt this model.
For a copy of this statement on the web, click here
For more information contact Sally Goldner on 0407 946 242.