Edition #11, April 2015
Nothing stays the same, especially when IPG is involved. IPG develops, grows, sees and invests in new opportunities. But some things remain unchanged.
IPG has a new chairman and with the rest of the board a new IPG- strategy is being developed. The board believes it important that IPG meets more potential new members and increases the awareness of (potential) customers of how IPG can contribute to their existing and new business activities. This is the time: the larger part of the world seems to notice that the worst days of the economic crisis are behind us. We see so many new opportunities for all of us, for members and their customers. Therefore, if you are a member of IPG,  let your customers know that you are an IPG-member. That your firm has access to a very valuable worldwide network with worldwide knowledge and that with IPG your customers can develop business opportunities they considered impossible earlier. As IPG, together we are greater than the sum of our parts! 2+2=7!
How? Easy: Just spread the word what IPG can do! For example, go to LinkedIn, become a member of the IPG-LinkedIn group and promote the group in your network so that they can become a member of the group too. Share messages on the IPG LinkedIn group page or start discussions yourself and get and give feedback from fellow group members.
Lastly: the new Spring conference (or Autumn for those living in the southern hemisphere) in Paris is only a couple of weeks away. The registration has closed, but if you want to join anyway, you could send an email to the host and they will put you on the waiting list (contact details below). Registered too late? No worries, you will have a new chance to participate to the IPG conference in Rome (October 2015) and London (May 2016)! Hotels have already been booked!
See you soon! Jens Langendorff (langendorff@grahamsmith.com)

China Reforms 2.0: What's Next? The "Rule by Law"! Article by Nicolas Musy

China has reached the limits of its current “business model” and must reform in order to continue to grow in ways that are sustainable in the long term. A change of model, as business leaders know, necessitates far reaching changes in an organization. In China’s case, this calls for not only decisive overhauls of economic policy but also fundamental changes in the leadership culture. Considering the size of the country and the importance of the vested interests, particularly in the state sector, the efforts underway to carry out the new reforms are assuredly as challenging and intense as the opening up of China that Deng Xiaoping launched 35 years ago, with the success that we all witnessed.
In a nutshell, China's current growth model based on investments channelled through state-owned banks and companies (sometimes referred to as "State Capitalism") has run its course. It cannot go on without driving the state's debt beyond acceptable levels. Besides, state-owned companies have become both centres of power and of corruption, allowing them to challenge government policy to pursue their interests, without care for the environment and the effect of pollution on people's health.
Nicolas Musy
Fortune Times, Room 1002,
1438 Shanxi Bei Road Shanghai 200060, P.R. China
200060 Shanghai
T; +86 21 6266 0844 

The Dawn of a Historic Trade Agreement between Canada and the EU Article by Arash Jazayeri

On Friday September 26, 2014 Canada and the European Union signed a historic free trade agreement. The 1600-page text of the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) was released in both Canada and Europe on the same day.
The faltering of World Trade Organization trade liberalization negotiations and a lack of an appetite for a NAFTA-EU trade and investment agreement was the driving force behind CETA.
In fact, Canada is the first of the G7 countries to enter into such an agreement with the EU. This will give Canadian companies an advantage over U.S. counterparts for some time, as negotiations between the EU and the U.S. have only just commenced.
Arash Jazayeri
One Dundas Street West | Suite 2500
M5G 1Z3 Toronto
T; 416.504.2259

Structuring the international joint venture, partnerships or corporation Article by Jacob Stein

The most basic – and most important decision that a U.S. partner in an International Joint 
Venture (IJV) will need to make is whether the foreign business entity is a partnership or 
corporation. As difficult as this decision often is, with respect to domestic businesses, it is 
infinitely more difficult with respect to foreign entities.
For starters, the foreign jurisdiction will likely not even have “corporations” or “partnerships” at all, but a potpourri of strange-sounding entities that may or may not correspond to what we understand in the U.S. to be corporations or partnerships. For example, if the IJV will be located in Germany, will it be an “Aktiengesellschaft” or a “Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung” (“GmbH”), or something else? Needless to say, it is foolhardy to attempt to traverse this minefield without the assistance of knowledgeable local counsel. And let’s not forget that the decision whether or not the foreign entity will be a corporation or a partnership should be made from a U.S. not foreign point of view.
Jacob Stein
16000 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 1000
91436 Los Angeles, CA
T; +1-818-933-3838

European IPG delegates meet AL ROWAAD lawyers in Dubai

Following the IPG 2014 Autumn Conference, European IPG delegates were privileged to attend a welcoming party and a dinner at the kind invitation of Mrs. Awatif Khouri and Mr. Hassan Mohsen Elhais of AL ROWAAD lawyers on Monday, November 10, 2014.
Mrs. Awatif Khouri and Mr. Hassan Mohsen Elhais welcomed the IPG delegates to the Dubai office of AL ROWAAD where the participants held talks at a large conference room table sharing the delicious dessert specialities which were carefully chosen by the inviting party for the occasion. A boat trip followed, combined with the dinner served on the upper deck of the vessel cruising along the breath-taking Dubai creek.
Al Rowaad Advocates is IPG member and top-of-the-list Dubai law firm serving both international and domestic clients. 

Hassan Mohsen Elhais

Awatif Khouri
Mr. Hassan Mohsen Elhais & Mrs. Awatif Khouri
The H Hotel Office Tower 29th floor,
One Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
T: +971 4 3254000

Preparing to sell the business Article by Jonathan Silverman

Based on years of experience, Jonathan Silverman outlines the crucial aspects of preparing clients for the sale of their business.
More often than not, clients only approach their lawyers once a deal has been struck, yet it can be hugely beneficial to a client if the lawyer has earlier knowledge of a proposed disposal because there is much that we can do to help ensure a successful outcome.
I always keep in mind when acting for commercial clients that they might be contemplating a possible exit from the business at some point in the future, especially if the client is reaching retirement age or is a ‘serial entrepreneur’, who will likely have a strategy in mind.
Jonathan Silverman
7 Bath Place
EC2A 3DR London
T: + 44 (0)20 7749 2700

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Paris conference, Registration closed!
Thank you for those who have registered for the Paris conference. The registration has closed and there are no hotel rooms available anymore. Still want to join? Please send an email to ipg-paris2015@avexia.fr  and you will be place on the waiting list in case a room becomes available. Other questions: contact Mrs. Marianne KARLIN-BERNARD (Avexia Voyages) and her team +33 (or.24.27 /or 50.45) available from 09:30 am to 6:30 pm.
We are looking forward to a very successful Paris Conference!
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