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Lower shipping for CANADA!

lower alpaca wholesale shipping to CANADA

We're delighted to have so many great customers from CANADA!
The most common topic is the shipping cost from the U.S.
"What can we do about shipping?"
"How can we save on shipping?"
We have a NEW solution! ...
1. Create a qualifying order of $750 (USD) or more.
2. Enter Checkout Discount code at checkout:
to receive a $35 discount on order shipping.
The $750+ order size also qualifies you as a
Choice Alpaca Preferred Retailers for these benefits:
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In summary,
$750 (or more) order,
CANADA35at750 Discount Code at checkout.

Alpacadorables return - at discount!
The most requested item on 2017,
back in stock!
What a thing... we introduced these figurine/ornaments last summer and IMMEDIATELY sold out. Then had a heck of a time getting more even having to pay a lot more just to get the ones we did. 

After a bit of negotation we now have a volume agreement with the artisans and will be getting these all year in high volume, and at a new discount price! 
$8 each wholesale for these hand made ornaments. 
$17.95 suggested retail price.



Choice Socks in Stock!
Sorry for running out!

Our three original and "flagship" products are in stock:

* Superwarm Alpaca Socks
* OutdoorAdventure Alpaca Socks
* SlipperBootie Alpaca Socks

These top selling products which we've offered for over 10 years are a significant improvement over the old AFCNA Extreme Socks!

The Superwarm is the heaviest, warmest alpaca sock available.
The OutdoorAdventure has become our most popular product.
The SlipperBooties is a fun, warm and comfortable slipper style sock.

We started production earlier in 2017 but still ran short!
One mill is not enough so this year we have two mills making these super popular products. BOTH mills have yarn now, are filling in our stocks and will continue production throughout the year. 
We will be very well stocked in 2018!
Are you looking to ramp things up this year?
We're looking to grow with you!
We make it easy to expand your store! 
"Finance" your big order with us for just $30
  1. $750+ orders qualify and ship FREE!
  2. "Financing" is simply 6 automatic credit card installments
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  4. Your never "stuck" with product! Return anything up until NEXT april.
  5. Don't be left without! Many tell us their only mistake is they didn't order more.

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