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  February-March 2018
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  • The risk of toxic exposures during pregnancy
  • Tdap shot now recommended in every pregnancy
  • Vaccine carnage continues unabated
  • What is happening to our children’s health?
  • Impact of toxic exposures on brain development
  • Immune activation & aluminum toxicity
  • The science is not settled
  • Lifting the veil on vaccine corruption
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Events of Interest coming up
Stephanie Seneff coming to Toronto, March 27, 2018
Vaccine Choice Canada is proud to announce a special event featuring Stephanie Seneff Ph.D in Toronto on March 27, 2018 at 11 AM.  Dr. Seneff is an exceptional speaker, researcher and scientist who advocates for human health. She will be discussing the health impact of environmental toxicants, in particular glyhphosate and its relationship to many modern debilitating diseases. A panel discussion will follow.  A live-stream is available.  Details about time and location can be found at this link:
Vaccine Choice Canada at the Total Health Show – May 11-13, 2018

We are so pleased to have an information booth again at Total Health this year. It will be an exciting show featuring Del Bigtree, investigative medical journalist and producer of the documentary film Vaxxed.  The film will be shown, followed by Q & A session.  Del Bigtree will also speak on these topics:
  1. Understanding Vaccine Safety
  2. The Religion of Science
We look forward to seeing many of our members, friends and supporters at the show. Please visit our booth # 326 at the Toronto Convention Centre.
The risk of toxic exposures during pregnancy
While there has long been a universal caution about exposing pregnant mothers to untoward events, be it emotional upsets, fevers and flus or toxic exposures such as eating mercury contaminated fish, the thalidomide tragedy is remembered as the worst drug disaster in history. Considered by many a “pharmaceutical outrage”, the devastating sight of children born with severe deformities caused by a drug prescribed for nausea during pregnancy, is indelibly embedded in our collective memory. It’s believed that insiders knew the drug was dangerous but marketed it anyway - the epitome of pharmaceutical industry malfeasance.
Today the medical industry is recklessly pushing more and more vaccines on pregnant mothers.  Some multi-vial influenza vaccines still contain the ethyl mercury based preservative, thimerosal, while others contain aluminum adjuvants added to elicit strong immune activation.  Both chemicals are known neurotoxins that should never be injected into pregnant mothers.
Since vaccines are a protected class of drugs and the injuries they inflict are mostly denied, the vaccine industry is emboldened to target pregnant mothers. Even though flu vaccines are notoriously ineffective, vaccination in pregnancy is justified by doctors because febrile illnesses like influenza can increase the risk of autistic disorders and schizophrenia in years later.
David M. Ayoub, M.D. and F. Edward Yazbak, MD warned in this 2006 review article that “recommendation of influenza vaccination during pregnancy is not supported by citations in its own [regulatory agency] policy paper or in current medical literature”, and that the “potential risks of maternal and fetal mercury exposure [and] the administration of thimerosal during pregnancy is both unjustified and unwise”. Multi-vial flu vaccines can contain 250 times the amount of mercury the EPA classifies as a hazardous waste that can cause birth defects, adverse reproductive effects, and is a human reproductive toxin.
A recent review of the medical literature on influenza vaccines in pregnancy by the World Mercury Project (WMP) team warns, In women who had received the H1N1 vaccine in the previous flu season, the odds of having a miscarriage within 28 days were 7.7 times greater than in women who did not receive a flu shot during their pregnancy.” 
The WMP team also cites a 2016 study that found a “moderately elevated risk for major birth defects in infants born to women who had received a flu vaccine during the first trimester of pregnancy”, and a 2017 study found an “elevated risk of autism spectrum disorders in children whose mothers had a first trimester flu shot."

An influenza vaccine package insert states that, “Safety and effectiveness has not been established in pregnant women or nursing mothers and should only be given to a pregnant woman if clearly needed.” While damage is not necessarily overt or visible immediately, the risk of negative long term fallout on human health is clearly an issue. Injection of these neurotoxic drugs into pregnant mothers is nothing less than a form of reckless endangerment to both mother and child.
Tdap shot now recommended in every pregnancy
Throwing all caution to the wind, Canadian health officials have approved more vaccines in pregnancy. The recent recommendation that the 3 in 1 Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria & pertussis/whooping cough) vaccine should be given to women in every pregnancy defies all reason and violates the precautionary principle. The two brands of Tdap vaccines recommended by the National Advisory Committee on Vaccination (NACI) are Adacel and Boostrix.  Adacel contains 1500 micrograms of aluminum adjuvant while Boostrix contains 500 micrograms of aluminum.
While the intention of protecting infants from whooping cough in the first few months of life may seem noble, the detrimental impact of maternal immune activation (MIA) triggered by vaccination risks brain injury to the baby and is ignored by mainstream medicine.
Rather than inject large quantities of neurotoxic aluminum adjuvant with potential harm to both mother and child, why not recommend alternative treatments of the disease, like the highly effective use of vitamin C to mitigate the severe effects of whooping cough in babies and young children?
Right from their inception, pertussis (whooping cough) vaccines have had disastrous consequences. To recommend that all pregnant women get this shot is to ignore its dark history of neurological injuries, its ineffectiveness resulting in waning immunity, evolutionary shifts in the bacteria’s genome and carriage into the community by fully vaccinated, asymptomatic people who continue to spread the disease putting young infants at risk.
Pertussis vaccine dangers are well known historically. Catastrophic injuries from this vaccine were the basis of huge lawsuits in the United States that sent the vaccine industry howling for liability protection, which the American government granted in 1986 when it passed a law protecting vaccine manufacturers and vaccine providers in the U.S. from all liability when injuries occur. 
We’ll give James Lyons Weiler PhD, a concerned and outspoken scientist, the last word on the insanity of vaccinating pregnant mothers with this triple combo vaccine. In this analysis he decimates another “garbage” study trotted out by the Journal of Pediatrics claiming Tdap vaccination is safe in pregnancy.
Vaccine carnage continues unabated
Since the 1940s, when various formulas of DPT vaccine came into widespread use, it was known to trigger early childhood febrile (fever induced) seizures. Today in North America, 1 in 20 children under age five suffers from seizures while increasingly parents claim that vaccines triggered the seizure disorders.  As reported by the World Mercury Project recently, the number of vaccines associated with increased febrile seizure risk is substantial. These include:
  • Both measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) and measles-mumps-rubella-varicella (MMRV) vaccines (depending on the study);
  • The combination vaccine that includes antigens for diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis, polio and Haemophilus influenzae type b (DTaP-IPV-Hib);
  • The 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV7);
  • Trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine (when administered on the same day as either the PCV7 or DTaP vaccines);
  • H1N1 influenza vaccine; and
  • The more “reactogenic” DTP vaccine (diphtheria, tetanus and whole-cell pertussis) used in many low-resource countries.
A study found that children who experience seizures at the youngest ages are the most vulnerable to post-seizure neurological dysfunction. This is certainly not surprising since neuroscience confirmed decades ago that the immune system and brain are closely intertwined. The immune system plays an intimate role in brain development and when it is repeatedly over stimulated in the first 3 years of life, as vaccines are designed to do, the impact can be irreversible. Excessive immune activation during the first 3 years, a critical period of brain growth, can and does injure the child’s developing brain.
What is happening to our children’s health?
In depth reports from World Mercury Project (WMP) are providing us with insight into the many facets of the decline of children’s health in our society.
The Canadian childhood vaccine schedule is nearly identical to the U.S. but in Canada we do not have access to clear statistics on the increase in childhood disabilities as is the case south of the border. In the U.S. 1 in 7 children is affected by a disability;
“From the increased number of children requiring special education and related services to the increased number of health care professionals needed to care for children with chronic physical and mental health issues in the schools, school budgets are depleting rapidly. Fast-forward, when these children are adults, the workforce is affected, as is the housing industry. Every child with or without special needs is affected, just as every tax payer, with or without a child with special needs, will bear the burden.”  
In this article WMP links environmental toxins to childhood cancers and autism which have been rising parallel to each other.  We learn that there is an overlap in vulnerabilities to cancer and autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Studies show that both cancer and ASD share certain metabolic pathways as well as specific genes. They’ve found 43 specific genes involved in varieties of biological activities that are associated with autism susceptibility and also have associations with cancer.  While genetic vulnerabilities may increase risk of a disease, it usually takes an environmental insult to trigger it.
In the U.S, in children ages 1-14, cancer is “the top disease-related cause of death, second only to accidents among all causes of childhood mortality.” Leukemia and malignancies of the central nervous system are the most common types of childhood cancers.   WMP points out that, “one route of exposure to heavy metals and other toxic substances that begins prenatally and continues through adolescence is sitting in plain sight: the bloated U.S. vaccine schedule.”
Just this past year, a retrospective evaluation of the impact of DPT vaccines in Africa confirmed what many researchers have suspected for a long time, that the use of this 3 in 1 vaccine actually increased the death rate of children by 5 to 10 fold. Even if the vaccine prevented the specified diseases, diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis, it hugely increased susceptibility to dying from other causes.
Concerned doctors in India are reporting increased deaths in children who receive the new pentavalent (5 in 1) DPT+Hepatitis B+Hib vaccine. The Pentavalent vaccine (PV), which was introduced by India six years ago, doubled the deaths of children soon after vaccination, compared to the DPT (Diphtheria-Pertussis-Tetanus) vaccine, says a new study that calls for a “rigorous review of the deaths following vaccination with PV”.
Impact of toxic exposures on brain development
Scientists have been warning for years that widespread chemical exposures from an increasingly toxic environment is damaging human health. In particular, it is the children who bear the brunt of exposure to the thousands of chemicals that have been released into the environment resulting in what some call a “global, silent pandemic of neurodevelopmental toxicity.”  Of the more than 80,000 pesticides, solvents and other industrial chemicals in widespread use in North America, few have been tested for their toxic effects on children’s brain development.
A recent consensus statement from Project TENDR (Targeting Environmental Neuro-Developmental Risks) is a call to action to reduce widespread exposures to chemicals that interfere with children’s brain development.  It warns that children are at an “unacceptably high risk of developing neurodevelopmental disorders that affect the brain and nervous system including autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, intellectual disabilities, and other learning and behavioral disabilities. They say it is urgent we find ways to reduce exposures to neurotoxic chemicals in order to “protect healthy brain development so that current and future generations can reach their fullest potential.” TENDR asserts that the current system for making health-based decisions about environmental chemicals is “fundamentally broken”.
Philip Landrigan and Philippe Grandjean are scientists whose research has focused on chemicals that threaten children’s health and ability to develop normally. They believe that a “silent pandemic” of toxins has been damaging the brains of children in early life.
They cite 12 chemicals—substances found in both the environment and everyday items like furniture and clothing which they believe are causing lower IQs as well as ADHD and autism spectrum disorders. Both fluoride and mercury are on their list of damaging chemicals.
“Our very great concern,” say Grandjean and Landrigan “is that children worldwide are being exposed to unrecognized toxic chemicals that are silently eroding intelligence, disrupting behaviors, truncating future achievements and damaging societies."

This thoughtful article by a medical doctor discusses concerns that fluoride in drinking water could be potentiating the toxic neurological effects of aluminum in vaccines.
It is now widely accepted that toxic chemical exposures derived from the external environment in early life can lead to neurobehavioral and development disorders which currently affect 10 to 15 percent of births.  They state;
“The developing human brain is uniquely vulnerable to toxic chemical exposures, and major windows of developmental vulnerability occur in utero and during infancy and early childhood.  During these sensitive life stages, chemicals can cause permanent brain injury at low levels of exposure that would have little or no adverse effect in an adult.”
They call for the testing of all new chemicals and those in existing use for developmental neurotoxicity.
Unfortunately these scientists have yet to address the impact of neurotoxic chemicals delivered by injectable vaccines to which most children are subjected today. They haven’t yet touched the enormous danger of injected aluminum adjuvants used in many pediatric vaccine which we now know can be transported into the brain by immune cells where they cause chronic inflammation and injury to the developing brain.
Immune activation & aluminum toxicity
Talking about ‘untested chemicals’, the myriad biochemical compounds vaccines are made with have never been tested for the synergistic and cumulative health impact on the children into whom they are injected.  One can safely say that the injection of these compounds during the most critical early years of immune system and brain development, is a vast uncontrolled medical experiment which the public is told to accept without question or risk being branded a vaccine heretic.
Researchers are now discovering that aluminum adjuvants in vaccines can be transported by immune cells across the blood brain barrier (BBB) into the brain provoking ongoing inflammation and varying degrees of brain injury. The highest quantities are injected into the young child’s fragile micro-environment during these highly sensitive early years of accelerated brain growth. There are no studies in humans proving this is safe.  Experimental animal studies however have consistently shown that injection of aluminum adjuvants provokes excessive immune activation that results in brain injuries.
The scientific evidence is compelling. Aluminum adjuvanted vaccines, administered early and often as per the North American childhood schedule, are igniting immune activation events resulting in brain inflammation, and disruption of the normal trajectory of brain development.  The immune and neurological systems are inextricably linked.  When the immune system is repeatedly pushed into excessive inflammation (as happens with vaccination) during critical windows of brain growth, it spells disaster, resulting in varying degrees of brain injuries, including autism.
The science is not settled
In sharp contrast to the vaccine establishment’s reassurances about vaccine safety, the emerging science based on new and precise technologies reveals how aluminum adjuvants can end up in the brain like a Trojan horse, provoking ongoing inflammation, disrupting normal brain development and function.
J.B. Handley, parent of a vaccine injured child with autism has been following this emerging science closely for many years. In this article he guides us through recent discoveries of aluminum adjuvant toxicity and how nano-particles of aluminum migrate into the brain to cause ongoing havoc.
J.B. writes, For anyone trying to convince the world that ‘the science is settled and vaccines don’t cause autism’, the study’s findings are deeply contradictory to that statement.” He’s referring to a recently published British study which found record amounts of aluminum in the brains of deceased autistic youth. The aluminum was picked up by immune cells called macrophages at vaccine injection sites, then transported across the blood brain barrier and deposited in the brain where it provokes ongoing inflammation and damage.
Macrophages are the immune system’s cleanup crew, eating up and disposing of foreign substances and cell debris and depositing it in various parts of the body.  As the immune system's front line scavenger cells, macrophages pick up injected aluminum from the injection site and escort it to various organs, including the brain. Christopher Exley Ph.D, world renowned aluminum toxicity expert stated;
“Now, because I have seen the same cells that we will see at an injection site carrying a cargo of aluminum into the brain tissue of individuals who died with autism I would now say that we have to think very carefully about who receives a vaccine that includes an aluminum adjuvant. We need to think carefully, is this vaccine a life-saving vaccine or not? If it isn’t, don’t have it with an aluminum adjuvant.”

J.B. Handley’s recent post at the Age of Autism blog provides a video clip and commentary from Christopher Exley that is juxtaposed with the testimony of a U.S. pediatrician who seems not to know the difference between the low level toxicity of ingested aluminum from environmental exposures (which the body mostly clears) and the man-made aluminum nano-particle adjuvants designed to create inflammation when injected into the body where it remains biologically active for years.
What parents must understand is that it’s not just toxic exposures from the external environment that threatens children’s normal brain development.  We must wake up to the profound risk of injecting highly inflammatory neurotoxic substances into children’s fragile internal micro-environment during critical windows of rapid brain growth occurring in fetal life and the early years.
Lifting the veil on vaccine corruption
Vera Sharav is surely one of the most passionate and outspoken advocates for the rights of medical research subjects.  The biggest load of vaccines is injected into young children, often starting at birth, during the most critical time of brain and immune system development. Because the densely packed vaccine schedule has never been studied for its synergistic and cumulative long term health effects and because no independent studies have compared the long term health of vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, vaccination is a defacto medical experiment.

As a Holocaust survivor, Sharav is distrustful of authority, and is a fierce critic of the medical establishment. She is the founder and President of the Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP), whose mission as a public interest watchdog group, is to act as a catalyst for public debate, and “unlock the walls of secrecy in biomedical research, to bring accountability to that endeavor.” She has fought and won many battles protecting the rights of disadvantaged people who would otherwise have been prey to medical industry experimentation.
Vera’s exhaustive report, Vaccine Program: Betrayal of Public Trust and Institutional Corruption is a compelling exposé of the pathological corruption in the powerful vaccine lobby in which she names and analyses its many influential players; the vaccine industry, government officials, regulatory agencies, international NGOs that promote vaccines and industry front groups that spread vaccine propaganda. In appendix 9 of her report she writes;
“The most lucrative areas of medicine are the most corrupted by financial conflicts of interest. Our recent focus continues to be the untouchable subject; namely, the largely corrupted vaccine information base. The history of vaccines has been fashioned by eradicating inconvenient historical facts.”

Ms. Sharav asks the key question we must all ask in order to protect children from a medical procedure that has never been honestly evaluated for the real risks it poses and the as yet unquantified cost to human health:
"Are children’s rights to a normal life being sacrificed as collateral damage to protect high utilization of vaccines?"
Sharav shows how the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the vaccine industry control vaccine safety assessments, control the science of vaccines, and control the scientific and mass channels of information about vaccines.
These primary stakeholders gained control by forming an international web of collaborating institutional consortia which they fund and are named in Appendix 9 of her report.  She writes,
Through an elaborate network of collaborative partnerships, the vaccine industry gained global control of vaccine safety assessments, which are applied as the single standard, used mostly to rule out a causal relationship between vaccination and serious adverse events following vaccination. These centrally controlled assessments are applied indiscriminately in all cases, disregarding individual human susceptibility factors.”
This means that when vaccine adverse reactions occur, they are systematically downplayed and discounted by medical practitioners who are taught that most adverse events following vaccination are a “coincidence” and are not linked to the vaccine(s) a person has received.
“The financial interest of these collaborating partnerships conflicts with the tenets of medical ethics and scientific integrity – such as transparency and independent assessment of the data. The consequences of these collaborative partnerships are demonstrated by evidence of corrupt vaccine safety assessments; evidence of harm following vaccination is either concealed or defined as non-related; journal publications are corrupted by fraudulent reports, and honest scientific findings are suppressed. The entire web of vaccine stakeholder- collaborations is geared toward issuing uniform vaccine safety pronouncements that promote vaccination policies crafted to ensure high vaccination rates, translating to ever higher profit margins.”

An omnipresent propaganda arm of this international consortium and its network of trolls attacks individuals and organizations who raise questions about vaccine safety, coupled with blind and deaf media also controlled and financed by the same players, we now find ourselves a society of people forbidden to speak about vaccines or to question vaccine safety without risking public censure and ridicule.  A 100% blackout on any reasonable or ‘balanced’ discussion about vaccination ensures that the latest findings in the sciences of immunology and neurology are blocked from reaching the public through mainstream media.
Our great challenge as concerned citizens, is to expose the lies, the subterfuge, the suppression of emerging science and the political inertia that drives this vaccine train wreck. We must employ the most effective strategies to awaken the public and stop this reckless endangerment government health agencies are engaged in.
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