Volume 7, Number 12                                                                                          October 2015
From the Editor
The Man Behind the Mask
If your childhood was anything like mine, Halloween always involved heading down to Kmart or some other discount department store to select a boxed Ben Cooper costume.  Manufactured from the nineteen-thirties through the nineteen-eighties, Ben Cooper costumes were little more than a plastic mask and a vinyl smock, but for just a few dollars, you could quickly transform into your favorite pop culture character.  Superman.  Wonder Woman.  Darth Vader.  Strawberry Shortcake.  Over the years, there were hundreds of costumes to choose from, from Donald Duck to Farrah Fawcett.

There was a Ben Cooper costume for just about every popular movie and television character, and as a result, there were some pretty weird costumes.  Did kids really dress up as Mr. Kotter from Welcome Back Kotter, Tattoo from Fantasy Island, Chachi from Happy Days, Shirley Feeney from Laverne and Shirley or The Beverly Hillbillies’ Granny Clampett?  Some must have, because all of these costumes were on store shelves in the seventies and eighties.  One could even go trick-or-treating dressed as an Atari Asteroid, a Rubik’s Cube, Colonel Sanders or one of the Village People. 

A lot of folks assume that we nudists don’t like to dress up for Halloween, but nothing could be farther from the truth.  I find that Halloween is one of our most popular holidays, perhaps because it’s the last big event of the season at many clubs.  A few members attend their club’s Halloween party in full costume, but most opt to wear a single component of a costume, such as a cape, a wig or a crown.
I think I’ll celebrate Halloween old-school this year, and just wear one of my Ben Cooper masks, so don’t be surprised if you spot a nudist Cylon, a nudist Alf or a nudist Transformer at your club’s Halloween party.   Or maybe I’ll stick with my Darth Vader mask.  I think I still have the vinyl cape and a nudist Darth Vader sounds pretty cool, right?
News from the Eastern Region
Halloween Events
There's plenty of spooky fun to be found in the Eastern Region this month!
On Friday, October 30th Whispering Pines hosts its popular golf cart "trick or drink" tour of the grounds, and then there’s a treasure hunt and costume contest on Saturday, October 31st.

Bell Acres Resort hosts its annual Halloween costume party on Saturday, October 31st.
White Tail Resort’s haunted house opens October 17th  and remains open on weekends through Halloween.  Lots of other spooky events are in store for guests!
Remember to visit our events calendar and follow our Facebook page for a complete list of upcoming AANR-East events!  
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