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Misconstrued or Bald Face Lie? 

Ever participate in a parade with an inexperienced parade planner?   First mistake they make is to not put the horses at the end of the parade and the marching band gets to dodge the horse poop.  That came to mind as we watched the Tulsa County Sheriff s Office spokesman doing the similar unenviable job of cleaning up after his boss, the embattled Sheriff Stanley Glanz, after remarks made at a graduation ceremony for cadets from the most recent CLEET class.

Glanz claimed FBI agents warned him that Black Lives Matter organizations were doing demonstrations at state fairs so the graduating cadets were not going to be used at the Tulsa State Fair.  Of course the entire reserve deputy program has been suspended until an operational assessment is conducted following the massive problems that surfaced after the shooting of a subdued, unarmed man by reserve deputy Robert Bates.  A Tulsa Grand Jury is now investigating the Tulsa County Sheriffs Office and Glanz is to appear next week to testify.

Bates pleaded not guilty to second degree manslaughter in the killing, saying he confused his handgun with his Taser, fatally shooting the subdued suspect in the back at close range while two other officers held the man on the ground.

Sheriff Office spokeman Justin Green said that Sheriff Glanz attended a briefing on Thursday that brought up a peaceful protest by the Black Lives Matter movement at  Minnesota state fair, admitting that no credible threats have been made against anyone in the Tulsa County Sheriffs Office, saying that the information about the peaceful protests had been “misconstrued”.

Deputy Justin Green, who serves as Sheriff’s Office spokesman, said Glanz had attended a briefing earlier Thursday. One of the topics that came up was a peaceful protest conducted by members of the national Black Lives Matter movement at a state fair in Minnesota.

We have a problem with the use of that word.   Misconstrued means to misinterpret someone’s words wrongly.   Glanz might well have misunderstood something in a briefing, but as there was no other credible threats one would have to be brain dead to believe that Glanz wasn’t flat out lying about the protest movement being responsible for the reserve deputies not working the Tulsa State Fair.

Far more likely is that Glanz is grasping at straws, truly worried over being called in before the Grand Jury next week and is attempting to divert the oncoming train wreck or curry sympathy for his corrupt rule.    So far 19 current of former department employees have testified before the Grand Jury including the ones that were thrown under the buss after allegations over falsified records, intimidation of training supervisors, and special treatment that kept Robert Bates on the reserve force despite training and qualification issues.


Americans for Limited Government

Konawa Tea Party

(4th) Tuesday September 22, 2015 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Kennedy Library - The Dougan Room

Konawa School, 701 W South Street


This month’s speakers are Rep. Mike Turner, Senate District 31 candidate Jet McCoy and Steve Byas, Editor of the Oklahoma Constitution


Next month’s speakers are Kathrine White, the former Ada Tea Party leader, and Sooner Tea Party leader Al Gerhart


Europe’s Final Hours?


If you really want to get to the bottom of the “refugee crisis” in Europe watch this video where a Muslim iman explains exactly what is behind the flood of military age men into the EU.

The guy doesn’t mince words, he flat out says that this is an invasion intended to overwhelm Europe and breed with European women until there are enough Muslims to conquer Europe.

If you watch these videos you will see Muslims throwing away food and water because it is distributed by the Red Cross or isn’t “halal” or blessed by Muslim imams.  Notice the age and sex of the vast majority of “refugees” in the videos.


This video was pretty funny as it was French leftists seeing their freshly cooked donated food plundered from their van and then seeing their donated canned food dumped on the ground because it was past the sell by date.  Lots of companies will donate food during emergencies by dumping their obsolete food stocks, there were tractor trailer loads distributed during the Moore tornado disaster a few years back, I hauled tons of out of date food from distribution centers to churches and relief kitchens.  Best by dates are for freshness and quality, to prevent consumers disliking a product because the food is a bit stale, not because the food isn’t fit to eat.

It has always been a mystery why liberals support the Muslims anyway.  Islamic Law is brutal and oppressive to women, gays, heck, brutal to anyone except Muslim men that believe exactly what the Muslims in power believe and there are various sects within the “religion” itself that brings about horrific acts. 

Muslims are even raping women and children in the refugee camps, a practice we are told is allowed by the Koran.   Here is a link to a translated copy of a letter sent to German officials warning of the rapes and asking for a safe place for the women refugees.  And who could forget the case of Muslims throwing Christians overboard into the sea a few months back?  It isn’t that Muslims might be dangerous, they are dangerous.  If they consider their own women and children as having zero rights how will they view European and American women?  I had a conversation with an older Iraqi Muslim a few years back about their attitude toward women.  His view was that an unaccompanied woman in a restaurant or movie theater was fair game as she was flouting Islamic Law.  He considered them as sluts and whores if they weren’t accompanied by a male relative and yes he was referring to American women on American soil.  Couple that with the Muslim view of rape as damaging an asset, not a crime against the woman, but diminishing her value to the family to the point she is likely to be stoned to death after being raped.


And where are the environmentalists and the greenies?   Look at the amazing trail of garbage left behind this “migration”, including donated items such as unopened boxes of baby diapers, car seats, clothing, infant formula, meaning there are dang few babies or small children involved.




Hopefully you watched the videos because despite what the mainstream media is saying the vast majority of “refugees” are military age males, between 16 and 20 according to the Gatestone Institute, making up 80% of all refugees arriving in Germany.  The U.N. agrees, 71% of the “migrants” flooding into Europe are between 20 and 30 years old, 15% are kids, 13% are women.  Hungarian officials estimate that up to 35 million Muslims might follow the recent wave of illegal aliens and shift the population to predominately Muslim.

Closer to home we hear of Obama’s plans to settle 85,000 Syrians next year, adding to the 500,000 Obama has brought into the U.S. since he took office.  Like in Europe we will see a swarm of young men, most carrying no ID cards or fake ID cards, bullying their way into line.  Mainstream media will tell you that these are refugees fleeing from war but the wars in the Middle East have been going on for decades so why the sudden flood?

There is some isolated pushback in the U.S. Congress by Texan Congressmen but the likelyhood of an meaningful opposition to Obama’s plan to resettle tens of thousands of military age Muslims in the U.S. is unlikely to gain support of the Republican Congressional leadership.  Obama of course had a huge hand in creating the current crisis when he pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan prematurely according to his own military commanders, creating a flood of illegals streaming into Europe and soon to invade America.

Resettlement costs are expected to top one billion dollars plus the welfare benefits given to refugees who have been streaming into 190 cities across the U.S. at a rate of 70,000 per year.  Obama has asked that the rate increase to 85,000 next year and 100,000 in 2017.


Clock?  Looks Like a Bomb to Me


Initially I was sympathetic to the young Muslim man in Texas who was arrested for bringing a “bomb” to school, simply because the leading stories didn’t show the actual picture of the device.   Digging deeper into the story it became clear that while the cops did over react to the situation the teachers certainly had every reason to report the device to authorities.  I’m no fan of zero tolerance idiocy in schools, a toddle being suspended for chewing his pop tart into the shape of a gun comes to mind, but the story was so misleading, , claiming the kid built the clock himself instead of the truth that the kid dismantled an old low voltage radio shack clock and added a transformer and  power cord, and Lord knows what that red item bolted to the lid is supposed to be.

What was even more interesting was watching Hardball’s Chris Mathews defend the teachers on the Bill Maher show.  I kind of like Bill, he has courage to call B.S. on things being mindlessly supported by the media sometimes so I wasn’t surprised to see him stand with the teachers.


 Another thing the media isn't saying is that the kid's father has political aspirations and might have put the kid up to his to draw attention.

Locals have commented on stories that the kid was plugging the device into wall outlets, having fun startling other students, which is what lead to the arrest and detention on fake bomb charges.  The kid ignored repeated warnings that the device might make other students apprehensive then when the police showed up the kid refused to talk to the police.

Clock?  Looks more like a bomb to me.  Given the savagery coming out of the Muslim religion we think the teachers did the right thing in reporting the incident.  Meanwhile CAIR, the organization that the FBI is prohibited from working with because of their terror connections, including being labeled a terror organization by some Middle Eastern Muslim countries, is milking the story for all it is worth and screaming islamaphobia and racism.

In the end the kid is a fraud, didn’t make a clock from components, just dismantled a 70’s era clock, put it in a small case, and tried to pass it off as his own creation.  But all so useful for the liberals and Muslim apologists but for this the kid gets invited to the White House and scholarship offers?

Michael Ford's Next Vision for Tulsa County GOP?

Ethnic Cleansing Next up for the Tulsa County GOP?

There is a good story on Sooner Politics about Tulsa County GOP Chairman Michael Ford’s efforts to remove conservatives from the Tulsa GOP party.  Ford is a former staffer of the former state chairman David Weston who was defeated soundly at the 2015 GOP State Convention, winning barely 30% of the vote.  Less than 30% of his votes came from his own county, and less than 25% of his votes came from other counties.

Ford of course was one of the vicious dogs that were tearing at State Chairman Randy Brogdon, more worried about  throwing dirt at Brogdon and working behind the scenes to damage the conservative wing of the Republican Party than winning elections.   Ford had the audacity to blame Brogdon for the loss of the David Dank seat, a seat that had been in Republican hands since the 60’s, despite the fact that the District was in Oklahoma County and was the responsibility of the Oklahoma County GOP, not the State GOP.  But there as in Tulsa County the local officials were too busy damaging Brogdon to concern themselves with an election.

Ford went so far as to post on social media comments that promised to “punish” conservative Republicans,  saying that only REAL REPUBLICANS (Code word for RINOs) be allowed to hold Party office:

"Mini-Me"   Michael Ford   and former GOP Chairman Matt Pinnel

   "I also agree that we should definitely punish harder by making sure we don’t ever allow the same mistake on October 11th, or at future conventions. We need to elect REAL REPUBLICANS as Party officers, not libertarians.”

According to the Sooner Politics blog Tulsa County precinct chairmen are reporting that precinct official information is being withheld from those that call the Tulsa County GOP, after realizing that the Tulsa County website no longer provided that information.   The Tulsa County GOP refused to give out the contact information or names of the precinct officials, stating that everyone would have to go through Michael Ford to get that information.  Unprecedented, against State Party rules, a bald faced attempt to control who volunteers for the GOP and who controls the individual precincts.

Ford has also broken his campaign promise to hold quarterly meetings of the County Executive Committee, using an “advisory committee” of his handpicked appointees to run the Party, again in violation of State GOP rules.  Those meetings have been moved to an undisclosed private location instead of being held at the Tulsa GOP headquarters and Ford has refused to notify County Executive Committee members of the meetings, again in violation of State GOP rules.

This does not bode well for the upcoming Presidential elections.  Trump is going to be the nominee and he is going to bring in a slew of new blood, people that have been driven out of politics by people like Michael Ford, Dave Weston,  and Oklahoma County GOP leaders like Estela Hernandez, Daren Ward, and Evelyn McCoy.   Ford is going to alienate a lot of new Republicans with his tyrannical rule.   People are sick of the RINOs, rejecting any Presidential candidate that is a career politician, yet here we have the leader of the second largest county in Oklahoma fighting tooth and nail to keep stale RINO political hacks in control of the GOP while a popularly elected state chairman is driven out of office by unrelenting personal attacks.

Lets just hope Tulsa County GOP Chairman Micheal Ford doesn't extend the same tactics to Asians, Hispanics, or Blacks that contact the Tulsa County GOP.    We all remember former State Chairman Matt Pinell attempting to throw black Republicans out of meetings and the final nail in the Republican Party would be to be labeled as racist along with intolerant of conservatives.



Soft on Crime Part II

Soft on Crime Mary

Working For You or Working For Corporate Interests?

 The Watchman


While researching this story we found that most of the coverage was done from her political base in the more liberal parts of Oklahoma like Tulsa and Southern Oklahoma. One of the most interesting things we noted was that the sister station to OKC Channel 9 was Tulsa Channel 6 did not share a lot of information between themselves..


.This item of interest was found OCPA’s Trent England applauds new Corrections reforms. In fact this is the reason we researched and decided to write this story. We must ask why the Governor has turned soft on crime. Why does she insist on putting the lives of Oklahomans in danger?


To answer that question we must go back through her terms as Governor and show you she is doing nothing but responding to political correctness as defined by the liberal establishment. The first documentation of this was found here COMMENTARY: Don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good. If you were to open this and read it you would see where she vetoed pension reform simply because her recommendation never got past the discussion phase. Friends that’s a temper tantrum.


The next item of interest we found was this Corrections Corporation of America Political Action Committee | 2012 PAC Committee. This is only one of two civilian corrections companies that are paid better than ninety five million dollars a year to house state prisoners. Those corporations also get there pick about which inmates they’ll take. Needless to say they take the healthiest and leave the elderly and infirmed for the state prisons to manage at a naturally higher cost yet it was one of those private prisons where five prisoners were killed earlier this year. Are they going to pick up the bill for the wrongful death law suits sure to follow?


 The next item of interest we found was this COMMENTARY: Smart-ALEC? OK Gov. Mary Fallin is no Thomas Jefferson. Reading this article we couldn’t help to wonder how much gall this woman has. She was correct in saying that America has too much government, but as Governor of the State of Oklahoma all she has done is to increase the size of government. We guess she feels that we are too dumb to notice anyway, but she’s wrong. She’s just another politician that you can’t trust a single word that comes out of her mouth.


Then we found this article Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin accused of violating Open Records Act | News OK. It appears that the Governor had a falling out with a former staff member in her Tulsa office and the record is indicating she was fired for cause. We were unable to find a determination on the outcome of the case, but this appears to be something high school girls would do and is unbecoming of a Governor of any state much less Oklahoma.


We got a good laugh out of this article Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin criticizes Washington for inaction | News OK. As Chairwoman of the National Governors Association she did what she was supposed to do, and little more. She parlayed her words in government political correctness which gave them all the effect of whoopee cushion on hemorrhoids.


Then we found this article The Okie » Fallin Comments On Common Core Deal. This comment is so full of liberal political correctness that it’s almost enough to make a person sick. Here she is telling the residents of the state that we must raise standards and rigors and maintain local control. That is something most of us can agree with, yet in 2010 we weren’t given a choice. It took four years of continuous badgering by the public before she finally heard us. Does she need hearing aids? She said this on March 24th of 2014.


Then we found this in a document at the National Governors Association dated Jan 15th, 2014. It’s thinking like this that has America on her knees now.

then there is her America Works initiative for the NGA where she reinforces the need for Common Core (nationalized) standards in order to prepare students for jobs - not life, but JOBS by saying, "As demand for skilled workers continues to rise, governors are playing an increasingly pivotal role in aligning state's education and training resources with the needs of their growing economies."  Yes, Governor Fallin believes in the Communist notion of Human Capital (Governor Mary Fallin Oklahoma schools such as Oklahoma City University are providing the energy industry with the human capital needed to support rapid industry growth #‎GEC2013). 

In fact, Governor Fallin "...Comes to Common Core's Defense in NGA Speech" just as recently as January 15th of this year!

The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma Governor Releases NGA Initiative Report - NewsOn6.com - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - KOTV.com |. This report only confirms that Governor Fallin believes in the communist notion of human capital. Strangely enough in recent years this has also become the believe of the National and Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. That’s not what freedom means to us.


Despite her best efforts, a bill was finally passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support to overturn the Common Core State Standards. You can read the article here Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin Signs Bill to Repeal, Replace Common Core Standards. There was a question as to whether or not the Governor would sign the legislation. A portion of the bill that needs to change is the Oklahoma Department of Commerce has a say in deciding the course of study for our students. They should be nowhere near this. This is something of a relic of the Common Core State Standards.


Now there was an election in 2010 where Oklahomans were asked if they wanted Obamacare to come to Oklahoma. The answer was a resounded NO. So why did we see this article Oklahoma governor applies for federal grant provided by Obamacare | News OK published in August of 2014. Has this Governor Fallin under the spell of Obama and decided she can do as she pleases? Why can’t she respect the wishes of the Voters?


The next item we found of interest was this Turner disappointed in Veto of HB 2539 - News - The Daily Ardmoreite - Ardmore, OK Truth Test: Governor Mary Fallin's Campaign Ad Paid For By Repub - NewsOn6.com - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports -. This becomes even more vital later in this article because of the danger this Governor has placed every Oklahoman in due to her Soft on Crime attitude she has adopted.


The next item of interest we found was this Truth Test: Governor Mary Fallin's Campaign Ad Paid For By Repub - NewsOn6.com - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - .This is a report we view with skepticism. This is a report that comes out of the Governors home area and they did little to disprove the items in the report. We were unable to locate a duplicate report from any of the Oklahoma City media.


The next item of interest we found was this 2015 Legislative Preview: Fallin's successes in 2014 session overshadowed by setbacks on education policy - Tulsa World: Gover. This article actually referred to those parents, educators and legislators who fought to repeal the Common Core State Standards as “Insurgents.” So now the Tulsa World would lead everyone that doesn’t believe in the dumbing down of our children are radicals. Maybe they should take their liberal leanings elsewhere.


We knew and told you about an earlier piece of pro-gun legislation that the Governor had vetoed, but then we found this article NRA-ILA | Oklahoma: Governor Mary Fallin Vetoes Pro-Gun, Self-Defense Legislation. This is unbelievable. She has good ratings from the NRA, but their ratings aren’t reliable. This is from their legislative affairs branch and is more accurate. She is beginning to look like an anti-gun nut.


The next item of interest we found was this Enterprise Holdings, Inc. Political Action Committee | Campaign Spending. This organization contributed to the Governors campaign, as well as many others. The problem is they are contributing for control. They actually contribute about equally between the two parties. You can open the link and see exactly who they contributed to and how much. It’s worth your time.


The next item of interest we found was this Special Report: How Actions by Governor’s Staff Led to Weakened State Justice Reforms | Oklahoma Watch. Most of this story played out in 2012. That was when former Speaker Kris Steele and Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater tried to basically hijack the reforms and the Governor brought it to a stop leaving Kris Steele looking for a job. This, despite the report, needed to happen.


Then we found this article Governor Mary Fallin rebuffs Justice Reinvestment implementation funds | The City Sentinel. This in itself proves that the legislature and the Governor are soft on crime. The people of the State of Oklahoma got a reprieve when former Speaker Steele tried to manipulate the laws and place himself in charge of everything.



The next article we found is this Governor Mary Fallin commends new head of state's prison system - KSWO, Lawton, OK- Wichita Falls, TX: News, Weather, Sports.  Now why is she commending him when he hasn’t accomplished anything yet? Sure she wants him to work with her and he should. The only thing we’ve seen out of him so far is the death of five prisoners in a private prison. You don’t commend someone until they accomplish something..


For as long as anyone of us can remember the Department of Corrections has always had to come back to the state legislature for supplemental funding. So we must ask why did it take the Governor five years to ask for this Gov. Fallin Questions Department of Corrections' Budget - News9.com - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |. Could part of this be the annual budget underfunding of the Department? We don’t know, but it seems strange that this happens in the two years that your new Director of the Department of Corrections has been there. This article only gives us the two years, so it’s possible to be a systemic problem.


The next item of interest we found was this Gov. Mary Fallin requests audit of Oklahoma Corrections Department. This is actually a prudent move. This will give the Governor and the Legislature an accurate idea as to how long this has been going on at the DOC.


The next item of interest we found was this Department of Corrections funding hike expected for Gov. Mary Fallin's proposed budget - Tulsa World: Capitol Report. We found this to be remarkably optimistic on the part of the Department of Corrections. We concede that this was made before the budget funding projections were made, but reality is the state will have somewhere between $600 million and a $1 billion dollar shortfall in next year’s budget. The legislature violated the State Constitution last session to try and fill some of the gap in the budget by taking funds from the unclaimed property of citizens that they are by law required to hold in trust. They did however come up with $50 million dollars to fund two museums that only benefit Tulsa and Oklahoma City property developers. So much respect for the working man’s tax dollar.


This is where we, the citizens of Oklahoma have been betrayed. When the Governor killed the Corrections reform two years ago we all let our guard down. The law was still on the books, it just needed to be implemented. Then we found this Oklahoma Corrections Board OKs Sentencing Reform | Times Record . This article is dated September 11, 2015. They estimated that up to 190 inmates would be released almost immediately and up to 400 by the end of the year. These aren’t your non-violent offenders either. Included in those being released are murderers, rapist and child molesters. What in the hell are these people thinking. Veto two self-protection bills and then turn the scum of the earth out on our streets. That is pure lunacy.


The last article we found of interest was this Mary Fallin received $90,000 so far from private prison interests for her campaign. Sen. Barrington, who is stonewalling hearing Sen. Johnson's bill, had $9,500. Be sure to let them know how you feel.

One thing you have to understand is the link is no longer operational so we were lucky to find this. The contract between the DOC and private prisons requires a 95% capacity level. That prison could be sitting there empty, but they are still going to get paid for those 95% of beds. You also must remember that the only reason you have private prisons is the sheer lack of political will to build them and man them by the state. Building additions to current State owned facilities is the perfect opportunity to teach inmates a usable trade and for them to obtain their licenses if needed. All the state would need to do is supply the material.


We cannot say that Governor Fallin is working for us the Citizens of Oklahoma. She is working on an agenda of her own that is to seek more power through an appointment in Washington D.C following her term limiting. She has failed us. She has deceived us. The evidence is there.