September 21, 2013
Hi Cat Lover!

Today I'm going to share some information and
links with you about the flooding in Colorado.
This is news all over the world, so if you live
outside the U.S., I'll bet you have heard about it.

Here are some stories plus some links to sites where
you can help if you can:

  Video on my site...
  Pet friendly rescues in Colorado...
  Cat saves the day for flood victims...

Cat food news...
  Help PetFlow help the flood victims in Colorado.
A few smiles for you...
  World's largest, oldest, and longest fur cats...
  Pet cemeteries not just for pets?


Remembering the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina in
2005, a lot of animals perished for lack of rescue,
and some people died also, because they would not
leave their pets behind.

Colorado is already a pet-friendly state, and they
don't want to see anything like that happen again.

This time, hundreds of pets have been pulled to safety
along with their people. All are welcome at shelters,
though many have had to go to local animal shelters
if their people were unable to care for them.

(See the video on my website:
Give it time to load, as it has some advertising in
it I can't get rid of.)

Here is an article showing how Colorado is conducting
a massive pet friendly rescue:

Cat saves the day for flood victims - you'll like this

You can help animals affected by the Colorado flooding:

Make a donation as small or as large as you are able.


Animals need our help in Colorado:

While aid is pouring into the state for all humans
affected by the disaster, animals are usually the
last concern.  

The pet food company, PetFlow, has undertaken a massive
effort, as they did after Hurricane Sandy, to help the
rescued animals temporarily housed at the Weld County
Humane Society, where they are in dire need of dog and
cat food for the many animals they have received to
care for.

If you can give, just place an order to be sent directly
to the shelter, where they will distribute the products to
those in need as well as to other shelters that may be low
on supplies.

The Weld County Humane Society is currently caring for nearly
300 animals!

Please use coupon code COLORADO39 for Free Shipping
on any $39 order.  Orders placed with this coupon code will
be prioritized and shipped immediately.

Use this special link to place your order:

And use the following address as the "Ship To" Address:

Weld County Humane Society
1620 42nd Street
Evans, Colorado, 80620
970-506-9550 will be sending additional care packages to
Colorado in addition to those orders that are being placed.


World's largest living cat:

Britain's oldest cat approaches 28th birthday:

Thanks to Jean for this story!

Colonel Meow sets record for longest fur:

Pet Cemeteries Allowing Humans To Be Buried With Animals


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