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You’d have to be living under a stump somewhere to not know about the massive data breach of pervert/adultery website back in May and the slow motion train wreck that has got the 35 million dirt bag cheaters just waiting for the ax to drop after the hackers threatened to release the info if the website didn’t shut down.
Why  Because of the connotation and obvious similarities that come to mind when you think of the fictional character and the real life Oklahoma House member.   Osborn was outed by the Sooner Tea Party way back in 2011 over a notorious affair with a fellow legislator, along with a half dozen of her fellow legislators.   No, no, just the one legislators we heard about , the other half dozen were having an affair with other people.  Get your mind out of the gutter!
Well they did just that last week, the entire 35 million profiles and associated address was dumped into the Dark Web and quickly exploded into cyberspace as tens of thousands of ordinary citizens downloaded a copy to see if they could find a co worker, a spouse, or even their own name on the lists.
The file was compressed, just about 10 gigs, but it expands into nearly 60 gigs once opened so few people will have the space available to decompress or even open the files which require some pretty sophisticated skills.
Then the second dump came a few days later, twice as much data, 20 gigs,  with tens of thousands of emails from company officers including sensitive emails about the IPO of the company which have the potential of some serious legal difficulties if the wrong things were discussed.  The original dump had numerous internal documents and data, intended to show that the data dump was the real thing.  The hackers claim to have another 300 gigabytes of data including personal messages and pictures that would wreck havoc if that data gets dumped as well.
Oklahoma City email suffix had a high number of email addresses using their servers along with which is the state website email system.  The City of Oklahoma City quickly began spinning the news claiming their distinction came about by people posting the emails on in retaliation.  Really?   Someone is going to that much trouble to sign someone up on cheater website in anticipation that the site might get hacked in the future?  The data fields have an identifier though and if the person confirmed the email address it shows up with a 1 marked in that field.
The Sooner Tea Party of course has a few staffers in… well… third world countries, so we personally don’t have to touch the data ourselves and it is just a matter of time before the entire data trove shows up on Wikileaks.  In the mean time there are dozens if not hundreds of new sites popping up that are more than willing to search the data for you.  Beware though, a deal like this is going to have lots of malicious website springing up that will infect your computer if you are insane enough to download the file.   A little time researching will lead you to white hat hacker sites where the download links and torrent sites are safe according to dozens of regulars on the forums.
But in the coming weeks we will be publishing some of the more interesting finds if they are of value to society and probably using the web page to host the information.  Leslie of course is running for House Speaker so it is fitting that the political pain she is going to bring her fellow legislators begin and the sooner the better to pardon the pun.  In the mean time continue to send in the email addresses that you want checked and we will do that for you if you are patient.

Prison Stripes to replace
Pin Stripe Suits
for Senator Rick Brinkley

Once during the beginning of the Sooner Tea Party newsletter we had a story coming out of Capitol sources where we have a wonderful chance to create a tipping point.     At play was a very important issue and all it needed was a nudge in the right direction, with competing Capitol factions striving with great effort to keep the issue locked into a particular space. There was stasis, a wavering wobbly stasis, as none of the three factions had the power to pull the prize into their hands.   This was a deadlocked tug of war.
We came into the information that would chop the legs out from under one of the key members of one of the factions and likely cause a collapse of the faction yet if that faction fell the issue would have been won by the wrong faction.  What was needed wasn’t to collapse the one faction that we had the leverage on; what was needed was to make the wrong faction make a misstep, cause them to feint, to make a move believing the third faction would react a certain way when  in reality that faction was pre warned to stand fast.  
So in conjunction with a handful of legislators we ran a story that while factually true, it was also quite devious.   The wrong faction pushed and instead of pushing back the good guys pulled, putting the wrong faction off balance and in an indefensible political position, then the following week we chopped the legs out from under the weak faction and the good guys won a victory.
 Imagine a box of plunder with three ropes tied to it.  The box starts out in the center of the space but quickly gets pulled to the left or right, and toward good or bad, depending on the relative strength and moral of the three factions.    The right force at the right place at the right time can overcome vastly superior forces.  During the discussion with the good faction one of the politicians was amazed that we would run with the initial story.  We would be proven wrong he said, and would lose credibility.  Our response was we cared less about what people thought of us as we cared more about winning the final victory.  
That was the situation with Senator Rick Brinkley last week.    The fine example of Oklahoma Senate leadership, the chosen one to succeed President Pro Tem Brian Bingman, thought he had a deal worked out with the power brokers.  Senate leadership was confident I was told, that a deal had been struck.  Give up the campaign money, resign but save some face and his pension by resigning in December, and the criminal charges would wither on the vine.     Push things back six to nine months and the rubes will have forgotten about the whole mess and things can be quietly settled among ‘gentlemen’.   And sources within the OSBI claimed that their factions were also deadlocked and the word was Brinkley was going to walk away with only the civil lawsuit to deal with.
So we ran a story saying that Brinkley was walking, exposing that a deal was said to be imminent between the State Chamber and the Better Business Bureau and that it was only possible if the OSBI laid down quietly and the Tulsa District Attorney went along with the charade.   We also obliquely mentioned that the new Tulsa D.A. was a wild card because he is said to be a decent man.    Now all the pressure was on the OSBI, a thoroughly political organization, one that has little problem dismissing facts or the law if they have been given a task.
Scream for Brinkley’s head and the deal goes through anyway; pull when they expect push and one minor faction within the OSBI convinces the larger factions that letting Brinkley walk is political suicide especially with the mood of the House of Representatives who control their budget.   All the feds were waiting on was a clear message from the Oklahoma establishment to proceed against Brinkley and don’t kid yourself that the feds are any different.  They, not unlike the media or a legislative faction, require cooperation and access in order to function so they follow the rule of military command and never give an order that can’t be carried out.
And the feds moved at last, accusing Senator Rick Brinkley of federal charges of five counts of federal wire fraud and one false income tax return.    Pro Tem Brian Bingman’s home boy quickly pleaded guilty and admitted that he took hundreds of thousands of dollars from ATM machines located at numerous casinos along with the fake vendors that he funneled BBB and campaign funds into.
The key to figuring out the hidden game on all of this was the feds revealing that they were ready to move on Brinkley with a trial in November.  When in the hell has a federal department ever been in a hurry to rush a case?  Never….   OSBI is attempting to save a bit of face by claiming that their investigation is still pending and that Senator Brinkley could face additional state charges.
.There is a theory that the flap of butterfly wings in Mexico influences a cascade of weather events that results in major weather events, that even small events at the right time and place can have disproportionate influence.  So also is politics where the few can control the many and usually by outthinking the other side or by taking advantage of their pride and arrogance.   It always reminds me of the iconic Billy Jack movie where Billy Jack is surrounded by men and is facing the blowhard local political kingpin.  When told there is no peaceful way out Billy Jack says:
“Well then, I’m going to take this right foot and I’m going to whop you on that side of your face.  And you want to know something?  There’s not a damn thing you are going to be able to do about it.”
And so he does.    And much like the movie last week we saw the corrupt state senate laying on the ground with a boot print to their chin wondering how in the hell they lost so much power.  All it takes is breaking one small link in the machine and both the State Chamber of Commerce and Senate Pro Tem Brian Bingman find themselves on a dead end road.
Americans for Limited Government
Konawa Tea Party
(4th) Tuesday August 25, 2015 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Library - The Dougan Room
Konawa School 701 W South St.

Chairman Randy Brogdon
of Oklahoma State Republicans

Chairman Zachary Taylor
of Seminole County Republicans

Elza Jones - Fair Tax
         Go see these folks.   Always interesting and they feed you snacks!  
               Always  a treat to spend time with this bunch of patriots.
Americans Won’t Take These Jobs
Such was the shrill squalling coming from both the liberals and the RINO Republicans last week as the ideas of Senator Ted Cruz and businessman turned politician Donald Trump resonated with the American public on the immigration debacle.    Liberals and RINOs quickly launched a disinformation campaign, claiming that legal immigration would also be cut back and that crops would rot in the fields if a conservative is elected.
The spiel is that American citizens would not take jobs picking vegetables no matter what the wage rates might be and that rising food prices would be the result, claiming that there is a “surface appeal” to the idea of enforcing our laws.     One of the statements that most alarmed the RINOs was the one that compared the wage rates for workers in the low immigration periods after WWII and 1973 where low wage workers enjoyed a 90% increase in purchasing power.   In contrast adjusted for inflation wages are now lower in 2015 than they were in 1973.   That’s right, the working class’s wages have actually dropped in the last 40 years.
Fruit and vegetable farmers might well have to pay higher wages but even doubling the wages for picking a product are small percentage of the overall retail cost.    The American Farm Bureau claimed that 68% of workers sent from local unemployment offices refused the farm work and accepted lower paid work rather than work in the fields.  Which is back breaking work out under the sun, wind, dust, and bugs.   Which is why the labor market requires higher wages.  As a young kid you could make some really good money picking strawberries, piece work rates, cash in hand that day, so the work ethic was quickly formed.
Of course the other red herring is that 32% of the workers accepted the jobs and working conditions, probably a reasonable ratio for any company that is hiring new workers.   And the ones that turned down the jobs took other jobs so this was the free market doing its magic.
And exactly how many off the illegal aliens are picking fruit and vegetables or doing other agricultural work?
3 to 4% of the estimated 20,000,000 or a bit over a half million of them are working in ALL agriculture jobs.
The other elephant in the room is the artificial competition for working class employees between the state and federal governments and private businesses.  Yes, the businesses and the government compete for the employee.  If the business doesn’t offer high enough wages the worker will remain on unemployment, on welfare, or work fewer hours per week to maintain their ability to remain in Section 8 housing,  to remain drawing the SNAP (food stamps) money, and enjoy free health and dental care.
The Republican U.S. Senate Budget Committee sponsored an analysis of the value of welfare programs an analysis of the value of welfare programs by taking the amount spent and dividing it amount households below the poverty line.  What they found was that the value of food, health care, housing, utilities, phones, and other benefits were worth $167.65 per day, and that the median household income in 2011 was just $137.13 per day, meaning that the average head of household was $30.00 a day better off watching soap operas and dealing drugs on the side rather than working 40 hours a week like the suckers that pay their benefits.
We are talking about the value of being on welfare or disability at over $30.00 per hour compared to $21.00 per hour at the median wage rate and that wage is further reduced by state and local taxes.   Wanna bet that an Obama phone doesn’t have any fees and taxes billed to the recipient?
In the mean time federal welfare spending is the largest budget item, nearly 750 billion dollars a year, bigger than Social Security, Medicare, and domestic defense costs.   Add the other federal benefit programs are you are over one trillion dollars a year.
So when Leslie Osborn, Charles McCall, or Earl Sears are running for the House of Representative Speaker slot you need to understand why they all support illegal immigration and state anti poverty programs.  Powerful big business donors make more money if they have cheap labor willing to work for less than $30.00 per hour.    Politicians like Oklahoma GOP Vice Chairwoman Estela Hernandez can pay her illegal alien workers under $10.00 per hour and pocket $20.00 per hour off each one of them and escape the payroll and workers comp taxes on all the wages.  Hiring a U.S. Citizen at $20.00 per hour is going to cost you around $28.00 per hour if you don’t add in the Obama Care costs.  Would you rather pay $1120.00 per week in wages, workers comp, and payroll tax or would you rather pay $400.00 per week for an illegal alien?   And overtime pay, $42.00 per hour for a legal citizen or $10.00 per hour for an illegal alien.
Now imagine you are Estela Hernandez and have ten gang bangers on your payroll.   Your choice is paying $11,200.00 a week in payroll costs or paying $4,000.00 in payroll costs.     Estela’s competition adds another $7,200.00 on that small roof job to cover the legal payroll costs and the costs of keeping books for the state and federal government tax reports.  Guess who gets that roof job?
Now Estela’s gang bangers can’t live on $10.00 per hour either so they work several jobs, go to the emergency room for workplace injuries and having their kids born, routine medical needs are taken to the emergency rooms as well.   If Estela does have tax compliance accounts with state and federal agencies her employees are most likely claiming six dependents and paying zero federal taxes and even zero Social Security taxes thanks to earned income credit refunding their SS payments immediately.  They send their children to local schools paid for by generations of U.S citizens whose families generated small growth in new students, insuring an orderly increase in new students.   Estela’s home boys of course are living ten to the shack so the miniscule amount of property tax generated by that part of town is swallowed up by the enormous costs of having 49% of all students being of Hispanic origin..
But illegals can’t get welfare benefits we are told.  Until they have a baby, who is a citizen, who then draws the entire clan into the welfare system.    The last reported study was done in 1995 and it reported over a billion dollars a year in benefits to anchor baby families. In fact 40% of all families with an illegal alien parent use the welfare system in any given year.
And few know that illegals can enroll in Medicaid Part D or the prescription drug plans.  The IRS reported that it paid over 4 billion dollars in tax credits to illegal aliens in 2011 alone.  The Social Security Administration announced that illegals would be eligible for benefits in 2017 while the IRS claims it can’t refuse to demand that dependents actually live in the U.S. and can’t refuse to give tax credits to people that are unable to legally work in the U.S..
Bottom line is that while an illegal parent can’t sign up for  Section 8 housing their infant child does qualify the family for the benefits.   And the WIC program is available for anyone that walks in, no ID, no means testing, we don’t need no stinking citizenship card required.
So Estela Hernandez gets rich on the back of illegal alien workers as the federal and state debt grows higher and higher.   Our children can no longer work in construction or landscaping and dozens if not hundreds of other industries due to being under bid by illegal aliens or those that hire them.  Our schools, prisons, and hospitals are overrun with illegals while American companies are forced to either hire illegals or move their production overseas.
Hang the Cripple!

Now how many times in life do you get to lash out against someone disabled and feel good about it?   The rise in benefits and advantages available to the disabled started skyrocketing about the same time that political correctness began to rise and indeed it is lock, stock, and barrel political correctness itself.
The idea that someone is a victim and deserves advantages in life or that you just can’t say something without “offending” someone means that others should pay for another’s misfortune in life.  Now no doubt it sucks to be the unfortunate but things have really gone overboard with political correctness and deference to the unfortunate few that are disabled.
Look at all the squeaky new intersections built with sidewalks to nowhere, wheel chair ramps, brail signs and the little bumps cast into the sidewalk to tell a blind that a street is about to be crossed.  Lord knows what that adds to the cost of a project but has anyone ever seen a bind person or a wheelchair using these facilities?  Downtown, a densely populated city, yeah, that makes sense.  But I’ve seen small restaurants and bars spend over a 100 thousand dollars to accommodate patrons that will never spend enough in their lifetimes to come close to paying for the handicapped facilities much less provide enough profit to pay for the additional expense forced upon the business owner or landlord.
So when this story came out of Pakistan about hanging a dude from his wheelchair I just had to cheer.  Seems like the guy was a murderer and contracted TB while in jail and lost the use of his legs.    Of course this isn’t about stringing up the guy, it is death penalty protestors whining about the guy getting what is coming to him.   Hey, make the drop hole a bit bigger, kind of like that wacky cartoon I saw once of a cowboy being hung along with his horse.  Must have been a bad hombre if his horse deserved hanging too.
What is really fun about this political season is seeing some of the bolder candidates pushing back against political correctness.  First Trump, then we see Cruz pushing back, all the more easier to see who has a set of cajones and is willing to speak his mind.