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January 2013
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Debut productions of the scripts chosen from our 2012 script call
Actors and Writers
Our plans for this year
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Broken & A Lot Of It About - NW Tour
We start this year with a North West tour of two debut productions - Broken by Ned Hopkins and A Lot Of It About by Ella Carmen Greenhill. Starting at The Lowry we stop along the way at The Square Chapel in Halifax, The Lantern Theatre in Liverpool and The Pavilion Arts Centre in Buxton with a few more dates to be added.
Broken:"Some people get sol lost, they don't find their way at all" May is desperately searching for something, Helen has everything she ever wanted and saw it all snatched away. As May searches for meaning for something to hold, she finds herself torn between two people and two agonising choices. A play looking at loss and identity.
A Lot Of It About: Ben's sex aversion therapy didn't work. Now on the verge of old age and trapped in a loveless marriage to Ann, he argues with his younger self and revisits key events in his life. A violent strugle with his alter ego finally brings things to a climax.
These two shows were selected from our 2012 script call.
Booing is already open in some venues:
25-27 April 8pm - The Lowry, Salford (book)
2 May May - Square Chapel, Halifax (booking opening soon)
10-11 May 7:30pm - Lantern Theatre, Liverpool (book)
8 June 7:30pm - Pavilion Arts Centre, Buxton (book)

There will be more information added on our website as it becomes available.
Other events this year
We are planning to run a series of our Ignition, Chaotic Combinations and Perspectives events throughout this year.
Ignition - given a wide theme this is short pieces of theatre created over a fortnight by teams of writers, actors and directors for a short run in a local venue
Chaotic Combinations - monologues created over a weekend in teams of writers and actors performed on one night
Perspectives - writer and director teams create half hour productions given a specific perspective on an idea to represent, actors are brought onboard through casting calls - these shows have a short run in a local venue
If you are an actor, writer or director interested in any of the above drop us an email to let us know. Email us at
We will be announcing specific dates and venues in the coming month.
Casting/Creative Calls
We are currently looking for Actors, Directors, Stage Managers and Designers for our upcoming tour of Broken and A Lot Of It About
There is more information on these roles here:
Organised Chaos on the net
We have set up a page on facebook so that we can keep you all better informed about all things Organised Chaos.
We also have a blog - come and follow us at
With this we are hoping to bring our audiences an insight to what we get up to behind the scenes and to the teams of people we work with.
On Twitter we're @orgchaosprods, on YouTube we're OrganisedChaosProd and our website is
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