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Mid-JANUARY 2012
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Your Community Update
A SUNNY ARIZONA WELCOME to the hundreds of new global members of our Self-Healing Community! Enjoy the latest wellness information via articles, videos and audios to help YOU, your human and animal families. Learn how to be an Emotions Whisperer and how to de-code the body-mind-emotions connection to enhance well being.
How are YOU doing with your New Year's intentions?

Feeling any resistance to ANY of your new goals or resolutions like more exercise, less food, getting that to-do list done? Here's 2 amazing ways to get on track!
(1) My new video shows you EXACTLY how to quickly, effectively clear all those crazy emotions and fears that keep us stuck in procrastination and resistance.
(2) The BIGGEST self-improvement gifts giveaway you'll see for all of 2012 is STILL IN PROGRESS!  I've partnered again with hundreds of global motivational gurus to bring you more n.o.-c.o.s.t. self improvement gifts (ebooks, audios, videos, f.r.e.e sessions) than ever before during this limited time SIXTH annual event.
Blessings to you in 2012 and beyond, my precious friends and truth seekers!
Q: I procrastinate on everything I don't want to do, at work and at home. This is causing problems at my job, and upsetting my co-workers. Why am I like this and what can I do to stop procrastinating?

A: Fear is at the emotional roots of procrastination and resistance, but it's simple to clear.
We always feel excited to do what brings us pleasure. Most of us resist what we consider to be painful. We resist tasks we've done in the past that have been boring, difficult, taken too long or we're afraid we'll fail at them or give up before they're done, so what's the use?
Sometimes we attach too many emotions to tasks we resist, especially with money-related things like jobs, and leaving our comfort zones for weight loss and exercise campaigns.

TIP: Ask yourself what really scares YOU about your job-related tasks, then clear the fears. For example, are you afraid your work will FAIL meet the expectations of your boss or colleagues and you'll be fired? Or are you afraid of looking like an amateur, being judged and criticized by others?
SECRET to SUCCESS: Clear the fears about doing anything you don't want to do. I made this six minute video yesterday to help everyone clear resistance and procrastination! (After I cleared my own!)
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Thanks and enjoy a FABULOUS 2012 of successful changes!
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Wishing you prosperity, peace, love, and successful healing!
Colleen Flanagan, "The Emotions Whisperer"
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
"The Expert to Call When You're Overwhelmed by It ALL!"
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