Leith Hill Action Group Newsletter 46 
February 2017
Stop the Leith Hill oil drilling!
Hello to all our supporters.
You will probably have recently received a number of pieces of correspondence from Surrey County Council regarding amendments to applications from Europa.  This has understandably generated a lot of confusion and requests for us to help clarify the situation.
There are two categories of application you are being asked to respond to. 
The first type is applications that allow Europa to discharge the conditions for development imposed by the Planning Inspector.  The second type is applications related to new proposals.
Applications relating to conditions
There are a number of these that have been submitted by Europa so far:
Of these, the applications for Conditions 7, 11 and 15 have been resolved.  Applications for Conditions 9, 14 and 20 are still open to consultation, and it is Condition 14 that some of the recent correspondence from Surrey County Council has been about. 
LHAG are still in discussions with the council about all the open conditions, but we are not asking you to raise anything specific at this time.  However, if there are any points you would like to raise with the council, please do so.
Applications relating to new proposed development
At this time, there are two applications for new proposed development:
The 18 week application is in consultation and is what Surrey County Council have recently written to you about.  The 52 week application is not yet in consultation, as it is currently undergoing review regarding the necessity for additional documentation.
The 18 week fence application is not new, as many of you will remember.  We originally asked you to object to it in our Newsletter 43, on 20 October 2016.  The update from Surrey County Council is because of some minor amendments that have been made to the application.
We do not believe that Surrey County Council will disregard old objections just because of amendments.  If you wrote before, there is therefore no urgent requirement to do so again.  However, you may wish to contact the same address you used originally (see the link above for Newsletter 43) to let them know your objection still stands.  Alternatively, you can use this form to provide your views to the council.
If you did not write in October, however, please do write to object!  See our Newsletter 43 for further details.
Future Applications
Applications to meet conditions have so far required careful scrutiny from LHAG but we have not asked you to get involved with many of these.  All that is about to change, however, because we understand that Europa have submitted their proposed traffic management scheme to the council and that it will be issued for public consultation shortly. 
Once it has been issued, we wIll review the proposed traffic plan in order to submit our own comments.  We will then issue a newsletter letting you know the points we raised. 
However, we are sure that a very large number of you will have your own points to raise with the council about this and we very much encourage you to think independently about how their proposals will affect you personally.  Your collective experience of living and travelling in Dorking and Coldharbour will be crucial to make sure no potential problem is missed. 
Patrick Nolan