ASHGPS: Mar 22, 2011
Ashtech devices with updated firmware/software: ProMark 100, ProMark 200, MB500 and MB100.

ProMark Field Version 1.1

Version 1.1 of ProMark Field was released today for the ProMark 100 / ProMark 200 Receivers. The new version fixes these issues (and perhaps more):

· Fix for E-compass support on ProMark 100 / ProMark 200 devices
· Fix for GREECE/HEPOS_GGRS87/TM87 coordinate system

Installers for 19 languages can be found in this FTP folder:
[ ProMark Field V1.1 ]

The English installer can be downloaded directly with this link:
[ ProMark Field V1.1 English ]

MB500, New GNSS Layer/Loader

There is a new GNSS loader for the MB500 [ here ]
MB100, New GNSS Layer

There is a new GNSS Layer for the MB100 [ here ] Version Hp_23

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Good survey and mapping to you all!

Mark Silver,
Igage Mapping Corporation,, +1 801-412-0011