February 2017
The Coalition of McKay Scholarship Schools is gathering information for our legislative champions and WE NEED YOUR RESPONSE.  
The McKay Scholarship has been a wonderful blessing for many children with disabilities in Florida.  HOWEVER,  requiring that a child attend the public school for a year before being able to access the McKay Scholarship has limited access to the scholarship for children who may never have entered the public school, for home schooling children and for children moving into Florida.
As a participating McKay Scholarship school, we are sure you have students in your programs that should be able to access the McKay Scholarship and cannot.  We are sure you speak with parents often whose child needs the financial assistance of a McKay Scholarship in order for the parent to afford the tuition at a school that meets their needs.
The Coalition has several legislators willing to try to open the access to The McKay Scholarship for these students by removing the prior year requirement.  They have asked up to try to determine how many children this might affect so the fiscal impact can be estimated.
Please fill out this six question survey.  We need the information this week in order to present it to the legislators.
Steve Hicks
The Coalition of McKay Scholarship Schools
5246 Centerville Rd, Tallahassee, FL   32309
(850) 893-2216 info@mckaycoalition.com