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Refuel "Refuel"
by Doug Fields

     If you've always struggled with the stereotypical quiet-time, don't give up hope!

     You've been told that you're supposed to spend time with God. You've valiantly set your alarm clock an hour early or worked partway through some ambitious study guides, but sooner or later your busy life creeps back in and steals your resolve. Why do you consistently fail at your quiet times? Maybe it's because you've bought into somebody else's unrealistic, unsustainable idea of what time with God ought to look like.

     Lose the guilt. Drop the unrealistic expectations. You can connect with God stay spiritually full. Doug Fields, pastor at Saddleback Church, offers a simple, uncomplicated plan that you can carry out. All you have to do is: STOP, BE QUIET, MAKE A CONNECTION.

     Simple. But not simplistic. If you can practice these habits throughout your day, you will enjoy a new depth and fullness in your spiritual life.

     Book includes group study guide and questions!

Click the Image Below to Purchase "Refuel" for only $8.99

Teens and Popular Music

Teens and Popular Music"Teens and Popular Music:"
Should We Turn it Off Or Talk About It?
by Walt Mueller

     "During my teenage years I thought I was a cutting-edge kind of guy. . . especially when it came to my interaction with popular music. The musical soundtrack to my middle school years played through a single earpiece connected to a nine-volt battery-powered transistor radio that picked up two competing Top 40 am radio stations. By high school, our family's stereo system was used to play my growing collection of vinyl 45s and LPs. By the time I graduated, I proudly stood at technology's front edge with a newly installed 8-track player at my fingertips in the family car. I even had - believe it or not - an 8-track recorder!

Every time I tell my own kids about this privileged pop music past, they just shake their heads and laugh, all the while wondering how people my age ever made it through the adolescent years with any semblance of sanity. Archeological relics like 8-tracks and 45s (upon seeing one of these my son asked, "What kind of CD is that???") have been replaced by a fast-growing glut of high-quality music devices and outlets that play a seemingly endless catalog of musical options, turning this generation of children and teens into the most music-saturated and savvy generation of kids that's ever lived. As parents, we often find ourselves left standing confused in dust as our children speed off into musical worlds that we either don't understand or might not know even exist.

For example, a trip to the local record store can be overwhelming. Rack after rack of CDs are loaded with thousands of different albums featuring as many singers and groups. Genres vary from pop, to rap, to country, to R&B. . . . all appealing to the varying tastes and preferences of teens. The growing prevalence of online music downloads and websites makes it all that much more complex.

Research points to the fact that kids are listening to lots of music each and every day. Hard and fast data is hard to come by since teenagers often report being engaged in other activities while music is playing in the background. Estimates range from anywhere between two to five hours of time spent listening to music every day. And when they're listening, they're hearing a variety of musical themes, some of them positive, and many that take them places far beyond the bounds of God's Kingdom design and order.

This musical reality is the cause for tension in many Christian families as parents struggle to monitor and guide their kids' music choices. The kids, on the other hand, wish we'd just leave them alone because after all, "it's only music!" Or is it? Does music have power in the lives of our kids, and if so, what can we as Christian parents do to teach our kids to make wise musical choices?

The place to start is with a look at the role music plays in the lives of our teenagers...."

Read the Rest of the Article HERE...

Simply All Access 2009

Simply All Access


Simply All Access!!!

Our strengths as youth workers often times don’t fall in the administrative category. Sometimes it feels like we’re best at eating Chick-fil-a and hanging with kids. If this describes you too, I just might have the thing you need to be covered...

Allow Simply Youth Ministry to help with your sermon preparation, small group curriculum writing and media planning needs - all delivered on a quarterly basis. They’ve complied weeks of brand new material from Doug Fields and Kurt Johnston to keep you looking good and going strong.

A great way to get more of what you love from Simply Youth Ministry. Every quarter you will have access to all new Sermon Series', Small Group Curriculum, Games, and Media Specials. You will also get exclusive behind the scenes material from the people behind the resources.

Every quarter you will have access to all new resources before they are available to the rest of your youth worker friends. All you have to do is log in, choose the resources you would like to use, and click download. It’s that easy. All new resources will be waiting for you every quarter.

Waiting for you every quarter will be all new resources that have been hand picked for Access Members. No need to go hunting for the next series to teach or what materials to use in your small groups. The best new youth ministry resources and saving time, what could be better than that?

Over 25 weeks of sermons, 40 weeks of small group curriculum, media exclusives, 4 sets of 50 themed backgrounds... PLUS exclusive specials for access members only!!! (Retail Value: $439)
NOW YOURS for Only $299 for the ENTIRE YEAR!!!!

1st Quarter 2009:
To kick off 2009, the following resources will get you started on Simply All Access:
* Save The Planet - Sermon Series on what God thinks about what we’re doing to His creation and to His planet.
* Homecoming - Sermon Series on "The Prodigal Son"
* Conflict (Small Group Study) - This series traces the source of conflict from the fall of humanity and looks at God’s pursuit of people in spite of our sin
* Blessed to be a Blessing (Small Group Study) - The goal of this study is to recognize how we’ve received blessings from God and how we can use those blessings to bless others.
* Motion Backgrounds
* Countdown Video
* Race This Game


Simply All Access

Pastor2youth Discussion Forum

pastor2youth discussion ForumPastor2youth Discussion Forum

     Did you know that has a discussion forum? I am surprised at how many users have never noticed the link to the discussion forum on the homepage.

     The pastor2youth discussion forum is an excellent place to share ideas, get advice and feedback, to ask questions, to receive encouragement, and so much more! We currently have over 23,500 posts on over 2,300 different topics. In addition, there has developed an incredible "family" atmosphere on the forums, which have provided for lots of great discussions, fun, laughter, and sharing of all kinds of resources.

     I want to encourage you to stop by (click on the “Members Discussion Forum” link in the left-hand column) to share questions, encouragement, wisdom, and more with each other at

     This is one of the ways in which we are working to make more than just resources, but a community of individuals who work with youth sharing life togethe. Be sure to visit and join in on the conversations.

     You can access the discussion forum by going HERE!!!

National Youth Ministry Conference

National Youth Ministry ConferenceNational Youth Ministry Conference
February 27 - March 2, 2009
Columbus, OH

The National Youth Ministry Conference is for—
Anyone involved in ministry to youth—from Jr. High through High School age. From full-time paid youth ministers to part-time lay leaders, this conference is designed to equip and encourage all youth workers. You can also connect with peers in similar youth worker roles in many of the free pre-conference sessions designed to help you meet others with similar ministry passions and challenges. Whether you’re from a small church or large church, a veteran or a newbie, this conference is for you!

Spouses of youth workers—
Make it a ministry & marriage retreat! If you’re a married youth worker, you know how precious time away with your spouse is. Spouses of any registered youth worker may attend at the deeply discounted spouse rate ($249) and are welcome to participate in any of the conference offerings. In addition, an 8-hour track on “Thriving as a Youth Ministry Spouse” by Cathy Fields will be offered—but register early and reserve your space in this track now—seating is limited and it will sell out soon!

College students SAVE $110 - $150—
This is an incredible learning opportunity packed with the latest youth ministry information, trends, ideas and more! Surround yourself with thousands of other youth workers and learn from their experiences. Plus—you can hang out with nationally recognized youth ministry leaders and speakers in person—and ask questions about all of those “required reading” books they’ve authored! The student rate is now only $249.

Youth ministry teams—
Engage your team with new ideas and strategies for ministry, and renew their passion and energy! You’ll have time to bond, plus you’ll all be on the same page when it’s time to implement the ideas! Save up to $90 per person for teams of 8 or more!

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TODAY for the 2009 National Youth Ministry Conference!

Advanced Registration ends January 27th

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